Ass-fucked Rita humiliates her spouse

Ass-fucked Rita humiliates her hubby

In the video version of Rita’s cuckold scene, we need to hear Mrs. Daniels verbally humiliating her husband whilst mouthing on Brad’s 26-year-old dick and taking it in her 64-year-old pussy and rectal hole. The boyfriend appears to be to finally take things in stride when his wife is getting ass-fucked, and when Brad discharges his sex cream, it comes awfully close to hitting Mr. Daniels. But it doesn’t, and that is admirable. We guess.

It can now be said that Rita has checked nearly each item on the adult star checklist: First hardcore scene, 1st BBG, first GGB, first BBC, 1st anal, first anal three-way, first DOUBLE PENETRATION, 1st goo pie, cuckold scene with anal. Is there everything Rita hasn’t done that you’d like to watch her do?

Rita, if you are reading this, is there everything you’d like to do that you haven’t done?

Ah, Rita! What a genuine GILF superstar she’s. SCORELAND Blog readers named her Big breasted SEXY HOUSEWIFE of the Year in a close vote over Sally D’Angelo. How can a female be so priceless, so charming and yet so concupiscent at the same time. That babe has large, overweight scones and a puffy, shaved snatch and great dick-sucking lips. That babe does it all and then asks for more.

Did you know that Rita was born in Washington State? And that she plays billiards? Can u imagine her bending over the table?

“My fantasy is playing undress billiards and getting rogered on the pool table by three burly biker guys,” she said.

Ok, there is smth we can have Rita do: a trio with 3 bikers. But what else?

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