For starters, Cyndi shags the delivery boy

For starters, Cyndi shags the delivery boy

In her first-ever on-camera fuck scene, 50-year-old Mama and divorcee copulates the pizza delivery fellow. Yes, we have viewed this scenario before, but we have at no time watched Cyndi bonk. That babe does it well.

“You’re not the usual delivery ladies man,” Cyndi says when this smooth operator displays up. She’s wearing hot underware. “Why do not you come in and I’ll display u where to put it.”

Yeah, she’ll flaunt him, alright. This babe leads him into her bedroom, and away they go. This babe flashes her booty. Then this babe goes for his dick.

“You’re a very good tipper,” this chab says.

Yes, but this babe sucks more than the tip. And that Lothario gets to stick more than just the tip in her cum-hole. And this ladies man cums all over her face.

Cyndi, who lives in Utah, is not a swinger or a nudist. This babe told us that babe was nervous before this scene.

“I just don’t know what’s going to happen,” she told. “It’ll be the 1st time I have had sex in a while.”

A whilst being four years, if you can believe that.

“I haven’t been interested in finding somebody, so I have been having sex with myself. A lot. On-camera. In my bedroom. I am slutty a lot, but I am not the kind of mistresse who will just go out and pick up a stranger or make a butt call. I’m definitely a more-passive person.”

Not here. Cyndi goes for it. And this babe acquires it. When a female bears a resemblance to her, that babe always does.

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