I don’t wish romance. I wish weenie!

I do not wish romance. I want penis!

These words were told by hard-bodied Chance Evans, a 50-year-old first-timer who doesn’t want you to try her love a handsome dame. Don’t worry about opening the door for her unless it is the door to your bedroom. That babe desires u to treat her like a bitch. Cuz she’s a bitch. And at her age, she isn’t afraid to admit it.

“Watch me shag this buck, this juvenile buck,” Chance says during the pre-fuck interview. “I’ll flaunt him what an old woman does.”

What does Chance do? Well, that babe talks dirty during the time that she sucks and copulates. Some examples:

“Fuck my throat with your ramrod.”

“Make me cum all over your hard rod.”

“Fuck my twat. Put it in and bonk me.”

“Oh, baby, what a strapon!”

“I’m 50, I am fabulous and I have just been drilled.”

That babe says that final thing whilst she is touching with tongue cum off her fingers. But you’ll acquire to receive to that 1st.

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