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Monthly Archives: February 2019

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Caroline’s happy ending

Written on February 28, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

Caroline’s glad ending

Caroline's pleased ending

When Caroline Hamsel, 62, goes for a rub-down, she gets a lot more than that babe bargained for. Well, that’s not entirely true. Caroline had heard from a ally that the masseur was priceless with his hands, and this babe desires to see how admirable.

She takes off her robe. That babe is wearing a undergarment and briefs. She wraps a towel around her body and this buck takes off her underneath garment, then that babe lies on her stomach. This guy rubs in the greasy oil, massaging her back not fast and sensuously, working his way down to her booty, and when this charmer pulls aside her briefs, this babe doesn’t stop him. No. Her sighs of pleasure encourage him.

In advance of lengthy, Mr. Masseur is getting perilously close to her muff. Did we say perilously? Caroline’s into it, so why shouldn’t this chab be? Resembles we’re intend to have a reverse-happy ending!

This is Caroline’s 1st bonk movie. She’s a wife, Mom and grandmother from United Kingdom who jogs to keep fit and copulates to keep cheerful.

“My family and almost any of my friends don’t know what I do,” Caroline told. But her hubby knows. That dude pointed her in our direction. Thank u, Mr. Hamsel!

Caroline isn’t a swinger but she’s a nudist. “We go to a nudist resort in the south of France for our holidays,” that babe said.

Caroline is bi erotic. She loves honeys. Women love her. Obviously, guys do, too.

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The international language of screwing

Written on February 28, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

The international language of rogering

The international language of fucking

It would be slightly misleading to say that 44-year-old wife Natasha Ola acquires drilled in this scene. Yep, there’s a pecker in this Moldovan hottie’s slit, but she’s fucking that rod as much as it’s screwing her, and when this babe gets on top, this babe is doing all the bouncing, controlling how deep the strapon gets inside her taut, pink vagina. Natasha is totally in control as that babe shags very lucky Tyler Iron. And to think that the dude got paid for this scene. Are u kidding? Is there anyone out there who wouldn’t pay to bonk Natasha…or, shall we say, get rogered by Natasha?

This scene widens with a knock on the door. Natasha, wearing a sexy costume, answers it and invites Tyler into her abode. This woman chaser is there for his Russian lesson, but this chab can’t concentrate on the lesson coz his eyes keep wandering down to Natasha’s chest. Frankly, the lad sucks at learning Russian.

“Look up here. Do not stare at my wobblers,” Natasha says.

“You look so worthy,” he says. “Kind of the reason I took these lessons is ‘coz you are really hot.”

“I’ll train u a different lesson this day,” she says. “Follow me.”

That babe takes him to the bedroom where that babe swallows his cock, licking with tongue up and down the shaft, making love to his cock-head. We asked Natasha what that babe is almost all admirable at in bed, and she said, “Blow job. The 10-Pounder looks nice-looking in front of my face.”

Then the screwing starts, and Natasha rides him unbending, really working her fur pie on his shlong, getting it soaking juicy with her juices. It is very obvious that Natasha (who banged on-camera a few years agone for is very into the 10-Pounder.

After Twenty seven minutes, the scene ends with Tyler shooting his load all over Mrs. Ola’s fun bags. Give the gent credit due; we do not know how he held back for so long.

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60Plus MILF’s porno cherry breaker

Written on February 27, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

60Plus MILF’s porno cherry breaker

60Plus MILF's porno cherry breaker

Caroline Hamsel, who’s 62, heard from a ally that the masseuse has some skills, and now she’s plan to detect out for herself. This babe knows exactly what this babe is looking for, and that lady-killer knows exactly what he’s going to give her. This man pours oil onto her hot butt and massages it in, and previous to he knows it, Caroline is massaging his penis. We all know what happens next. The rubdown ends, and soon, Caroline is engulfing his 34-year-old penis. Yep, the lad is plenty youthful enough to be her son. And then that babe is banging him and eating his load.

Caroline is a wife, Mamma and grandmother from the Britain. This babe told us that babe has sex “15 or Twenty times a week, including with my spouse.” Including? She means she screws other studs, also. Caroline used to be a dental nurse. Now she nurses ramrods.

“I’m becoming more sexually assertive,” Caroline said. “I’ve been with lots of younger males, some as youthful as Nineteen. I love their energy and rock hard weenies.”

And they adore her aged body and sexual expertise. Caroline knows what she’s doing in bed. She’s had lots of practice.

Caroline enjoys romantic meals, intend to the videos and lap dancing. And banging. That this babe likes almost any of all.

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A Russian wife who really can’t live with out rod!

Written on February 27, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

A Russian wife who really likes schlong!

A Russian wife who indeed can't live without meat-thermometer!

“I by no means run after studs,” told Natasha Ola, a 44-year-old wife from Moldova (formerly in the Soviet Union) who doesn’t run after the lad in this scene. This chab runs after her. Actually, that guy knocks on her door. He’s there for his Russian lesson, but he cant concentrate on learning a language because Mrs. Ola looks so hot and hawt in her tight dress, which unveils off her love bubbles and legs. The one and the other are very worthy. In fact, Natasha rogered for about 10 years ago.

Another reason Natasha has great lgs: She is an stripper. U know, a gogo dancer. She works at a strip club in St. Petersburg, Florida, where she gives sexy lap dances to fortunate men and makes them cum in their trousers. Tyler, the skirt chaser in this scene, doesn’t cum in his trousers. After this buck bonks Natasha (and that babe copulates him back), this chab cums all over her billibongs.

Natasha lives in Florida. She describes her consummate day as “working out at the Fitness Centre and going out with my spouse.” And when she goes out, this babe wears constricted, sexy dresses that display off tons of breast valley. She’d adore to go skydiving; this babe hasn’t done that yet. She’s not a swinger, but she has screwed other studs since she’s been married. A not many that we know of, that is for sure.

By the way, members, stay tuned: Coming soon, Natasha fucks 2 very juvenile guys.

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Granny’s screw toys

Written on February 26, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

Granny’s screw toys

Granny's shag toys

What does the modern 60Plus M.I.L.F. keep on her end table? Tons of sex toys. At least that is what 62-year-old wife, Mommy and grandma Caroline Hamsel keeps on her end table.

“I want to talk to you this day about what I adore about touching with tongue guys’ glamorous cocks,” this British GILF says. “So I went to demonstrate what it is that I like about giving a oral joy.”

She picks up a purple sex toy and demonstrates.

“What I adore is putting it into my throat like this and just running my tongue around the tip. And then just engulfing. And then what I adore to do is take up with the tongue all the way up to the tip and on the side. And then taking it into my throat. And I like to take it in as far as possible. And I adore to smack the lad as his juices initiate to come out. It tastes so valuable. And like to feel his rod pulsating in my mouth.

After this babe is finished with the fellatio demonstration, Mrs. Hamsel uses the toys, some of ’em very large, on her wet crack.

And, so, today’s movie scene winds up the warmup portion of Caroline’s week at The next day, this babe screws. That babe is willing.

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Natasha Ola is hot

Written on February 26, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

Natasha Ola is sexy

Natasha Ola is hot

Natasha Ola Week proceeds at with a hot video in which this 44-year-old wife exposes off her smoking body: great boobs, curves and a very pink slit. Natasha is merely five feet tall, and she’s a little package with a 22-inch waist, 34-inch hips and D-cup pointer sisters.

“Custom-made,” told Natasha, who was born in Moldova and now lives in the United States. “I love USA!”

We adore Natasha, who has been married for Twenty years and has drilled other studs during that time but is not a swinger.


“I’m a bad hotty,” this babe told. “I cant aid myself. When I get sexy, I’m sexy.”

Natasha is always sexy. As this scene progresses, she whips out 2 dildos, one as well as the other of them large, one of ’em flesh-colored, the other red. This babe copulates her pussy with the flesh-colored vibrator and uses the other one to demonstrate her fellatio technique and then slap her love button. Natasha receives off. You’ll get off along with her.

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Introducing a brand-new 60Plus MILF from England

Written on February 25, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

Introducing a brand-new 60Plus Mamma I’D LIKE TO FUCK from Britain

Introducing a brand-new 60Plus M.I.L.F. from England

“I wanted to do a professional photo discharge, so I asked my hubby to research it, and this ladies man identified u,” told Caroline Hamsel, a 62-year-old Mother and grandmother from Great Britain.

We’re cheerful he detected us. We’re very cheerful that this fashionable, hawt redhead decided to take the plunge, and we’re celebrating with Caroline Hamsel Week at solo pix this day, solo movie tomorrow, Caroline’s 1st hardcore pictures on Wednesday and her 1st hardcore movie scene on Thursday. In today’s photos, this babe bonks her old, taut cunt with tons of toys.

“The people I know would definitely be surprised to see me here,” Caroline said. “My family and most of my allies don’t know what I do.”

Caroline stays in shape my jogging. She enjoys plan to restaurants, dancing and watching episodes and TV. We asked her if she usually wears knickers, and she told, “Mostly no.” What does this babe wanna do that this babe hasn’t done?

“An orgy pictorial and a group sex,” this babe told. We made a lot happen during Caroline’s visit to our studio in Prague, Czechia. Did we make any of those things happen? Stay tuned and watch.

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Natasha’s toy box

Written on February 25, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

Natasha’s toy box

Natasha's toy box

“I not ever run after bucks. They need to come after me,” said Natasha Ola, a 44-year-old wife who was born in Moldova in the former Soviet Union and now lives in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Natasha has a hot little body: just five-feet tall, 102 pounds, D-cup boobs, 22-inch waist, and this babe can’t live out of to reveal it off. Natasha is an hawt dancer in St. Petersburg, Florida, and she puts the younger angels in the club to shame.

This is Natasha’s week at solo images this day, solo movie scene the next day, copulate fotos on Wednesday and copulate movie scene on Thursday. But it’s not her 1st time getting in nature’s garb or fucking on-camera. Back in 2008, Natasha showed off her attractive legs for Lex Sex mag and screwed a buck (the scene is still live at and A description of the XXX scene might whet your appetite to explore further: “Watch him pour syrup all over her legs and tight muff and take up with the tongue and copulate her right on her kitchen counter.”

Here, Natasha bonks her tight little bawdy cleft with greater than standard toys. Very good. And the brandish is just getting started!

When Natasha was growing up in the Communist Soviet Union, she could not do soever she happy, as she’s doing here.

“But I had a gracious childhood,” that babe said. “I was Daddy’s goddess. Spoiled, everything.” This babe has a sister who lives in Portugal. “She’s taller, blond. My brother has brown hair, light skin. Merely me, I look dark as hell!”

Natasha’s name, looks and accent remind us of Natasha Nogoodnik from the old cartoon unveil Rocky and Bullwinkle. She’s heard that in advance of. But that unveil was for kids. What you are seeing here is adults-only.

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Adria Rae

Written on February 25, 2019 at 1:38 pm, by

Adria Rae Adria Rae
Adria Rae @
It’s not odd for a popular location — or "shoot house" — to have more than one production in progress, and when that is happening, there’s a lot of expect time. And the wait can be lengthy and boring. Just ask Adria Rae. The attractive brunette has been sitting on that couch for hours…just envisaging for her scene to initiate. Which is when Rico Meaty makes his move. Rico knows all about expect times, and he’s always slutty. He’s in luck, likewise, coz Adria’s just as concupiscent as Rico. Why not "spice up" the wait and turn something boring into something sexy and sexy? Adria begins by trying on various wardrobe, and you know that’s gonna make Rico’s dick rigid. Unyielding. Adria decides it’s time to engulf, which is when Skinny Poke appears. He’s just wrapped, and even though he’s dropped one load, his large cock is always locked and loaded! One as well as the other well-endowed studs are plan to have their way with impressive Adria, using all her tight, constricted holes in order to bust! And when they do, Adria’s an absolute mess…and, certainly, that is when the production manager calls the jizzed-up Adria Rae to set!!
Adria Rae Adria Rae
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Payton is Fifty six. The boy that babe is banging is Twenty five.

Written on February 21, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

Payton is 56. The lad this babe is rogering is Twenty five.

Payton is Fifty six. The lad that babe is screwing is 25.

Oliver, who’s only Twenty five years old, comes around looking for his foremost ally, but Johnny’s not home. Payton’s home, though, and she invites Oliver to come in.

“We can kill time,” Payton says.

“Kill time?” Johnny asks. “How are we plan to do that?”

By fucking, that is how. It is what happens when your bud’s Mommy is a porno star.

Payton is a Mother and grandmother from Arizona. She’s solely 5’2″ tall. Adore her tan lines. Adore her little body. Adore that that babe likes to copulate on-camera for all the world to see. The smooth operator in this scene is Thirty one years her junior. That is a lot, but Payton loves Them juvenile.

“When I lived in Hawaii, the landscapers would come to play tennis with my husband, who was older,” she said. “We’d play tennis and have dinner each night. They were cute, especially the one my hubby said wanted to screw me, so we had our time!”

Payton is into honey bunnys and guys.

“I have one ally I play with regularly, not even on-film. We just have enjoyment,” Payton told.

That is Payton. Always having fun, and we need to view.

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The super-busty MILF’s first time

Written on February 21, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

The super-busty MILF’s 1st time

The super-busty MILF's first time

Tyler has shown up to do some work. That smooth operator walks around to the backyard, as that fellow was told to do, and goes to the door. It is a glass door. That smooth operator looks inside and sees Kaiserin wearing a tight dress.

“Wow. That need to be his wife,” this chab says. “She’s so hawt.”

But this babe immediately spots him, and she’s not pleased.

“Your husband hired me to do some work,” that woman chaser explains.

“What do you mean, you fuckin’ pervert? Peeping Tom,” she scolds.

“I just came here to do some work,” this lady-killer stammers.

“I think u receive to be taught a lesson, you little pervert,” this babe says. “Have you even been with a woman my age in advance of? How about if I train you a lesson?”

This skirt chaser doesn’t acquire to answer. That babe just drags him to the bedroom, throws him onto the bed, takes out his wang and starts sucking it. This babe sucks his testicles, too, which is fine, especially the way that babe does it: very lovingly. Then she fucks it.

And did we mention that Kaiserin has bigger in size than standard milk cans? And a nice snatch?

“That’s a well used twat,” this babe says as this gent shags her doggystyle.

A well-used pussy: Kaiserin isn’t a swinger, but she is a Mother of two, and that babe does shag a lot. She was born in Ohio and lives in Texas with her husband and kids. She’s Fourty five years mature. And here, she’s fucking on-camera for the first time.

“I’ve had more joy in my 40’s than charming much any other age,” told Kaiserin, who enjoys watching Star Wars clips and is learning how to pole dance. “In my 30s, I was too busy making sure anything was taken care of to worry about having enjoyment. Now, gorgeous much everything is settled and taken care of, so I can just be me. I am in a insert my life where I don’t must worry about money or promotions. It is me time now. Now I can be the nutty person I was always afraid to be.”

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Kaiserin’s 1st on-camera shag

Written on February 20, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

Kaiserin’s first on-camera copulate

Kaiserin's first on-camera fuck

“I’m a Mamma I’D LIKE TO FUCK with 2 kids and way likewise close to potentially being a GILF,” said 45-year-old wife Kaiserin Dee.

Don’t worry about that, Dee (as her allies call her). You are looking great with your jaw-dropping body and big, chunky bumpers. We think you’ll be even sexier if and when you become a grandmother.

But that is a story for another day. Here, H-cup Kaiserin is banging on-camera for the first time. Appears to be as if Tyler was hired to do some work around the abode and was said by Kaiserin’s husband to come through the back door. Well, he comes around back, looks through the window and sees Kaiserin looking hot in a suit. This lady-killer is savouring the look at until that babe catches him watching her. But does she tell him to get lost? No way. That babe drags him inside–he doesn’t take much dragging–and sucks and fucks his youthful pecker.

Different from so many of our HORNY HOUSEWIVES, Kaiserin isn’t a swinger or a nudist. But this babe has sex each single day, “sometimes more than one time a day,” and enjoys getting herself off, also. That babe describes herself as sexually passive, although she’s definitely not passive in this scene. And although she’s not a swinger, this babe did one time visit a sex exotic dancing club.

“I went nuts on a sofa with one more pair in a room with two-way glass,” she recalled. “I knew a crowd was watching ‘cuz the DJ was making comments the entire time.”

She added, “I love knowing I am turning people on. It is not the watching per se, but knowing I am getting ’em amorous makes me crave to perform.”

This babe came to the right place.

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