Living large with her daughter’s dark-skinned spouse

Living bigger than standard with her daughter's black boyfriend

It is difficult being a single, divorced femdom-goddess with a teenage daughter. Kristyna’s on the phone with a friend, bemoaning the difficulties of child-rearing.

“I detest to say this,” 43-year-old Kristyna says. “She’s my daughter. Well, she’s turning into a floozy.”

Suddenly, Kristyna hears smth going on upstairs, and when this babe investigates, she finds Asante, practically undressed, lying in her daughter’s sofa.

“Who the hell are u, and what are you doing in my daughter’s room?” Kristyna asks.

“Your daughter said I could crash here,” this dude says.

“Did u and my daughter shag?”

“Yeah. Just a little bit.”

A little bit? “How does one copulate a little bit?” Kristyna wonders.

“She just has a thing for darksome boys,” Asante explains. “She likes Them bigger in size than average.”

What does that ladies man mean by big? And how big?

Well, love daughter, adore Mother, Kristyna is about to inspect.

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