Tender-loving anal care

Tender-loving anal care

U know how it used to engulf to go down to the school nurse? First of all, they never appeared to be to know what they were doing. They’d just take your temperature and send you back to class. Second, the school nurses were all greater than standard, square chicks who looked like they’d never had any jock in their lives.

Obviously, things have changed. Elle Denay, a 50-year-old from Austin, Texas, is the nurse in this school, and from the looks of her, we’re guessing tons of male students are making make almost certainly of they’re sick. When this scene opens, there is a juvenile man sat in a chair, looking love this charmer is been on the not correct end of a fight. Elle says to somebody on the phone, “I’m gonna take care of him.”

Well, the more Elle takes care of him, the more turned-on that babe receives, and the better this fellow feels. Before long, this chab is grabbing her arse and engulfing on her marangos, and then this babe gets down on her knees and sucks his bigger than standard cock.

The big O of this scene comes when Elle is bouncing up and down on his pecker whilst fingering her butt.

“Do you urge me to put it in your ass?” the pupil asks. “Do you want me to fuck your arse?”

Observe the video and inspect if Elle is a fine nurse or a very bad nurse.

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