It’s phat to be a fuckable Mom

It's phat to be a fuckable mom

“I’m rogering more than I ever have in my life,” told Luna Azul, a swinger from Los Angeles, California. “I do not care how old a fellow is. I do not even care what this dude bears a resemblance to, as lengthy as this ladies man has a hard ding-dong and knows how to lick my cookie.”

In this scene, Luna is tidying up her abode, envisaging for her son to come home. When her son’s ally unveils up, Luna, who has wanted his shlong for a long-time, tells him they have an 60 minutes to kill, so why not copulate? Hey, why not?

“You urge to know the truth?” Luna told us. “This scene isn’t just a dream. It is something I have done in real life.”

Children are always talking about having nifty parents. Luna is a very cool Mama, probably a lot cooler than almost any kids would desire their mothers do be, and that is very cool with us.

For one, Luna is poking 60, but this babe looks closer to 40. Her body is mint; big boobies, firm booty. Then there’s the tattoo on her arm, which is very today. And there is that very hot jewelry on her vagina. That is smth only nifty mommys do. But Luna ramps up the nifty to an even higher level.

“My hobbies are pole lap dancing and riding my Harley,” she said. “My fetish is to be spanked rigid, I have had sex in an airplane at Twenty,000 feet, and I’m not just talking about a oral-sex in the latrine but full sex.”

How else is Luna nifty? Well, she’s contented of her taut cum-hole.

“Guys are surprised when they discover out my slit is so tight,” Luna said. “They figure, ‘She’s a aged female. Her muff need to be loose.’ But that has no thing to do with it. I take care of my cunt. I do my fur pie exercises each single day. My vagina is so tight, it’ll make your cock feel biggest, even if it isn’t. And that’s precious for me because I can squeeze cum out of your ramrod. I adore it!”

Phat. Very cool.

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