Bottom line: Randi is concupiscent

Bottom line: Randi is randy

When tax season arrives, you need an accountant adore Randi who knows how to take care of u…and we mean that in more ways than one. Here, Randi is an accountant who is trying to balance her client’s books, but this guy is more interested in banging her box. Hey, tax season is stressful, and there is no thing like a nice bonk to relieve tension, right?

“Definitely!” said Randi, who is single, comes from Detroit, Michigan, has at no time been married and is, in fact, an accountant in real life. “I’ve been known to fuck a hardly any impressive clients here and there. My job can acquire a little boring at times, and there is nothing like a little act on the side to spice things up. When I’m working, I am mostly business…except for the times when I wear no knickers beneath my short skirts. Plenty of my clients know that I’m an elementary bonk.”

What lots of her clients do not know is that Randi is also a domme who’s into hot-cum facials and acquires off on the idea of boys watching her masturbating. In her mind, the very idea of you lads watching this movie of her banging and engulfing a stranger’s jock is the hottest thing she can imagine.

“You know what I’d love to do?” this babe asked. “I’d adore to observe a man masturbating to this movie of me, but this stud doesn’t know I’m in the room. He’s just watching my scene on the PC with his ramrod in his hand, and I am standing by the door playing with my soaking-wet fur pie. That is sexy!”

It’s. So is Randi’s movie scene. Relish it with your ding-dong out. She might be watching.

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