Angelique talks messy, fucks dirtier

Angelique talks immodest, bonks dirtier

Angelique, a 47-year-old wife from Washington (the state), says, “I’m that hawt, naughty, mature SEXY HOUSEWIFE who lives next door. The one you catch glimpses of each so often as I go about my business each day.” The one who you watch wearing constricted skirts that make u think, “I wonder if this babe takes it in the butt?” Yes, that one. And, yes, that babe does. We have the clip to prove it.

Angelique is 5’6″ and weighs approximately 125 pounds. Her measurements are 36B-26-36. This babe was born in Kansas.

“Until latterly, I was a chemist in the medical field,” she said. “I like going to rock concerts, and you’ll usually find me right next to the mosh pit surrounded by several bigger in size than typical dudes. If we were rencounter for drinks, I would instruct a bourbon and Coke, but I do enjoy margaritas and wine as well, depending on the occasion. And once you have wined and dined me and taken me back to your place, you can either bow me over and take me doggie position or I may just climb on top of u and take control.”

And if that babe does that, she’ll probably ask for your strapon in her ass. Betcha.

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