Charley Rose can’t live out of hung juries

Charley Rose can't live out of hung juries

No wonder so many blameless criminals are locked up in the slammer, envisaging for DNA verification to set them free. They weren’t discovered guilty coz of shaky evidence or partial juries. They were identified guilty ‘cuz their incompetent lawyer spent too little time concentrating on their case and also much time fucking his sexy stenographer. At least that is how we watch it.

In this scene, some poor lady-killer is trying to work on his closing argument, but Charley, a 40-year-old wife from Tennessee, is sat there with her legs spread, caressing herself, and in advance of that buck knows it, that petticoat chaser is blurting out, “My wang is rigid,” which merely makes Charley rub herself more.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we identify Charley Rose guilty of having a sexy body that acquire to be fucked, and if some poor stud has to go to prison because of it, that’s his tough luck.” Case closed.

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