Lexi McCain, compliments of Rita Daniels

Lexi McCain, compliments of Rita Daniels

Lexi McCain, a 63-year-old divorcee from Fort Lauderdale, Florida (born in Richmond, Virginia), came to us through Rita Daniels, one of our most popular 60somethings. Rita and Lexi met on a swinging married couples web resource and did some swinging jointly with their significant others when Rita told to Lexi, “Hey, have you ever thought about modeling? I know this great company down in Miami.” Lexi was definitely interested, and here she’s, doing her 1st scene, getting face-fucked and pussy-slammed by big-dicked JMac.

“I love bad boyz and assured chaps who are not afraid to approach me,” Lexi told. “A little dangerous, mysterious. Fellows who drips confidence. Add a larger than run of the mill, wide smile and I am damp!”

Lexi is a large skillful football fan (this babe roots for the Miami Dolphins) and is a pro divemaster. She wears bras and knickers as infrequently as possible, says she isn’t into any fetishes but did tell us, “I had a carnal fantasy that not long ago came true: spontaneous and extraordinarily hot sex with anybody I met during the time that traveling on business. On a flight to the Washington, D.C. area, I sitting across from a boy. The first thing I noticed about him was that that chap was traveling with no stuff. No briefcase, PC case, jacket, carry-on bag…nothing. When we got off the plane, we went to the baggage claim, and that lady-killer caught up with me, introduced himself and said me how gracious this chab thought I was. We met for cocktails, and we were halfway through our drinks when this stud revealed that that skirt chaser was a U.S. Air Marshal. After 10 minutes, I practically dragged him to the hotel room. I did ask him to put his holster on the bed in plain sight, and that was some of the topmost sex I ever had.”

JMac does not carry a gun. But that charmer knows how to shoot.