A mouthful for Niki

A mouthful for Niki

“So, have u ever had a hawt HORNY HOUSEWIFE before?” Niki says. “Well, there’s one here for u.”

Then have at her! Might as well. She’s already having at you!

“So, do u desire me to take your large pecker in my mouth?” Niki says. This babe licks the guy’s ear. It’s a scientific fact that a man’s neck is directly connected to his schlong. Niki knows this.

Then Niki says, “I have a little surprise for u.” Is it the pearls on her panties? No. It is the wet crack beneath her pearls.

Niki is a 46-year-old divorcee from Texas, and within minutes, 24-year-old Rocky has his fingers up her moist, constricted slit. Shortly afterward, Niki has his strapon in her throat, and then her little body is getting rogered. Little body. Larger than run of the mill knockers. DD-cups. And this babe weighs merely 101 pounds.

In addition to fucking youthful boys, Niki enjoys trickling, reading and spending time with her puppy (not to be embarrassed with her DD-cup puppies). She says she considers herself a SEXY HOUSEWIFE “due to a step-child from a previous marriage.” She says this babe fantasizes about being a food adult model “where you lay there and people take sushi off u while you’re exposed.”

That kind of food adult model? At no time heard of it.

This kind of glamour model? That is more our speed.