Office anal

Office anal

Lauren Taylor, Fifty six, is the boss. Tony is her employee, and he is been a very bad boy. You watch, Tony has the hots for this MILF blonde (who can blame him?), and that ladies man set up a remote camera under her desk so he can look at upskirt movies of her on his smart phone.

But when Lauren discovers the digital camera, Tony is in large a predicament. Or is he?

“Oh my god, that motherfucker,” Lauren says. “I know who did this.”

This babe calls Tony to her office and shows him what that babe found underneath her desk. He tries to deny it, but this babe is onto his tricks.

“You little pervert,” Lauren says.

Yep, that’s right. Tony is a little pervert, and Lauren is a amorous divorcee and Mother who wishes to acquire some schlong at work. So this babe sucks Tony’s knob and has him bonk her unshaved slit right there on the office daybed, and then she has him copulate her tight butthole. And then she widens her throat for his load. It’s a greater than typical load.

You are fired? No way.

Lauren likes booty stab. We had the following conversation with Lauren about anal:

So the ladies man should take his time?
LAUREN: Yeah, but it is mutual. It’s a mutual feeling of admirable, so u don’t desire it to be love a torpedo going in your ass. If I’m having a fine time, he’ll have a worthy time.
And the boy has to ask before that man sticks his shlong in your butt?
LAUREN: Oh, no, I say, “Fuck me in the gazoo.” I make that determination. It’s not for him to figure out.
Has any lad ever told no to anal invasion with u?
LAUREN: Certainly not. Why would they? They’re not allowed to say no.

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