In her “Bouche” then in her a-hole!

In her 'Bouche' then in her butt!

Jenna Bouche, who’s 45 and from Northern Florida, gives up her ass in her first-ever anal movie scene. She’s dressed well for the occasion, wearing a bustier, nylons and a garter plus a nice G-string that frames her large, round, tattooed butt. It’s an butt that needs to be fucked.

The lad who bonks Jenna in this scene is Twenty years younger than her, but if you are a bit aged than that, don’t worry.

“I’m generally attracted to males who are older than me,” she said, “I like the salt-and-pepper look as well as bald fellow. I tend to favour the multi-faceted ladies man who can fix the kitchen sink, cook a worthy meal, write me poetry and comfortably attend a black-tie affair but the next day throw on boots and jeans and head to the local gap in the wall to play pool and swallow beer.”

Chicks. They can be as idealistic as fellows. Hoping for the impossible. Of course, Jenna is married, so that babe is not looking for a soul woman chaser. This babe already has one. She’s merely looking for boyz to copulate. And in that case, a hard penis is all this babe needs. Up her butt, certainly.

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