DP’d by her son’s friends

DP'd by her son's friends

“He’ll be back actually pretty soon,” 46-year-old Brit M.I.L.F. Rebecca Jane Smyth says when her son’s allies come over to her abode. Do they know that their buddy’s Mommy is a porno star? Apparently not.

The two juvenile boys seem coy. They don’t say much. Rebecca Jane can barely squeeze a word out of ’em.

“Have u got girlfriends?” this babe asks.


“So, when was the final time you had sex?” this babe asks.

They do not wish to answer. They appear to be indeed uncomfortable with this conversation.

“Do you masturbate?”


“What about me?” she says. “Do you think I am sexy?”

They don’t know what to say. After all, she is their buddy’s Mamma.

“It doesn’t matter who’s Mamma I am,” this babe says. “Do u think I’m sexy?”

“Yeah,” they grudgingly say.

“Stand up,” she says.

And then that babe kneels down and sucks their cocks, and suddenly, they’re not so introverted anymore. They’re banging Rebecca Jane’s mouth and eating her M.I.L.F. cookie, then they’re taking turns on her cunt and arse and, lastly, they’re giving their friend’s Mommy the ol’ DOUBLE PENETRATION.

By the way, it is very obvious from the loads they discharge all over Rebecca Jane’s beautiful face and valuable love muffins that they think she’s very sexy.

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