Misty plays for you

Misty plays for you

There’s nothing like a woman’s first time-first time on-camera, that is-and if she has to wait until she’s 50 for that to happen, even better.

Misty Gold, a 50-year-old recent-divorcee from Southern California, walked into our studio for one reason.

“Sex, of course!” she said.

And although she was a little nervous about it (“Somebody’s watching. That makes me a little nervous.”), she didn’t hesitate for a second. You see, Misty says she’s going through her second childhood right now. Doing things she didn’t have the chance to do before. Like this.

What do you like to do for fun, Misty?

“Sex!” she said.

For the record, Misty is 5’2″, 124 pounds with measurements of 36-28-37, making her a nice, little, fuckable package. Shaggy, who was born 24 years after Misty, has his way with her. And that’s the way Misty likes it.