“Wanna screw my daughter? Got to screw me first!”

When almost any mothers say they wanna make sure their daughter’s boyfriends are “good sufficient for her,” they usually mean they want to make sure this chab has a valuable job, is ambitious and treats her right. You know…be a worthy hubby, a valuable father. All that.

But when 53-year-old Jessica Sexton says, “I wanna make sure that they’re worthwhile sufficient for her, so I give ’em a tryout,” she means that that babe urges to make sure that their knobs are priceless enough for her daughter’s cookie. She craves to make sure that her daughter’s fresh boyfriends know how to eat cunt and shag. That might sound odd, and we agree that it’s. What’s even more weird about this is that Jessica makes sure that those chaps know how to fuck a woman’s dark hole, also. Or maybe that babe is doing that just for herself and doesn’t pass it along. Who knows with mothers and daughters these days?

We do know that Jessica came to our studio with her 19-year-old daughter. The daughter, Monica, drilled for NaughtyMag.com. And here’s the Mom fucking, so we had Mommy and daughter banging in our studio on the same day.

“I adore to try out my daughter’s boyfriends,” Jessica disclosed.

But here’s what we’re wondering: How many of her daughter’s boyfriends have decided that they’d rather have Mamma? We’re betting quite numerous.

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