Cashmere’s BBC study break

Cashmere's BBC study break

Jack is studying for his final exam when Cashmere walks in, wearing glasses, looking a bit studious herself.

“You’re a hard worker. Do u ever take a little break?” she asks him.

“Not actually,” Jack says. “I’m actually focused on getting into this university.”

“I understand that,” that babe says, “but u know, sometimes you need a break.”

And exactly what kind of break does this 60-year-old divorcee and Mama have in mind? Maybe Jack should courting his friends? Nope. Jack is a total nerd. This stud doesn’t have many friends. No girlfriend. Doesn’t play sports. That stud loves to go to the library. Read. Study. All that fun stuff.

But Cashmere is gonna loosen him up a little. That babe is going to reveal him some relaxation techniques. Among those techniques: mouthing and stroking his bigger than run of the mill, black meat-thermometer. Having him fuck her tight GILF vagina. And letting him unload his tension–in the manner of a greater than typical load of cum–all over her marvelous face.

And now Jack is actually ready for that university: He is definitely smart sufficient, and now this chab knows, ‘cuz Cashmere taught him, how to bonk. Hey, there’s more to high school than just studying, u know.

But there is just one thing: Now that Jack has had a concupiscent, mature female, he’s not gonna urge to bonk his boy-friend co-eds. That ladies man is plan to wanna shag his dominatrix-bitch teachers. Nothing not right with that!

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