Rita fucks her son’s big-dicked ally

Rita bonks her son's big-dicked friend

Mike’s ally Johnny helped him do some work around the house, and now Johnny is plan to spend the night on the daybed.

“My parents are upstairs,” Mike tells him. “Keep the volume down, alright?”

But there’s really no thing on TV (what else is new?), so Johnny checks out the storage chest in front of the couch, and what’s inside? Magazines! Men’s magazines! And, would not u know it, 50Plus MOTHERS I’D LIKE TO FUCK is one of them. So he starts flipping throughout it and…

“What the shag! That’s Mike’s Mamma!”

Yeah, it has to be a bit of a shock to see your preeminent friend’s 62-year-old Mommy slutting it up in a men’s magazine, and it’s a big turn-on, also, so Johnny starts playing with his rod throughout his trousers during the time that looking at the filthy images of Mrs. Daniels when…

“Johnny, I didn’t know u were here,” says Mrs. Daniels, standing behind Johnny, looking very sexy.

“I actually do appreciate u helping with the attic,” Mrs. Daniels says. “I put these magazines in there hoping you would find ’em. What do you think?”

“You’re so fucking hot,” Johnny says.

“I am so pleased that you are spending the night. It really makes things so much easier.”


“I am so fucking amorous,” Mrs. Daniels says. “And I adore young pecker, baby. I adore my son’s friends’ greater than typical cocks. U do not mind if Mrs. Daniels devours you, do u?”

He doesn’t mind at all. Why should that Lothario? Not when his most fine friend’s Mother is one of the hottest hotties on the planet. Not when she’s gonna let him bonk her face and her bigger than typical mounds and her aged cunt. Not when she’s plan to invite him to shoot his cum all over her face and milk cans.

Did Mike say, “Keep the volume down”? Yes, right. Not when Rita’s around.

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