Zoraya’s anal maid service

Zoraya's anal maid service

When this scene spreads, 23-year-old Peter flops onto his bed and calls a maid service.

“My place is a mess,” this Lothario says.

Yes, a situation love this calls for emergency housekeeping, and 42-year-old Zoraya Mora reveals up to save the day, wearing a skirt that barely covers her butt and fuck-me pumps. What kind of maid service did this woman chaser call?

“I’m sorry it is such a mess,” Peter says. “I need your aid.”

He needs help, but his eyes are focused on Zoraya. Each time this babe bends over, this chab acquires an eyeful of a-hole cheek. Finally, this guy cant hold back any longer and grabs a handful of wazoo cheek. That urinates off Zoraya…momentarily. But before we know it, Zoraya has his ramrod in her face hole and is showing off her superb BJ technique. Then Peter is rogering her slit. Then he’s rogering her butt!

Did Peter call The Ass-Fucked Latina Maid Service?

We asked Zoraya what this babe finds sexy, and that babe said, “Honestly? A super-hard dick. Nothing is sexier.”

If she says so.

Zoraya is a HORNY HOUSEWIFE. She is from Havana, Cuba and now lives in South Florida. Her fun bags are big, fake D-cups, and that’s priceless. Her wazoo is 100% real. Her BJ skills are 100% unreal.

Seems that way.

To refresh your memory, this is Zoraya’s second scene at 40SomethingMag.com. She is on her second marriage. The 1st lady-killer this babe was married to was a complete failure in the bedroom. The boy she is married to now encourages her to action out her wanton, horny dreams, which Zoraya does every chance she gets.

Note to Zoraya’s 1st husband: You truly screwed up.

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