Large Bouncin’ Bonin’

Big Bouncin' Bonin'

JMac is not looking for Pokemon when that smooth operator knocks on the door of a abode where Rachel Raxxx is walking around wearing a hot pink nightie and heels. Wow! He’s looking for her dad but dad’s not home. That is worthy. Rachel invites him in, takes him by the hand and walks him over to a sofa.

Merely Eighteen years old, glamorous Rachel is a very well-developed young domme. Stacked to the maxxx is a more excellent description. She lets JMac know that that babe wishes him to stay and play. Her eye-banging makes that clear.

For the 1st time ever in recorded history, JMac asks a hotty why she’s clothed in skimpy underware. Rachel tells him that she’s got a crush on him and wore it for him. (This babe acquire to have viewed some of his SCORE episodes.) This skirt chaser reaches out for her bigger than run of the mill mellons and the bonin’ commences! With his head in her lap, that babe covers his face with her marangos. Who needs oxygen?

This is one of Rachel’s favourite things to do and her goal is to…”Probably suffocate ’em. When I put ’em on their face, they cant breathe or see or move. They’re love weights. I’ve him sit down on my lap and take a deep breath. Then I take my mangos out. Then I lay them on the guy’s face. They cant see or breathe. Then I move ’em around their face a little.”

This is called big-bust nirvana.

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