Joclyn shags her son’s almost any amazing ally

Joclyn bonks her son's preeminent friend

This episode opens with some stud sat in Joclyn Stone’s kitchen, getting served breakfast (or something). The dude eats adore a slob, this Lothario drops crumbs all over the place, but somehow, that turns Joclyn on. Hey, what can we say? EVERYTHING turns Joclyn on.

Certainly, the large question is, “What’s this lad doing here in the first place?” Apparently, he’s a friend of Joclyn’s son, which reminds us of one of our cardinal rules: NOT AT ALL LEAVE YOUR ALLIES ALONE WITH YOUR HAWT Mother! Hear that, males? If you do, before you know it, he’ll be slapping his big wiener against her bigger in size than average, chubby booty, and then all hell is plan to break loose.

Okay. Forget about your Mommy for a second. Forget about your friends. Just look at Joclyn and jack it. Her commands, not ours.

“I’ve at no time met a gent who can resist my a-hole,” Joclyn told. “You would not make no doubt of how many times I’ve heard lads say to me, ‘Oh, her butt is also large,’ but when I offer it up to them, they’re always takers.”

Joclyn has gotten the same reaction to her unshaved pussy.

“Guys say they’re into shaven these days, but do not make no doubt of it. Boyz are into muff, and I’ve never had a boy say to me, ‘Oh, Joclyn, I’d screw u if merely you’d shave your pussy.’ No way. Bald or unshaved, they crave it.”

Thanks for clearing that up, Joclyn.

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