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Monthly Archives: June 2019

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A cock for Rose

Written on June 27, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

A dong for Rose

A 10-Pounder for Rose

Today’s movie widens with a get-to-know-you session with Rose Mastos, a nice-looking 44-year-old wife, Mom and grandmother from Colorado. She tells us all about herself. This babe tells us that this babe and her partner were monogamous for Twenty five years previous to they became married couples about nine years ago. She tells us about some of her favourite swinging adventures.

And then, at around 13 minutes 30 seconds, our videographer says, “I heard u were very good at giving head.” And Rose says, “My hubby indeed doesn’t like having blow jobs from other hotty’s coz I am so valuable.”

“Do u mind demonstrating for us?” the videographer says.

“That would be priceless,” that babe says.

Then the lad, gentleman that he’s, comes out with his erection already shoving without his pants. And Rose, lady that she’s, takes his 10-Pounder into her mouth (whilst we’re getting a precious upskirt view). That babe takes his shlong all the way down her throat and demonstrates her vacuum-like engulfing skills.

And that’s how Rose’s 1st accustomed porno begins.

But it is not how it ends. After a good, long oral-service, Mrs. Mastos, now absolutely nude, sits on the weenie that this babe had been sucking for eight minutes. This babe acquires drilled reverse-cowgirl and doggy-style so we can see her bigger in size than average, round gazoo. She gets screwed in the missionary position. Then the fortunate lad cums in her face hole and Rose sucks off the excess cum.

We asked Rose, who was born in Portland, Oregon, what this babe would do if she was at her swinger married couples undress club and this movie came on the TV monitors.

“Hmmm…I’m not sure,” she told. “I think almost all people there would be pretty accepting. We have told some of our swinger allies. One pair that we talk to a lot, we just said them a pair of days agone and they were all lascivious for me. And we indeed said a couple of employees at the exotic dancing club about it, and they were super-excited.”

Rose is worth getting concupiscent about.

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Caroline Hamsel, DP’d hooker

Written on June 27, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

Caroline Hamsel, DP’d hooker

Caroline Hamsel, DP'd hooker

When this scene widens, 62-year-old Caroline Hamsel is standing on a street in a sleazy part of city. It’s broad daylight, and she is wearing a fishnet dress, nylons, a leather jacket and thigh-high boots with heels. She’s smokin’ a cigarette. She bears a resemblance to a hooker.

2 boyz approach her. She unzips her jacket to show ’em her mambos, which are poking through her fishnets. This lady is not coyness.

“Would you adore to come with me?” this babe asks.

“Yeah,” they say simultaneously.

That babe unveils ’em the way, and they take her arms, gentlemen that they are.

They go back to her hooker flat. “I’ve at no time had sex with such young chaps previous to,” this babe tells ’em as that babe feels their weenies through their pants. One of the males is 26. The other is Twenty nine.

That babe goes back and forth, engulfing one weenie and then the other, spitting on them, getting ’em all unbending and soaked for her pay-for-play fur pie. This babe bends over so one can shag her from behind during the time that this babe sucks the other guy’s penis. And then it is DOUBLE PENETRATION time: one in her vagina and one in her arse at the same time. Not lots of hookers will do DP, but Caroline isn’t adore almost any hookers. She’s particular. She is a 62-year-old hooker who’s doing this for enjoyment, not for specie. Notice how no money is exchanged during this movie.

Fact No. 1: This movie scene is an example of art imitating life.

Fact No. 2: Caroline is a wife, Mother and grandmother. Obviously, her partner is very sharing.

Fact No. 3: “My family and almost any of my friends do not know what I do,” Caroline told.

Fact No. 4: Caroline is one of the horniest, sexiest GILFs we’ve ever had.

Fact No. 5: If u can need to the end of this movie out of busting a nut, you’re a more awesome chap than we are.

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From loyal wife to first on-camera copulate

Written on June 26, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

From loyal wife to first on-camera shag

From loyal wife to first on-camera fuck

“We booked a undressed cruise and detected out it was a married couples cruise, so we figured we’d try it out,” told Rose Mastos, a 44-year-old wife, Mother and grandmother who lives in Colorado. By “we,” this babe means she and her hubby of Twenty five years.

“We liked it and completely dived into it and have had more experiences in nine months than some people have in years. This charmer told he could cancel it, but I said, ‘No, let’s try it and watch.’ The first time we attempted it, I got back into the car afterward and told, ‘That was stylish!’ I actually liked it.

“We got with a couple that had been swinging for a during the time that. They were a younger pair. And we did squashy swap, which is where we did anything except penetration with the contradictory partner’s spouse. I even sat on his face, and the goddess told, ‘Have u ever been with a hotty?’ and I hadn’t, and my partner and I were absolutely monogamous in advance of this, and I kissed a hotty and I liked it, and I have been doing it ever since!”

Do the math: Rose got married when this babe was Nineteen. She hadn’t had much erotic experience. Then that babe and her boyfriend were monogamous. Then swinging started nine months ago. And now this, her 1st copulate scene for all the world to watch. Rose is playing catchup and loving it.

“I come from a very conservative, religious background,” Rose told. “I have always been the nice gal, at no time getting with out line or doing everything bad.”

In the opening pix, Rose is wearing a taut, red top and a tight skirt that nicely show off her curves. She is clearly savouring herself. So is the lad, who ends up cumming all over her nice-looking face.

As XXX debuts go, this is a very fine one. And Rose is a very precious gal.

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Caroline’s pay-for-play Dual Penetration session

Written on June 26, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

Caroline’s pay-for-play DP session

Caroline's pay-for-play Dual Penetration session

Caroline Hamsel is a hooker. There, we said it! What we mean is that in this scene, Caroline–a wife, Mommy and grandmother–is a 62-year-old street hooker dressed in a very sleazy outfit. She’s wearing a fishnet dress, a leather jacket and knee-high leather boots. She’s smoking a cigarette. Yes, that babe resembles a cheap bimbo. That is exactly the point.

In any case, Caroline is envisaging for her next trick to reveal up when not one but 2 lads approach her. Yes, she’s accessible. “DP?” Why not? So they go back to her hooker pad and get their money’s worth, screwing her throat, pay-for-play vagina and tight doxy anal opening with their big, rock hard dicks before DP’ing her, filling her cookie and a-hole at the same time. Then they cum all over her face. Caroline eats some of the cum and lets the rest leak down her chin.

And we’re intend to bet that five minutes later, Caroline was back on that same street, looking for more strangers to bonk.

By the way, the boys fucking her are 29 and 26 years aged, meaning their combined ages don’t equal Caroline’s.

Scenes do not get hotter than this one, especially when there is a 60Plus M.I.L.F. involved.

Caroline in an English lady. She’s 5’4″ and weighs approximately merely 122 pounds.

We asked if she is changing sexually as she receives maturer, and she said, “Definitely. I am becoming more sexually confident. I have been with plenty of younger fellows, some as juvenile as 19. I love their energy and hard ramrods, and they seem to love me, which is very worthy.

“I have tons of sex, sometimes 15 or 20 times a week, including with my partner, so I am getting even more experience. There are not tons of chicks my age I know who have sex as much as I do. They do not know what they’re missing. I’m finding that I’m becoming hornier and more-sexual as I get maturer. My husband can’t keep up with me!”

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Mrs. Hamsel is ready for you

Written on June 25, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

Mrs. Hamsel is ready for u

Mrs. Hamsel is willing for you

“I adore to touch my body,” 62-year-old Caroline Hamsel says at the initiate of this scene, and that is what she does. Caroline, who’s wearing crotchless belts and hawt nylons, touches her mangos, then touches her very succulent, bald slit, fingering it unfathomable. The next day, that slit (and her a-hole) is gonna receive screwed by 2 youthful males, but here, Caroline proves she is perfectly capable of taking care of herself.

“I was wanting to do a adept pictorial, so I asked my hubby to research it, and that buck discovered u,” told Caroline, who in addition to being a hawt, hot wife is too a Mama and grandmother.

“My family and majority of my friends don’t know what I do,” this babe told.

Oh, and she’s a redhead, which is oh so worthy.

We asked Caroline if that babe is ever been with another femdom-goddess, and she said, “Yes, loads! I’m indeed bi and adore it.”

We haven’t detected anything Caroline doesn’t like. And the next day, we’re plan to watch how much this babe can’t live with out being DP’d. Stick around.

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Play time with a fresh Mommy I’D LIKE TO FUCK

Written on June 25, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

Play time with a fresh SEXY HOUSEWIFE

Play time with a fresh MILF

When this, her first episode spreads, 44-year-old Rose Mastos is walking by a pool, wearing a skimpy swimsuit that displays off her voluptuous curves. Then this babe goes inside and talks to you.

“I am so sexually excited, and I just wanna watch that cock of yours,” Mrs. Mastos says. “Are you ready to take it out and play with me? My love tunnel urges it in me.”

This babe takes her mounds out. Worthy.

“Do u wanna feel those?” Yep, we do.

“I wanna be touched and cuddled. I adore your great, big jock.”

In this movie, Rose has to settle for a bigger in size than average sex-toy in her snatch and a sextoy on her adore button. The real ram is coming in a short time (as in the next day), but for now, it is just you and this hawt wife, Mommy and grandmother from Colorado.

“Yes, definitely,” Rose told when we asked if her family and friends would be surprised to watch her here. “I come from a very conservative, religious background. I have always been the valuable hotty, never getting without line or doing everything bad.”

What Rose is doing here is definitely not bad. It is very precious.

We also asked Rose what else she’s done with her life, and she said, “I work with microchips in production in a clean room. I worked at Wal-Mart Twenty years ago and at a souvenir shop. I’m a Mamma. Not a way to earn a living but a hard job.”

A rigid job that is earned her the right to have a little pleasure…to sow her wild oats at

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Prelude to a Dual Penetration

Written on June 24, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

Prelude to a Dual Penetration

Prelude to a DP

This is the second week we’re devoting to 62-year-old wife, Mother and grandmother Caroline Hamsel, and if u think it is plan to be just love her 1st week, you have some other think coming.

Oh, sure, we’re kicking it off with solo images today and a solo movie tomorrow, just adore last time. But on Wednesday, things change ‘coz on Wednesday, Caroline is intend to receive DP’d for the 1st time on-camera. Photos then. Episode on Thursday.

A 62-year-old granny from the United Kingdom acquires DP’d for all the world to watch…proof afresh that u see stuff at that u do not watch anywhere else.

Caroline, a sexy redhead with a smooth, bald fur pie, gets warmed up in those pix by widening her shag holes wide and fingering her very succulent twat. Mrs. Hamsel, who’s wearing nylons and fuck-me pumps, is obviously very gratified of her holes, judging by her smile when that babe is widening.

And, so, during the time that Caroline spreads her expert cunt and rectal hole for all the world to see, we’ll tell you that her prefered movie is Love Indeed, her fantasy car is a Jaguar F-Type and her perfect night would consist of dinner and drinks with her spouse at a priceless restaurant “then sex when we get home.” With Caroline, sex is always on the menu; that babe shags as many as Twenty times a week, sometimes with her boyfriend, sometimes with total strangers. Her fantasy: ”An orgy photo-shoot and a bang.”

We made that fuckfest photo-shoot fantasy a reality. We can’t expect to see it, but for now, these pix will do quite nicely.

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Meet Rose Mastos, hot wire

Written on June 24, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

Meet Rose Mastos, hot wire

Meet Rose Mastos, sexy wire

Born in Portland, Oregon and now living in Colorado, 44-year-old wife, Mamma and grandmother Rose Mastos makes her worldwide adept modeling debut by fucking herself with a toy poolside in Southern California. Yeah, this brown-haired stunner is a grandma, even though that babe doesn’t look adore one. She’s also a swinger, but more on that later.

This is Mrs. Mastos’s week at solo pictures today, solo episode tomorrow, 1st bonk pictures on Wednesday, 1st shag movie scene on Thursday. That will not be Rose’s 1st time screwing on-camera, but it is certainly her first time doing it for a biggest audience.

“I’ve done a couple of POVs with my hubby but no thing major,” she told. “Nothing where they do my hair and makeup.”

Rose enjoys watching HGTV (that’s the home and design channel). Her much loved clip is The Princess Bride. Her much loved actor is Julia Roberts. That babe enjoys riding her bike and watching basketball. Her favourite team is the Golden State Warriors. This babe enjoys drooping out with her family and gonna the local swingers lap dancing club.

Ah, yes, the swinging married couples lap dancing club! Rose and her boyfriend have been swinging for less than a year.

“We booked a naked cruise and found out it was a swinger couples cruise, so we figured we’d try it out,” this babe told. “My boyfriend said that ladies man could cancel it, but I said, ‘No, let’s try it and watch.’ So we attempted it out and liked it and absolutely dived into it and have had more experiences than some people have in years.”

Here, Rose is doing more on-camera than almost all women do in their whole lives. That babe is appreciating herself. You’ll enjoy her, too.

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There’s a bigger in size than standard, dark-skinned ramrod in Veronika’s wazoo

Written on June 20, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

There is a greater than average, darksome weenie in Veronika’s booty

There's a bigger in size than typical, dark dong in Veronika's ass

This scene spreads with 55-year-old Veronika’s hand on Jordan’s ding-dong, so you know where this is going. That chap has a bigger in size than run of the mill, darksome cock that Veronika desires to suck and shag, and she is gonna get what she urges. That is ‘cuz here at, we’re all about giving the ladies what they desire. If they’re cheerful, we’re happy.

In this scene, Veronika makes Jonathan very happy and this chab makes her very cheerful. This babe sucks his weenie and sits on it. He copulates her taut gazoo whilst this babe rubs her clit for extra fun. Then this chab cums in her face hole and all over her face. Like we said, this will make u very pleased, too.

Veronika obviously can’t live without darksome jocks. We asked her what else that babe likes in a fellow, and this babe said, “I adore boys who are enjoyment, have a wonderful sense of humor, have a sexy accent, and I completely love chaps who are musically inclined, preferably one that can play the guitar and the piano. If a boy can sing, he can discharge str8 to the front of the line!”

We can’t sing, but we’d sing for Veronika. Yep, we’re ready to sing for our twat.

Did we mention that Veronika has large milk sacks? And a very worthwhile gazoo?

Veronika’s desire list:

1. “To sing opera professionally.”

2. “To make music clips with my significant other.”

THREE. “To swim in the caves in places love Thailand, Malta, Turkey, Maldives, Greece…pretty much anywhere where I can pretend to be a mermaid and not receive to worry about wearing any clothes or makeup.”

Screwing on-camera had been on her want list. We took care of that.

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Alura Jenson’s 1st anal scene in two years

Written on June 20, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

Alura Jenson’s first anal scene in two years

Alura Jenson's 1st anal scene in 2 years

In her first anal scene in over two years, monster titted, large bootied bombshell Alura Jenson, 41, “gets nailed,” in her own words, by big-dicked Johnny Goodluck. It is a great combination. Johnny screws her face with his knob, and Alura tries to take each inch. This babe talks bawdy during the time that she’s jacking his meat-thermometer and whilst he’s fucking her massive bumpers. That babe moans loudly when this babe is getting her bawdy cleft and wazoo banged, and he cums all over her love bubbles.

Alura, who lives in Las Vegas and measures an incredible 48-30-44, can’t live with out sex.

“I started shooting porn coz my personal carnal habits were becoming dangerous, and doing porn was a safer alternative to exercise my sensual craves with out exposing myself to potential danger,” this babe said.

In other words, fucking strangers on-camera is a lot safer than fucking strangers in her civilian life.

The YOU.S. Navy veteran earned a degree in exercise kinesiology after she left the service and became an instructor in that field. That babe grew up in a larger than run of the mill Catholic family and has kids of her own.

Alura dated and married one of her fans. That relationship ended when this Lothario became dominant and did not urge her fucking darksome boys. As an independent dominatrix-bitch, Alura was having none of that.

Alura’s long-term plans are to direct her own episodes and spend more time on the other side of the camera. That can wait. We love her on the side of the camera where we can watch her. Stroke to her. Do all the things that babe wishes us to do.

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Alone with Natasha Ola

Written on June 19, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

Alone with Natasha Ola

Alone with Natasha Ola

“I’m a bad hotty,” said 44-year-old Natasha Ola, a wife from Moldova who now lives in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. “I can not help myself. When I get sexy, I am hot.”

Natasha is scorching sexy in this scene. This constricted little copulate doll is wearing sexy underware that flaunts off her arse, back, curves and large scones, as well as nylons that display off her lengthy legs. Her areolas are rock-hard. Her knickers are diminutive. This babe checks herself out in the mirror and loves what that babe sees. We adore what we see, likewise.

“I love to be appreciated,” Natasha said. “Why not? I like it. I just like being sexy.”

She’s hawt, fun loving and vivacious. We’ve already viewed that at In one scene, that babe screwed a hung chap. In another, that babe banged 2 youthful guys. She could not believe how juvenile the guys were. “Unbelievable,” she told. Remarkable is a worthy word to describe Natasha’s sexiness.

Natasha’s kinkiest erotic meeting took place at a construction web resource.

“There was a building being muscly, and we went inside and had sex. We were standing and this chab crammed me up against the wall and fucked me. I came so much that my crotch and ass were completely moist. Now I would need to say that another perverted experience was banging 2 chaps in your studio.”

This day, we have Natasha all to ourselves. She brandishes off her body and then lies back and plays with her twat. This babe cums. You’ll cum. Deal!

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Nia Nacci And Whitney Wright

Written on June 18, 2019 at 11:20 pm, by

Nia Nacci And Whitney Wright Nia Nacci And Whitney Wright
Nia Nacci And Whitney Wright @
Nia Nacci and Whitney Wright adore each other…a lot. Just view ’em! Heavily making out…taking off every others’ hot garments…sucking clits and assholes!! Rob Piper is watching them, also. This buck is taking in the display — savouring it — and getting willing to step in…when that buck feels the time is right. The time is right when his XXXL-sized weenie is palpitating, so why not ram it into into Whitney’s potty throat? She’s been patiently envisaging love a valuable cutie, as has Nia; the one and the other cant wait to experience such a large cock in their throat. Or their holes, which is where our Man is about to put it. Nia and Whitney take turns getting their enchanting love tunnels rammed, and Whitney’s so lustful, she’ll up the ante, so to speak, and put that bigger than standard schlong right up her wazoo. The merely thing better? Watching Whitney engulf the spunk from Nia’s creamy cream-pie…so much jizz, also! Enjoy my brothas!!
Nia Nacci And Whitney Wright Nia Nacci And Whitney Wright
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