Debi gets the Lucas treatment

Debi acquires the Lucas treatment

“One of the wildest things I have done?” said Debi, a 50-year-old divorcee from Las Vegas who has done a lot of wild things. “I’m not plan to name names, but you know the MTV Movie scene Music Awards? I rogered one of the studs who was a presenter. We were rogering in a broom closet, and they were calling for him to go on, and this lady-killer literally had to pull his dick without my cookie and stuff it back in his pants to go out onstage to present an reward. This chab had on those taut trousers, and u could see his hardon, and this stud had this greater than average shit-eating grin on his face.”

The lad did not need to cum in the broom closet, but that Lothario did must cum later in the limousine and back at the hotel. Debi never leaves a buck high and dry.

“I try not to leave an ounce of cum behind,” Debi said, smiling.

In this scene, this babe receives the Lucas treatment, getting drilled rock hard by Lucas’s big jock. And, no, that babe doesn’t leave an ounce of cum behind. Waste not, wish not. That is Debi’s philosophy, especially when it comes to rod.

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