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Monthly Archives: February 2020

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Leah invites JMac to cum inside!

Written on February 6, 2020 at 9:30 pm, by

Leah invites JMac to cum inside!

Leah invites JMac to cum inside!

“The girls I’m dating don’t let me cum inside of them,” Jay says to 65-year-old Leah L’Amour.

“Really?” Leah says. “How old are these girls you’re dating?

“Like 28, 30,” he says.

“Oh, Jay,” she says. “I’ve seen these girls you’re dating. They’re younger than that. That’s the problem. I think they think they might get pregnant. But you can cum inside me any time you want.”

Now that’s an invitation no man could resist! Before long, Leah is sucking Jay’s cock (that’s JMac, by the way) and fucking him long and hard until he shoots his load deep inside this granny’s safe pussy.

60PlusMILFs: What was your first experience in the swingers lifestyle?

Leah: My husband found a website, and it takes a little while to break in. You have to get to know people. We’d go to meet and greets where you just go to a bar and meet people. Talk to them and get to know them. And after that it leads to house parties, and we, my husband and I, now plan events. The last event we had was a week ago in Palm Springs. We did a takeover of a hotel, so we rented the whole hotel and people came.

60PlusMILFs: How many people?

Leah: We probably had 75 people. It was a lot of fun. Everybody rents their own rooms and you can walk around nude. We can have sex out in the open if we choose. We have rooms where a whole bunch of people get together. We have private rooms. You can have an orgy. It all goes! But it depends on what you and your mate go for. A lot of people have been in the lifestyle for over 20 years, so they’re a little more advanced. Sometimes when people just get in, they only want to watch. They’re voyeurs or something. That’s okay, too. We don’t push anybody into anything. We just have fun!

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Cum inside Leah L’Amour

Written on February 4, 2020 at 9:30 pm, by

Cum inside Leah L’Amour

Cum inside Leah L'Amour

In her return to, 65-year-old wife, mother and grandmother Leah L’Amour sucks and fucks JMac’s big cock and lets him cum deep inside her pussy. You’re in the swingers lifestyle, aren’t you?

Leah: We are. My husband and I. We’ve been married 29 years, so a few years ago, he always wanted a threesome, like a lot of guys do, so I tried to do a birthday surprise for him and tried to get another girl to do a threesome, but back then, they weren’t as open to things. They almost put me in jail over it. How did that happen?

Leah: Well, I was calling escort sites, and I was asking them if I could hire a girl to be in a threesome with us, and they said, “No, we don’t do that.” So, to make a long story short, I didn’t get it put together, but he always wanted to do this, so five years ago, he said, “Why don’t we look for a threesome again?” so we started looking, which brought us to the swingers sites, and that’s how we ended up getting into the swingers lifestyle. So before that, you guys had never had a threesome?

Leah: No. We still haven’t. We’ve planned threesomes, but for some reason, something doesn’t work out. But we’re still having a lot of fun in the lifestyle. We enjoy going to house parties. Tell us about these house parties. What would you wear to one?

Leah: Usually something sexy. You usually wear street clothes on the way over, but when you get to the house, you’re welcome to change into lingerie, sexy clothes, no clothes. Hot-tubbing. Strip poker?

Leah: No, we just strip. Forget the poker. We just strip. We may have hors d’oeuvres or something like that. Party talk for a little while. End up going to the hot tub. If you’re interested in playing with someone, we’ll go to the bedroom and play. And then you progress. For me, I like to do single guys now rather than just married guys. A lot of times, people swap with other couples, but I’ve gone on to liking single guys, so I’ve been on dates without my husband.

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