Peculiar delivery in Sandra’s booty.

Special delivery in Sandra's arse.

Fifty-seven-year-old Latin chick Sandra Martines is tidying up around the house. Right away, we’ve to watch her bright-red, manicured fingernails, dick-sucking lips and astounding cleavage. Sandra is humming. That’s supposed to mean she desires to give a hummer. This babe takes off her robe, and she’s wearing a bra that makes her greater than average love melons bulge and matching panty briefs that look great on her greater than run of the mill wazoo. The knicker part disappears betwixt these greater than standard gazoo cheeks. The delivery woman chaser knocks on the door.

“Come on in,” this babe says. That stud walks in. He sees Sandra on the ottoman in her brassiere and knickers. That petticoat chaser drops the box on the floor.

“Should I come back later?” this chab asks. Later? When this babe is clothed love that? Nope, this babe desires him now. In her face hole, betwixt her bazookas, in her muff and, lastly, in her wazoo.

Sandra one time told us that people who know her would be very surprised if they saw her here, fucking on-camera, ‘coz, “I have not at all posed nude or done any kind of sex movies. I’m not a swinger. I’m not even a nudist.”

Surprise, surprise! Now she’s here, getting ass-fucked. And that’s part of the looker of

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