A Sixty something Czech angel named Regi

A 60something Czech fascinating heart named Regi

When this clip opens, 61-year-old first-timer Regi is lying in daybed wearing skimpy, sheer, red underware. That babe has blonde hair and a string of pearls around her neck. She looks lustful but spruce. Then her lad flaunts up and finishes getting dressed.

“Come on, baby, let’s go,” he says. That lady-killer doesn’t mean, “Let’s go screw.” He means, “Let’s go out.”

But Regi doesn’t wish to go out, and he immediately acquires the message.

“You crave to shag more?” this chab says to his Czech Mama I’D LIKE TO FUCK. That is exactly what Regi urges to do. And when a dominant-bitch like Regi wants to screw, you’d be a fool to turn her down.

“I haven’t been turned down also many times,” told Regi, who has long, pliable, suckable teats. “Never.”

Watch? Studs are glamorous bright after all.

“It is plenty of joy to do this,” Regi told. “I know plenty of younger Czech beauties are doing porn, but why not me?”

Truly, why not?

“I think we are a very sexually excited country,” Regi told. “I don’t know why.”

But does it actually matter?