The pool boy screws Crystal’s booty

The pool fellow copulates Crystal's ass

Ah, so it’s the ol’ MILF-watches-the-pool-boy-and-then-fucks-him scenario! Smth we by no means receive tired of, mostly ‘cuz it is reflective of reality. A new survey showed that 79% of pool boyz have banged one of their clients, and in 63% of these cases, the client was a woman over Fourty.

Just kidding. We made that part up. But we’ve reason to make no doubt of it is true.

This time, the MILF, 49-year-old divorcee Crystal, doesn’t invite the pool woman chaser in for a swallow. This chab looks through the window and catches her playing with herself and invites himself inside.

“So, you are my pool boy, I take it,” Crystal says. “I would love some of what u have in that package. U work for me, so I am really lustful and I desire you. I urge your unyielding knob.”

Now there is an offer that’s impossible to refuse. After all, the holidays are just around the corner, and Pool Dude urges that holiday tip. Truly, what that smooth operator wants to do is stick the tip of his weenie and the rest of it in Crystal’s face hole and twat.

Oh, yep. Her chocolate hole, too.

“That’s what I crave,” Crystal moans as Pool Boys drills her anus. “I want it so rigid.”

And who indeed cares if the pool at not time receives cleaned?

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