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Monthly Archives: December 2017

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Payton Parker’s first time

Written on December 29, 2017 at 9:30 pm, by

Payton Parker’s 1st time

Payton Parker's first time

“Would the people who know me be surprised to watch me here? Type of,” told Payton Parker, a 46-year-old divorcee from Washington State. “I’ve been a sexy dancer. I am glamorous wild.”

Here, this Mommy of two adult children (meaning that babe is free to do whatsoever she desires) copulates a 29-year-old chap who she met about five minutes previous to this babe started swallowing his cock. We’re going to guess that the people Payton knows would be surprised to watch her doing this.

Payton is a handsome lady with a hawt body. She is 5’4″ and has a weight of 116 pounds. When we asked what this babe is by no means done and wants to do, she said, “I’m doing it right now.”

Glad we could fulfill your dream, Payton! You’re definitely fulfilling ours.

By the way, Payton identified us on CraigsList, which just goes to reveal u that CraigsList is priceless for smth anyway buying aged furniture.

Payton is not a swinger. She’s not a nudist. That babe likes when lads cum on her face, which is what the guy does in these pics. She’s an exhibitionist. That babe is into hotty’s. And when we asked her if she’s into anal job, she told, “On days my booty says yep, yep!”

Her butt said yes on one of the days she spent with us, but that’s a story for some other day.

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DayLynn knows what she urges

Written on December 28, 2017 at 9:30 pm, by

DayLynn knows what she wishes

DayLynn knows what she wants

DayLynn Thomas, a 50-year-old wife, told us this babe was nervous in advance of her 1st hardcore scene.

“Very nervous,” that babe told. “About anything. U know what you adore, but u don’t know what the other person can’t live without, so you’ve to figure it out.”

DayLynn figured it out very quickly. That babe figured out that the woman chaser likes deep, sloppy blow jobs. She too figured out that this petticoat chaser likes screwing her tattoed fur pie and cumming in her face hole.

“Fun sex it was,” DayLynn told. “I like my age. I know what I’ll not at all do some other time. And the things I know I savour, I’m plan to do many times again.”

One of the things she’ll do afresh is copulate on-camera, but that is a story for another day.

DayLynn is from Florida’s Gulf Coast, and this babe says that when this babe was driving to Miami for her 1st discharge, she was thinking, “My goodness, what am I getting myself into? And being naked on-camera…and not merely undressed but going all the way, which my Mommy would be very disappointed in. She’d say, ‘I raised you better.'”

But her friends wouldn’t be surprised.

“I am a very carnal dominatrix,” this babe said. “Most of my friends know who I am: a sexy floozy wife, or I would not call ’em my friends. However, just a couple of wives wouldn’t be glad with me nor would my parents.”

Hey, life is too short to worry about what other people think. DayLynn doesn’t care if people know that even though she’s married, that babe has a darksome bull dom who has his way with her whenever that fellow craves. Who tells her how to costume, what to do and how to do it. That man was sitting just a diminutive in number feet away while this scene was being filmed.

Identify out DayLynn’s interview to inspect more about that. Or just view this hawt wife suck and shag. The partiality is yours.

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DayLynn Thomas tells all, and we mean all!

Written on December 28, 2017 at 9:30 pm, by

DayLynn Thomas tells all, and we mean all!

DayLynn Thomas tells all, and we mean all!

Now it is time to have to know DayLynn Thomas, a 50-year-old, self-described “hot bitch wife” who’s banging on-camera for the first time. This is one of the most-unusual interviews we’ve ever done ‘cuz DayLynn is an odd lady.

For example, she’s married, but that babe is “owned by my Dark Bull Slavemaster.”

This babe lives on the west coast of Florida (she was born in Indiana and raised in Kentucky), and she is a very wild swinger, so wild that some of the other swinging wives started to resent her ‘coz that babe was being also much of a slut with their swinging husbands.

DayLynn has golden-haired hair and large milk shakes and a cookie made for banging. At the end of this interview, this babe demonstrates her cock-sucking skills on a bigger in size than average, dark wang.

“I’m all about pleasure in this life,” DayLynn said, “and recent things bring me fun.”

This is a fresh thing for her. It brought her pleasure. It will bring u joy, likewise.

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Casey Ballerini

Written on December 28, 2017 at 2:05 pm, by

Casey Ballerini Casey Ballerini
Casey Ballerini @
She’s blond. She’s big busted. She’s barely legal. She’s Casey Ballerini, and she’s got a problem. Casey went to the mall and got a bathing dress for the beach, but when this babe got home and tried it on, Casey realized it may be "too much". Or too little, depending on your opinion! Just look! Every time that babe moves her arms, her flexible, all-natural 36C’s pop with out her top! And her miniature white fur pie? It’s is barely overspread! What’s a hotty to do but ask for some advice! "Oh Mandingo! Would you come over and assist me!" Casey’s not at all been with a darksome man before, but she is heard of the legend we all know as "Dingo". Since all she’s ever done are white males, Casey’s not at all had everything close to Dingo’s 12-inch monster, and sure sufficient! That babe can’t even ram the whole thing in her mouth! "How’s it ever gonna fit down there?" Casey wonders out loud! Well, it doesn’t all "fit down there", but Casey’s 18-year-old muff does the job! Did I mention that we could not have discharged this scene solely months ago? Or that Casey now knows the power of dark jock? And that age-old cliche — one time u go black, u at no time go back? "I’m probably done with white boys," Casey said, as Dingo’s mighty load trickled from her cute face.
Casey Ballerini Casey Ballerini
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Even idiots get the arse

Written on December 27, 2017 at 9:30 pm, by

Even idiots get the butt

Even idiots receive the ass

This scene proves that you do not have to be smart to get cunt. Here, Christina Sapphire, Fourty one, is a legal PA who’s working from home. Her neighbor, Tony, drops by and asks for help with some papers that he is just been served. This chab has no idea what they mean. The idiot doesn’t even know if this chab is divorced. Turns out this chab is in arrears on his child support payments, but when this chab hears the word “arrears,” his brain goes all Beavis and Butt-head.

“Why are you always talking about my butt?” Tony says.

Christina smiles and says, “I think I desire you in my wazoo today.”

And before that fellow knows it, Tony is spreading Christina’s love tunnel and getting his shlong sucked and screwing her tight cunt and admirable, greater than run of the mill booty. As we told, you do not must be smart to get bawdy cleft.

Christina is a wife and Mother from Illinois. As we discovered in her previous scenes, she’s a perverted woman who once got drilled 15 times at a BBC party (we wonder if they checked cock-size at the door). This babe loves cock. That babe can’t live out of bawdy cleft, also.

“My 1st experience with a lady was when I was 19 or 20, and during the time that I did not have many lady partners in my Twenty’s and 30’s, I thoroughly enjoyed ’em when I did,” this babe said. “Nowadays I am just as likely to desire a dominant-bitch spouse as a male hubby…or the one and the other if I can acquire it! I adore having several partners and energetic, multi-position sex. That’s the foremost part about being a swinger. The multiformity.”

Christina too told, “I like showing off my carnal stuff,” which is what she’s doing here.

Her flawless day: “I acquire clothed up and go out to have intense sex with one or several boyfriends. Then I’ll come home to play with my spouse, see a video or an episode of House of Cards with him whilst eating ice ball batter. If there’s steak somewhere in there, even better.”

Maybe not steak but lots of meat.

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The boy she’s fucking is not her darksome bull slaver

Written on December 26, 2017 at 9:30 pm, by

The lady-killer she’s screwing is not her darksome bull corporalist

The boy this babe is banging is not her darksome bull master

Meet DayLynn Thomas, a 50-year-old from Indiana who now lives on the west coast of Florida. DayLynn isn’t love most chicks.

For example, she’s married, but that babe was accompanied to her first-ever hardcore photo and video sessions by her Darksome Bull Slaver. He sitting there and viewed DayLynn engulf and copulate this dude’s dick, and we’re here to tell u that this babe would not have done it without his approval.

The hubby’s approval? This babe doesn’t much care about that. But her dark bull dom is the ruler of her carnal universe. For example, that babe doesn’t ride his ramrod. This chab bonks her in the missionary and from behind. He doesn’t eat her fur pie. But this babe sucks his schlong.

“I’m naturally assured, but I’ve learned to take what is given by my slaver only,” DayLynn said.

We asked her how often that babe has sex, and this babe said, “Three times a week with my slaver and once each three months or so with my husband.” And what sexually satisfies her foremost? “Taking my master’s cum until it drips down my legs. I adore it!”

DayLynn has D-cup whoppers. That babe measures an amazing 36-26-38. This babe describes her marital status as “married for 30 years, shared wife for five years and owned by my black bull master.”

“I love dressing to please my corporalist,” this babe said. “Having him put on my cuffs and tie me to the St. Andrews Cross or stock, flogging me all over my body and then him using me and doing soever this chab chooses to me for his enjoyment.”

Dark Bull Corporalist…nice work if you can get it.

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Nina North

Written on December 24, 2017 at 2:18 pm, by

Nina North Nina North
Nina North @
"It appears like u workout!" And with that understatement, Nina North makes not solely her Dogfart Initial appearance, but an unbelievably sexy debut with her Bull, Davin King, and his massive, uncut piece of darksome meat. Nina’s a self-professed "Size Queen", but the second she attempted to wrap her impressive, pliant lips around Davin’s awesome girth, even Nina knew rogering Davin was gonna be a defiance. Thank goodness her cum-hole was wet! It was succulent from the very second this babe laid eyes on Davin, which helped her take it all. Right to the base! Nina’s by no means been this "filled-up" before! In betwixt all the hot sucking and banging, Nina and Davin passionately kiss, making this one of the sexier match-ups we’ve viewed in quite some time! Nina begs to drink Davin’s load, which she does with a smile on her face! And any ball cream that didn’t make it down her mouth, Nina scooped up and ate! Kick back and savour this one, my brothas!!
Nina North Nina North
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A greater than run of the mill Mother I’D LIKE TO FUCK a-hole that deserves anal

Written on December 22, 2017 at 9:30 pm, by

A bigger in size than standard SEXY HOUSEWIFE gazoo that deserves anal

A large MILF gazoo that merits anal

“My kinkiest collision was the BBC party where I was fucked 15 times. I loved all the cum!” said Christina Sapphire, a 41-year-old wife and Mother from Illinois who now lives in Tampa, Florida, one of the swinging sexy spots of the world. And that babe is a swinger, which explains why most of her friends wouldn’t be surprised to see her here. One of these friends is 60Plus SEXY HOUSEWIFE Sally D’Angelo.

And now, in just 2 scenes at, this cam glamour model has done two of the things it took Sally a while to do: interracial 1st, then anal in this scene. That babe takes Tony’s large, obese dick in her taut ass (and it’s quite an wazoo, a worthwhile bigger than typical one!) and then his cum all over her charming face.

“Doing porn was a natural choice for me,” Christina said. “I can share my orgasms with the world!”

Here, Tony is Christina’s not-so-dumb dumb neighbour who just got served with legal papers. He asks Christina for help, but she just can not receive through to him until she reveals him her ass. Then this Lothario understands perfectly.

When it comes to sex, Christine’s tastes are all over the place. She’ll bonk chicks and guys, which includes, certainly, younger studs.

“One weekend, my husband identified an advert on Craigslist and invited over a well-hung 19-year-old,” that babe recalled. “We commented about his high school classes, and then I schooled him in the joys of rogering an older lady!”

Don’t you just like babes love Christina?

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Sexy for teacher

Written on December 21, 2017 at 9:30 pm, by

Hawt for teacher

Hot for teacher

Female S., a 64-year-old former teacher from the Great Britain, says this babe wasn’t a wicked teacher when she was working, but she is definitely a wicked teacher in this scene. This babe says that when this babe was teaching, that babe not ever screwed one of her students or any of the students’ fathers. But here, this babe shags her student’s maturer brother…right there on the desk in her classroom!

We wonder, likewise, if, back when that babe was a teacher, Female S. wore what she’s wearing here: a tight skirt and a sheer, white blouse that u can see her dark brassiere throughout.

“I did not,” that babe told. “I was very conservative, but all that is changed.”

Obviously. Lady S. is mouthing and rogering on-camera, showing off her tight GILF body and taking a load of cum all over her good, firm scones. Honestly, we think her former students would have paid more attention in class if she dressed love this and did these things.

Mrs. S. says that babe feels hot “when anybody looks at me in that way,” which must be all the time.

“How are you looking at me right now?” that babe asked. “Do you have your jock in your hand? Are u resisting the crave to shoot your load? Go ahead. Don’t wait. Give it to me!”

Hey, she’s the teacher. Better do as this babe says!

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Michele strokes it!

Written on December 20, 2017 at 9:30 pm, by

Michele strokes it!

Michele strokes it!

In this episode, 46-year-old divorcee Michele Marks tries to teach Robby how to play the guitar…tries coz he doesn’t appear to be to have learned anything and doesn’t appear to be to be interested in learning. Michele, who has a bit of a 1970s hippy look to her, takes him to her bedroom for his lesson. His playing is awful.

“Why do you truly come here?” this babe asks him after he’s played some very sour notes.

“You’re a actually nice person,” this chab says.

“I do not think you’re even trying to learn the guitar,” she says, then that babe starts stroking his shlong. He is much better at stroking his jock inside her tight cougar pussy than he’s at stroking the guitar, and in the end, Michele widens her mouth for his cum.

Michele said us that her flawless day “starts with a luscious dream and a smile and proceeds after I wake up, laughing and making other people laugh.” In this scene, she doesn’t make us snicker. That babe makes us subrigid.

By the way, Michele indeed does play guitar. She is also owned a pool company, been a bartender and a horse trainer and worked in construction. But this babe can’t live with out this almost any fine.

“I used to ride my horse with kegel balls inside my pussy,” that babe told. She also said, “I love role playing. Dom- and sub-fuck my mind and I’ll cum.”

Yeah, she’s a aged woman who likes sex in just about every way. What ways would u love to do Michele?

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Shag the teacher!

Written on December 19, 2017 at 9:30 pm, by

Screw the teacher!

Fuck the teacher!

“I work very inflexible to keep my body trim,” told Dominant-bitch S., a 64-year-old wife from the United Kingdom. “I go to the gym three or four times a week. I want my hubby and other fellows to desire me. My partner tells me I’m pretty and says that Lothario wouldn’t change a thing.”

We’d change only one thing about Dominatrix-bitch S.: In this scene, she’d be mouthing and screwing our schlongs instead of Lance’s. Other than that, this babe is consummate. Here, that babe is a teacher, and she’s looking very sexy in her tight, button-down top, petticoat and matching brassiere and knickers. Is this how dominant-bitch teachers suit those days? Well, yes, if they look love Lady S.

And here’s the deal: Woman S., who’s now retired, used to be a school teacher! So this scene is definitely reality-based…sought of.

“I was not a wicked teacher, if that’s what you are asking,” this babe said. “I at not time got in a predicament for doing everything I wasn’t supposed to do with any of my students. But I would not mind if some of them were out there right now, looking at these pics and enjoying a valuable jack off.”

We’re sure they are.

Can you imagine logging-on to and seeing your hot former teacher doing this?

Female S., who’s a Mother and a granny, is into the more-sensual side of sex. Light touches. Long walks on the beach. Holding hands. Breathing on a lover’s neck. But she’s likewise into engulfing cock and getting that constricted, old fur pie of hers banged.

“I worked hard, retired and now I am plan to savour,” that babe told. “Would I ever shag one of my former students? Why not? You merely live one time is what I always say.”

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Miranda Miller

Written on December 16, 2017 at 2:16 pm, by

Miranda Miller Miranda Miller
Miranda Miller @
You are about to view super-cute Miranda Miller take her first-ever big, dark dick! This is something she is been masturbating about for years. Whenever she is laying in couch, alone, randy and succulent for act, Miranda’s mind wanders to a place where large, dark Bulls with extra-big cocks roam, stretching little taut, white vaginas until they’re close to tearing! It’s her very favorite dream, and this day it is going to be reality! Miranda’s a self-proclaimed Size Queen, but Flash Brown’s eleven-inch slab of black meat took her breath away! But let me back up…to Miranda and Flash’s deep, vehement kissing. To Miranda’s head game! To Flash’s pussy-eating skillz! You’d think Miranda’s constricted little fur pie would be all warmed up for Flash, but see her eyes grow as big as saucers as Flash slips it in for the first time. He then continues to pound her into submission, turning Miranda into what’s now-common street talk: Miranda’s officially turned out and now a "black jock doxy." You know what that’s supposed to mean, white boyz…
Miranda Miller Miranda Miller
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