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Monthly Archives: November 2016

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Angie’s partner urges u to observe her copulate

Written on November 30, 2016 at 9:30 pm, by

Angie’s hubby wants you to check out her copulate

Angie's partner desires you to observe her fuck

Angie Noir, a 45-year-old wife from Budapest, Hungary, reveals how a cougar puts a youthful woman chaser at ease: by doing a slow striptease to show off her super-hot body then engulfing his wang (Angie has very outstanding skills) then screwing his dick with her wet crack then taking his load all over her gorgeous face. Notice how, at the end, Angie receives his penis out for the cum, as if this babe doesn’t wanna miss a drop. Well, she doesn’t.

Angie now lives in Florida with her husband and four children. When this scene was being filmed, her spouse was sat about 10 feet away, appreciating all the act. Now, honestly, if almost any of us had a wife as sexy as Angie, we wouldn’t share her, but that makes us selfish pigs and Angie’s partner a very generous person. Or maybe it means that when u have a wife who looks adore Angie, u do everything possible to keep her gratified.

Okay, more on Angie: This babe enjoys hiking in the mountains (although there aren’t any of these in Florida). Her favourite team is the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League (wondering how a woman from Hungary came around to that, aren’t u?). And she’s turned on by chefs.

“I’m just drooling about Bobby Flay and Chef Zakarian cooking me a romantic and attractive candlelight dinner and afterwards having hot, long, lasting, teasing sex,” Angie said us.

Hey, go figure. Or, adore her partner did, just savour watching Angie. That’s a much better idea.

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2 larger than run of the mill knobs for Brandi Fox

Written on November 30, 2016 at 9:30 pm, by

Two big ramrods for Brandi Fox

Two bigger than average schlongs for Brandi Fox

“I acquire a lot of compliments that I have a bubbly personality and that I am hawt,” told Brandi Fox, a 45-year-old wife and Mother who lives in Houston, Texas.

Peter and JMac, her screw friends in this three-way, can attest to one as well as the other. That babe uses her bubbly personality (and sexy body) to receive their cocks out. Then this babe flaunts how sexy that babe is by engulfing and banging them. Almost all 45-year-old wives and moms donot have three-ways with juvenile hawt chaps for all the world to watch, but Brandi isn’t like almost any honeys.

Those days, that babe is too going by the name Sky Haven. This babe says the foremost part about being a handsome lady is “I must adult model. And too I acquire away with things that normally people don’t get away with. All people are attracted to me in a fine way.”

Especially bucks. Especially members.

“I have tons of energy and I am very beefy,” Brandi told. “I’m a really worthwhile dancer.”

Fact: Chicks who dance well shag well (and we’ve heard babes say the same thing about studs).

Fact: Brandi is a indeed precious fucker.

In this scene, Brandi has invited JMac and Peter over to her bayfront condo to have some joy. Brandi’s boyfriend is out of town, and that is supposed to mean that babe can do soever that babe wants with whomever that babe wishes. The boyz manage to keep up with her, and that is not easy. They shag on the couch. Brandi keeps up a precious oral-stimulation rhythm even while that babe is getting fucked. Then this babe gets down on her knees and spreads her mouth for their cum.

Bubbly personality, eh?

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Sent To The Principal’s Office For A Oral job

Written on November 29, 2016 at 9:30 pm, by

Sent To The Principal’s Office For A Oral stimulation

Sent To The Principal's Office For A Blow Job

James has been sent to the principal’s office one more time, but it is not necessarily going to be a bad day for him.

“I’m the priceless fellow here,” this gent protests. “It’s just that everybody else likes to copulate with me.”

“Playing the bad boy can receive you into tons of a predicament,” Ms. Shay tells him. That babe comes around in front of her desk and sits down. “There’s lots of different types of trouble u can get yourself into.”

To James’ shock, Ms. Shay lifts her skirt, exposing a muff that’s overspread by some funky-looking knickers.

“Are you up for it, James?” this babe asks.

That woman chaser is up for it. This chab fingers her pussy. She gets down between his legs and sucks his pecker. That babe ends up with his man-juice all over her face. Apparently, this is the worthy kind of a predicament.

As for Ms. Shay, this babe is Charli Shay, a 42-year-old divorcee and Mama of two from San Diego, California. That babe has a smokin’ hot body–tiny, firm bra buddies, a little waist, a firm stomach–so it’s no surprise that she works in a gym. No, that babe is not a teacher or a principal. But she’d make a great one.

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Nurse Cammille gets ass-fucked by two boyz

Written on November 29, 2016 at 9:30 pm, by

Nurse Cammille gets ass-fucked by two lads

Nurse Cammille receives ass-fucked by two guys

A three-way for Cammille Austin in which that babe gets ass-fucked by one as well as the other lads? We receive to admit, that is not atypical. This is a woman who had a team fuck with eight large, black jocks on her wedding night during the time that her hubby watched. Certainly, they all took turns on her butt. And when the studs were done, her husband, who had been filming the act, got some sloppy seconds. Or sloppy ninths.

But it is always specific when a blonde, attractive, monster titted 58-year-old Mamma I’D LIKE TO FUCK has a three-way on-camera. This is Cammille’s second three-way at, and watching her at not time gets mature.

We asked Cammille if this babe loves it rough or gentle, and this babe said, “It varies. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I truly love it slow and erotic to where I can actually connect with the person. Other times, I like it fast, hard and rough. I like having my ass slapped and my areolas pinched. I don’t want it too rock hard where you leave marks, but I love having my a-hole slapped. I am finding out that I’m up for anything!”

Cammille lives in Arkansas, a relatively conservative part of the United States.

“I work in health care,” she said. “My boyfriend is a surgeon, so mainly I am viewed in scrubs. We one time had sex in the surgeons’ locker room. We could’ve gotten caught and that made it very gripping, but it was nothing compared to this.”

“This,” meaning getting ass-fucked by 2 total strangers who cum all over her marvelous face. As we said, watching her not ever receives aged.

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She’s getting older and more handsome

Written on November 28, 2016 at 9:30 pm, by

She’s getting older and better

She's getting aged and better

Looking kinky and enticing in a darksome suit, a leather jacket and nylons, 49-year-old Natalie Lorenz returns to flaunt off her sexy body. Natalie displayed astounding suck and fuck skills in her episodes at, and now, we’ve to learn a little more about her.

40SOMETHING: How do u feel about turning 50?
NATALIE: I love getting maturer. In my Twentys, I had a lot of self-judgment. I was more subdued. As you receive older, all that begins to fall away. U become more relaxed in your own skin. You are able to speak up and say what you want and what u don’t crave. I just love getting aged. The not-so-fun part is that your body starts to change.
40SOMETHING: It has the appearance of your body is changing pretty well, and u are experiencing the reasons we adore mature babes.
NATALIE: Yeah. In my Twentys, I was very self-conscious about being carnal. I was worried if that man can’t live with out me, if I was doing it right. It wasn’t elementary. It was not how it should be. Over time, I became more and more uninhibited. My mindframe changed about sexuality across the board. I was ingrained with this Puritanical belief about bucks. If that stud cheats, u leave. But u actually must accept the nature of men. Fidelity can not be 100% over a long period of time. I’m not saying that there aren’t fellows who are faithful. For me, it is like, as long as it’s not my sister or my unsurpassable friend, it is ok to mess around.
40SOMETHING: Let me acquire this straight: If anybody is in a relationship with you, it’s okay for ’em to shag around with other hotty’s if u don’t investigate?
NATALIE: I mean in a relationship that is more than free and simple sex. In a serious relationship, if he’s on a business travel, I do not wanna detect out about it. Just be safe, be discreet. And maybe it would be ok with me if I did know about it. Just be respectful. I think the nature of dudes is that they need variety. But me, when I am pleased, I do not indeed need that. I don’t go out looking for meat-thermometer.
40SOMETHING: So you are a one-man female then.
NATALIE: Yeah. When I am in a relationship, I do not need anything else. But I understand that men are a little different.
40SOMETHING: What would be your porn story if you could make one up?
NATALIE: I love being with younger hawt guys. They just have a different energy. They compliment me a lot.
40SOMETHING: What would be the scene that you would set up?
NATALIE: I was literally on this airplane and I started flirting with this youthful Russian lad. There was probably a 15 year difference between us. We were one as well as the other flying from L.A. to Fresh York and we hit it off. When we landed, this chap told, ” I must watch you tonight.” He came to my hotel and it was love the whole night. That’s the other thing with youthful boyz. They can go all night. It was to the point where I almost couldn’t even stand up.
40SOMETHING: So this was one night?
NATALIE: I did watch him again, but it was solely about the sex. It wasn’t about the relationship. He was an actor, so that gent was chaseing that dream, and I had a job. We did not fall in adore or everything.
40SOMETHING: So u don’t have to fall in like with a Lothario to have sex?
NATALIE: Hell no. Right now I’m not in a relationship with anybody, so I’m only having sex with myself. I do not go out and have one-night stands. If it happens, it happens, no problem. But doing porn could become my steady sex life.

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Dark Jock Hunt

Written on November 28, 2016 at 1:36 am, by

Black Shlong Hunt Black Wang Hunt
Black Ramrod Hunt @
Greetings chaps, how have u all been this week…did you miss me??? I had an MAGNIFICANT week!!! Remember last week when I told you I was gonna go and hunt for a black woman chaser for this weeks’ update?…Well, I detected one (of course I did, I am a whore). He’s not the normal sort of dark lad I identify to bonk, this lad was mature, much maturer. I suppose he was mature than my dad even..hehe! I am sure alot of you porno pervs have seen him in advance of…he said me his name was Julian St. Jox and I should know who he’s, but I didn’t…whatever…I could’ve cared less who this petticoat chaser was, I just knew this smooth operator had what I wanted, A worthwhile, larger than run of the mill, slab of black meat for me to suck and bonk, that is ALL I care about when it comes to males. Anyways, needless to say I sucked and screwed him! (certainly I did, I am a bitch) hehe!!! Bye males, see y’all next week. XOXO
Black Penis Hunt Black Knob Hunt
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How a 40something keeps her snatch in shape

Written on November 27, 2016 at 9:30 pm, by

How a 40 something keeps her vagina in shape

How a 40 something keeps her pussy in shape

Sage Quest, a 41-year-old divorcee from Atlanta, Georgia, is working out on an exercise machine.

“I’m so hot,” she says. “I adore working out. It makes me feel sexy. I want I had somebody here caressing me down after a workout.”

This babe puts her hand down her workout shorts. That babe can play with her wet crack and workout at the same time! Then that babe proves that babe can play with her little boobies and workout at the same. That babe takes the one and the other hands off the machine and begins working her cookie. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! FOR SAFETY REASONS, ALWAYS KEEP AT LEAST ONE HAND ON THE EXERCISE MACHINE WHEN JACKING YOUR SHLONG! Later, she uses the workout bench for masturbation purposes. Then she demonstrates the one piece of equipment each Fourty something should have in her home gym: a sextoy.

Work it, Sage! Work that muff!

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Opal’s first anal…on-camera, that’s

Written on November 25, 2016 at 9:30 pm, by

Opal’s first anal…on-camera, that is

Opal's first anal...on-camera, that is

When, at the kick off of this scene, Opal Reins, says, “I’m here to do my first anal penetration scene,” we wondered whether it was the first time she’d ever been fucked in her ass or the 1st time she’d ever been drilled in her butt on-camera. We receive the answer later on, after Opal has sucked 10-Pounder (thoroughly lubricating the shaft with her gooey mouth sauce) and gotten her twat rogered stiff (the stud’s ding-dong slides in lazily, but then, when this man is in, this woman chaser pounds away), Opal takes each inch in her tight butthole.

Is this Opal’s 1st ass-fucking ever? What do u think?

“Fuck me in the gazoo!” Opal demands. “I crave you in my arse doggie-style.”

In addition to getting her taut arse drilled, Opal is too into playing mud volleyball (smth we’d love to see) and plan to the horse races. This babe enjoys motorcycling, ice skating, white-water rafting, camping and hiking. That babe loves getting fucked by a wang in one aperture while a sex tool (or one more kind of fake penis) is working her other hole.

Is this babe spruce? Yes.

Does this babe adore taking it in the wazoo? Obviously.

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2 for Brandi

Written on November 25, 2016 at 9:30 pm, by

2 for Brandi

Two for Brandi

Brandi Fox, who’s 45 years mature and also goes by the name Sky Haven, is wearing a constricted, blue suit. Her boyfriend is with out city, so this babe has Peter and JMac over to keep her company.

“I thought we’d have some pleasure,” Brandi says. “I’m concupiscent.”

“You are so bad,” Peter says.

This chab has no idea how bad this babe is, but he’s about to investigate. Previous to lengthy, Brandi has her wet crack out, then that babe has their jocks out and is mouthing them, then that babe is letting them take turns on her throat and pussy. This is all precious stuff from a wife and Mom of two who’s making quite an impact at Her husband is a fortunate woman chaser.

“I like to please my lad,” this babe told. “I start with a rubdown and kisses and then I like his strapon in my face hole. I love to give blow jobs, and I take as much of it down my throat as I can. It always leads to vehement, slow and rock hard banging.”

Unless, of course, her spouse cums in her mouth when this babe is mouthing his jock. That’s been known to happen.

Brandi likes having her body kissed from her muff up to her areolas. Engulf on those gorgeous nips if you’ve the chance. This babe loves watching porn clips in which the gal is having her cookie eaten. That babe likes having her hair pulled. This babe is into coarse sex.

Is there anything that babe doesn’t like?

If there is, we haven’t discovered it yet, and neither has this babe.

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A sex cream pie for the belly dancer

Written on November 24, 2016 at 9:30 pm, by

A spunk pie for the abdomen dancer

A creampie for the belly dancer

In her 1st shag scene, Opal Reins, a 49-year-old dance teacher who lives in Colorado, receives the sex cream pie treatment. But 1st, she gives her buck a abdomen dance (that babe is a real-life stomach dancer) whilst wearing a super-sexy below garment and knickers, then that babe receives on top of him and lap-dances him (this babe is not a real-life lap dancer), then she gives him a sloppy oral-job, then she lets him bonk her cunt. When she’s riding his meat-thermometer in the reverse-cowgirl position, this babe picks up the tempo when this babe feels his nutsac about to explode inside her nearly-50 wet crack then lets his cum leak lazily without her cunt.

Opal is a very carnal woman. This babe has sex at least five times a week and says this babe enjoys “sex that begins lazily and escalates to mind-bending, body-rocking urgency.” Kind of adore it does in this scene. That babe says she once had sex “on the hood of a car on a bluff overlooking the city as airplanes flew with out the nearby airstrip right over us.” And that babe masturbates a lot, usually with her Rabbit marital-device during the time that watching porn.

Yes, while watching porn. She’s a belly dancer who likes porn and creampies. Our kind of domina.

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Ass-to-mouth with Brooklynn Rayne

Written on November 24, 2016 at 9:30 pm, by

Ass-to-mouth with Brooklynn Rayne

Ass-to-mouth with Brooklynn Rayne

When we asked 50-year-old wife and Mamma Brooklynn Rayne to name her top three raunchy encounters, she told, “Number one was having arse slam for the 1st time and really savouring it. Number 2 was getting deep-throated for the 1st time. It turned me on so much that I squirted all over. Number 3 was having kinky sex with a well-endowed Lothario and having him bust 3 nuts one right after the other: one in my wazoo, the second in my vagina and the 3rd in my face hole and all over my face. That was nice-looking magnificant.”

In this scene, her 1st at after debuting last year at, Brooklynn has sex with a very well-endowed skirt chaser. She takes his rod up her arse and enjoys it. She also deep-throats his ramrod and gags on it. This babe spits all over it. That babe forces every inch of 10-Pounder down her throat whilst Jimmy does the nose-pinch. And does that babe back away from it? Not a bit.

“You adore it sloppy?” Brooklynn asks Jimmy before going down for more.

She even sucks his rod right out of her wazoo. Yes, Brooklynn enjoys a little ass-to-mouth act.

Then Jimmy sprays her face and Brooklynn gags on his knob one time anew.

It is amazing: Brooklynn was born for porn, but this babe did not do it until she was Fourty nine. And now this babe is doing naughty things love licking with tongue cum off of her face and staring into the camera with her cum-covered face.

“That’s the way I like it,” Brooklynn says when the action is over. “Right up my gazoo!”

Brooklynn was born in New York and lives in South Florida. She has four sons. She’s married and has big, gracious bosoms. This babe has a pierced twat and blonde hair. This babe isn’t a nudist or a swinger, although this babe can’t live with out being observed during the time that having sex. So let her know what u did during the time that watching this scene. Brooklynn is awaiting for u.

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This babe loves to fuck and it flaunts!

Written on November 23, 2016 at 9:30 pm, by

This babe can’t live with out to fuck and it brandishes!

She can't live with out to fuck and it reveals!

Morgan Monroe, a 47-year-old divorcee from Florida, makes her worldwide on-camera engulfing and rogering initial appearance, and isn’t it fine that we need to watch it?

Adore many babes who walk into our studio for the 1st time, Morgan was unsure about how much she wanted to disclose about herself to the world. Oh, sure, Morgan was worthwhile with revealing her DD-cup scones and sparsely-haired wet crack, and she was fine with sucking and banging a total stranger’s dick. More than priceless, in fact. But she held back when it came to ultra-personal details, like how we identified her.

“It’s a miracle that you detected me,” this babe told.

A miracle? Well, nearly. Morgan sent us her photos. And why did she send us her pics? Cuz her ally, boyfrend MILF Jenna Bouche, said her to. And why did Jenna tell her to? ‘cuz they’re swinging allies. Coz Jenna enjoyed her time here and thought Morgan would, too.

Judging by this video, Jenna was completely right. So welcome to the larger than standard reveal, Morgan. Your secrets are safe with our members.

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