Copulate the cable boy!

Fuck the cable chap!

Ah, so it’s the ol’ MILF shags the cable lad trick! U know, some porn scenarios just not ever get old to us, but there’s a reason for that: Seeing sexy honeys love Charley Rose getting rogered by no means gets mature.

So the cable dude shows up, and Charley’s already looking hawt in a little silk robe that we can watch is covering…not much. This smooth operator is working on the TV, and meanwhile, she’s eyeing him up. She takes off her robe, revealing pink and dark underware under, and starts playing with herself. When he turns around, he’s shocked.

He’s even more shocked when this babe sits him down on the daybed and begins stroking and giving him a head. But that’s the life of a cable boy, or so we’ve been led to make almost certainly of by porn. Why would anyone go to school to become a doctor or lawyer?

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