Ass-fucked my her son’s most precious friend!

Ass-fucked my her son's best friend!

This scene could be called, “Fucking Your Ultimate Friend’s Hawt Mother In The Ass.” The Mamma is Dacia Logan, a 52-year-old divorcee from Queens, New York (born in Romania). Here, she is a jilted housewife whose boyfriend has stood her up afresh. The loser’s car broke down. She is all dressed up and willing to go, and now that babe is urinated. She looks out side and sees her son sitting at the pool with his friend Juan and asks her son to go receive his father. But, of course, this is just a ploy. This babe wants to be alone with Juan.

“Could u come up here and help me with something?” Dacia calls from the bedroom window. When that smooth operator gets up there, Dacia is lying in couch.

“You can assist me with a lot of things,” this babe says. “I was watching you. U look so sexy. You can give me what I need, can not you?”

“But what about your son?” Juan asks.

“Nobody has to know. It’ll be our little secret.”

Dacia sits him down on the bed and goes right after his schlong. She licks his nuts and sucks his shaft sloppily. Then that babe has Juan bonk her in a few poses. When her love tunnel has been thoroughly plowed, this babe says the magic words.

“Are you ready to stick it in my butt?” Dacia says. “I wanna feel u in my booty.”

Dacia, like so many Romanian vixens, was a gymnast when that babe was juvenile. She now jogs, plays tennis, dances, goes to the Health Lap dancing club and shags strangers. This babe can’t live with out lingerie and high heels. This babe likes to play with handcuffs, blindfolds and toys. That babe fantasizes about having a three-way in a public park. Hey, Central Park isn’t far from where she lives. And she is a swinger.

You are not surprised by that, are you?

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