That babe works rock hard for the money

She works rigid for the money

She’s from Las Vegas. She’s divorced. She’s a teacher.

And she’s a swinger.

And now, she’s a fuck star.

Riley Wayne, Fifty nine, isn’t a walking contradiction. She teaches cuz a woman has to make a guy. If she had her way, she’d be fucking for a living. She’s one of the horniest women we have ever met, as you’ll see when you look at her groaning and talking impure.

“I masturbate all the time,” that babe said. “In the morning before I go to school, I’ll stand in front of a mirror, take up with the tongue my fingers to get my clit real slippery, rub my snatch and fantasize about sucking knob and having my wet crack fucked. I adore to fantasize that I am a hooker and rogering for money. That always makes me cum. And then I’ll go off to school and train my classes.”

By the way, Riley: We’re sure you know this, but u just fucked for money. Congratulations!

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