When her son’s away, Mama plays

When her son's away, Mother plays

Two chaps are sitting around talking.

“She’s hot,” one of ’em says.

“It’s my Mama, man. Do not even think about it.”

Well, Mommy shows up. It’s 43-year-old Sindi Star, and when that babe squeezes past where the friend is sitting, she practically pokes her gazoo in his face, drawing a shake of the head from her disgusted son. Poor kid. It’s not facile having a M.I.L.F. doxy for a Mom.

“Are you sure you’re his Mother?” tact-lacking friend says, “You 2 look nothing alike.”

“My daddy, bro'” the son says. “She has a thing for black fellows.”

“I sure do,” Mother says.

Yeah, and guess what? The friend happens to have darksome skin, and then the son receives a call on his cell phone, and then Mommy and the friend are left alone jointly.

We’ll let u figure out what happens next, but put it this way: If Mother was planning on going for a facial today, this babe got one at home.

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