Always willing to go

Always ready to go

Christina Cross, a 42-year-old Mamma I’D LIKE TO FUCK from a suburb of Dallas, Texas, is the kind of SEXY HOUSEWIFE we love: super-hot body, slutty as hell, looks her age facially. And we mean that in a wonderful way. If we wanted hot-bodied hotty’s who look like they’re 21, they’re all over the place. A dime a dozen. But we don’t crave that. We crave a mature female with a great body, a female whose maturity unveils on her face. They’re definitely not a dime a dozen, which is what makes Christina peculiar. And u know what? Christina might not like reading that. Women wanna be said they look like they’re 20. Fuck that. Christina looks exactly the way we urge all honeys would look.

“I’m definitely more carnal now than I was 12 years ago,” Christina told. “When I was 30, I could go weeks without sex. Now I can not even go a day.”

Not that that babe has to.

“I’m not bragging when I say I could bonk a different guy each day. Chaps are just naturally amorous, and all honey bunnys have to say is, ‘Let’s go,’ and they’re there. I guess in that way, I’ve a man’s mind in a woman’s body. I’m always willing to go.”

Willing to take up with the tongue the cum off her stud’s ding-dong after that smooth operator cums on her nice-looking face, likewise.

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