Greater than run of the mill Wet Milk shakes

Big Juicy Hooters

Hardcore Performer of the Year winner 2015 (June ’16 SCORE) Sheridan Love is one of the hardly any SCORE Gals who attends all the major adult expos in the States. She is a livecam angel and the majority of web digi camera girls by no means leave their abode but Sheridan’s also really into rencounter the fans face to face (or face to hooters.) If we still did the Boob Cruise, she’d be on it. Sheridan sent us a photo of her autographed bra and knicker winner, G.T., taken at the AVN Adult Entertainer Expo in Las Vegas. This contest ran in the February ’16 issue.

Undergarment winners have sent us images in advance of but this is the 1st time since the contests began not quite ten years agone that a bra winner and a SCORE Girl have truly taken a photo together with the undergarment. “He’s a super fan and brought the brassiere with him to AVN so this petticoat chaser can receive a picture with me and it,” Sheridan told.

“I try to go to the conventions that Sheridan’s attending,” G.T. said us. “Sheridan is the ideal height for me (4’11”), exceptionally well-endowed and a consummate waist-to-hips ratio! The ideal wife! My plans for her bra are to place it inside my pillowcase so that I can have her worthy orbs of enjoyment near my head so I can dream about her nightly. I too desire to have it wrapped around my manhood when I jack off watching her movie.”

Now that is loyalty that money can not buy.

SCORELAND: Sheridan, how was the almost any new adult expo for u?

Sheridan: I just got back from the Exxxotica convention in Chicago. It was so much pleasure! There was an manga convention going on at the same time. So many people were dressing in wondrous costumes! I joined in the joy and dress-up likewise! The first day I was Princess Jasmine. On the second day, for the first half, I was hot Velma from Scooby Doo and then I clothed as hot Meg Griffin from Family Lad. On the final day I was a naughty kitty whose tail kept her skirt raised just sufficient to watch some cheeks! [Laughs] I love playing dress-up so this was by far one of my prefered brandishes!

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