Zena Rey swings our way

Zena Rey swings our way

“My ideal day? Dangling out bare at the pool at the Sea Mountain bare resort in Palm Springs, sipping a martini,” said big busted Zena Rey, a 51-year-old novice from California.

We’re guessing her flawless day wouldn’t involve getting locked out of her apartment, as she’s here, but it might involve getting rogered by a youthful lad, which likewise happens here.

“I’m not a SEXY HOUSEWIFE,” Zena explained. “I don’t have kids. But I’m a cougar.”

Here, she’s banging a 21-year-old, so the age difference is 30 years. That’s definitely cougar-like.

“Normally I’ll expect for the chap to make the 1st move, but I’m not afraid to go after what I crave,” that babe told. “I definitely have a wild side.”

She became a swinger eight years agone when she and her husband went to a resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This babe is likewise a nudist who fantasizes about having sex on a sailboat and in the back of a limo. Here, she is having sex in our studio for the 1st time. There are plenty of vixens who have sex on a sailboat and in the back of a limo. Been there, done that. But having sex for all the world to see? That is peculiar.