Not-so-desperate housewife

Not-so-desperate housewife

Suzie Wood, a 60 something housewife from Florida, can’t live with out what that babe sees sat on her daybed. Her husband isn’t home, but she doesn’t care cuz this babe knows he would not mind. After all, this babe is doing this just for him: fucking for the GrannyGetsAFacial cameras.

“The complete time I was fucking that gent, I kept thinking about how my spouse is intend to react when this ladies man sees this clip,” Suzie said. “I’m gonna be ready for him cuz this Lothario is gonna wanna screw my brains out! I might even give him head whilst this ladies man is sat in our computer room watching this episode.”

In each other way but this, Suzie is a run of the mill housewife. She enjoys traveling, pottering about in the garden and reading by the pool. Her fantasy car is a Cadillac convertible. About 43 years ago, this babe lost her virginity in a very everyday way: at her boyfriend’s house.

“Doing this indeed got me off,” that babe said. “And I hope it receives u off, also.”

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