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Monthly Archives: March 2016

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Andi Roxxx – Andi’s Large, Darksome Cock Day

Written on March 31, 2016 at 9:30 pm, by

Andi’s Greater than run of the mill, Black Penis Day

Andi's Bigger than run of the mill, Darksome Shlong Day

When this scene spreads, Andi, Fourty five, is wearing a baby blue satin costume that hugs her bigger in size than run of the mill, curvy booty. She runs her hands over her butt and plays some wazoo games for us, exotic dancing seductively.

“I’m very, very randy this day,” Andi says. “I especially would love to have a worthy, bigger than standard, soaked, darksome penis inside of me. It is all that’s been on my mind since I woke up. I can not await for my friend to come over and fulfill my fantasy.”

Which this gent does, eating Andi’s muff, then filling her face hole with his schlong, then filling her cunt with his dong, then cumming all over her face. Yeah, Andi gets a facial, and that babe obviously enjoys it. But, like we’ve told in advance of, this lady solely does things that babe enjoys.

“I feel lucky to have my appearance at my age, so I might as well relish it in advance of it’s gone,” Andi said. “And I think dudes adore old sweethearts who are real. I guess there’re too many youthful hotty’s out there who are concerned about being fashionable and nice-looking and not just being themselves. There is too much fakeness out there, especially zeppelins. I thought about getting mine done, but all I’ve heard is how great it is to stay natural, and that’s truly the attraction now. Boyz wish to see smth real. Well, admirable. That makes me feel even better.”

Andi makes us feel more worthy, that’s for sure.

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Urge Collins – First video engulf, fuck and ball cream pie

Written on March 31, 2016 at 9:30 pm, by

First video engulf, bonk and ball batter pie

First clip engulf, fuck and creampie

When this scene widens, 54-year-old Urge Collins is wearing a business dress and a sheer top. She’s in her office with some ladies man, and she wishes to watch if she can make his schlong harder. Hey, what kind of office is this? Hey, who cares? Crave can definitely make his 10-Pounder harder if that babe uses her mouth to engulf it, which that babe does, and her twat to bonk it, which that babe too does.

Crave has what it takes. And, in an advanced adult star maneuver, she likewise lets the man cum in her slit. Yeah, it’s a creampie for Want in her very first scene!

“My muff feels so good,” this babe says breathily as his thick load trickle with out her just-fucked slit. “I can feel your cum, valuable and warm.”

Crave is definitely the exuberant, out-going sort. She’s a divorcee from Arizona, and she’s a Mommy, and she is a grandmother, and this babe is a man’s woman, the kind of lady who’ll copulate your brains out then throw back a hardly any beers (and maybe even receive up the next morning to go fishing).

“I’m very nervous,” Desire told previous to this discharge. “I’ve not ever done this in advance of.”

Which, certainly, isn’t quite true. This babe is sucked. She is fucked. She’d by no means done it on-camera, though. Oh…that’s what that babe meant by “this.”

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Annellise Croft – She is the boss

Written on March 31, 2016 at 9:30 pm, by

She’s the boss

She's the boss

In this scene, 51-year-old Annellise Croft is the boss and Tarzan is her employee. He’s been dripping some numbers for her. The numbers we’re interested in are 36DDD-26-36. Yeah, we know, that is a mixture of numbers and letters, but let’s not acquire picky.

She is hawt in the office so this babe takes off her jacket. That babe is wearing a taut, cleavage-revealing top. Annellise asks Tarzan if this dude thinks her shirt is too tight. That guy thinks she should be adult modeling the shirt for sales purposes. That babe takes off her petticoat to reveal him the matching belts. Apparently, they’re in the raiment business. Annellise is interested in marketing. Tarzan is interested in banging.

Annellise catches him staring at her teats. “Is there a problem?” this babe asks. The problem is that this chab has a rock hard cock. That problem becomes an asset when Annellise sucks and bonks his knob then jacks it onto her nice-looking face.

Annellise is a breasty blond. She’s a Mommy and grandmother. She’s one of our favorites around here.

“I think about sex a lot these days,” that babe told. “Watching porn, getting my teats sucked, the list goes on. I have done my share of experimenting. I guess my almost all atypical experience was a three-some with a pair in a hot tub. I love sex in hot tubs. I am definitely an exhibitionist who completely likes to pose in front of a camera, but I had at not time done anything adore this until I came here.”

We’re very glad that babe did. So is Tarzan.

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Ashley Adams

Written on March 31, 2016 at 7:21 pm, by

Ashley Adams Ashley Adams
Ashley Adams @
This scene widens with a story. A true story. It’s said by a Darksome Schlong Slut called Ashely Adams, and it begins with Ashley about to close the sandwich shop where that babe works. It’s been a lengthy day, and she hates final minute customers…cause all this babe urges to do is go home to her partner. But this last-minute customer is different. He’s a darksome smooth operator, and this changes Ashley’s mood. As she continues her story, you’ll hear how that babe winds up in his car an sixty minutes later, getting team-fucked out by the bull this babe barely knows. As she concludes her tale, in walks The King, Mandingo, who continues to fuck about 8 orgasms out of this fascinating, barely-legal BCS (many are gushing orgasms) in advance of Dingo drops an exceedingly big goo bomb down her mouth. What’s left for Ashley? Cleaning up her mess, of course!
Ashley Adams Ashley Adams
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Destiny Anne – The newspaper Lothario gets some M.I.L.F. wazoo

Written on March 30, 2016 at 9:30 pm, by

The newspaper boy gets some Mamma I’D LIKE TO FUCK ass

The newspaper lad receives some M.I.L.F. ass

Destiny Anne, a 52-year-old Mommy I’D LIKE TO FUCK from Tampa, Florida, is sat on her couch, savouring the afternoon. Translation: She’s fondelling her fur pie underneath her hot white knickers and playing with her greater than run of the mill, fake mammaries. They’re DD-cups, and that babe is merely five-feet tall, which means she’s short and stacked, but that’s a story for again. For now, we have got a great birds-eye check out of her melons and muff, and Destiny Anne is groaning, actually getting into herself. And then…


Son of a floozy! The newspaper boy just just chucked the each single day paper through Destiny Anne’s front window, scattering glass all over the place. Destiny’s piddled, not ‘cuz of the smutty cleanup or the expense involved but cuz that babe was just about to cum.

“Who broke my window?” she stands up and says. This babe tucks her milk cans back into her underware top, widens the front door and says, “Hey, you, receive over here here. Did u do this? Who’s going to pay for this?”

Well, it turns out that the newspaper charmer is plan to pay for it, and not with his hard-earned tip money but with his unyielding penis.

“I think you’ve to take care of me since I could not take care of myself,” Destiny says previous to getting down on her knees and engulfing his weenie.

Cum-hole banging follows, of course, followed by a particular treat: Destiny Anne takes the newspaper Lothario in her taut wazoo. And not just the tip. No. Tips are for a job well done. This smooth operator broke her window, and Destiny wishes the whole thing.


Crystal Jewels – A Jewel among M.I.L.F.S.

Written on March 30, 2016 at 9:30 pm, by


A Jewel among MILFs

“Nobody who knows me would be surprised to watch me here,” told Crystal Jewels, a 48-year-old divorcee and first-timer from Arizona. “I’ve been told for years that I should do porn, especially the sex part.”

Yes, especially the sex part. The mouthing and the rogering. The getting a facial in her first on-camera sex adventure. Crystal is a very erotic female-dominator.

“I masturbate each single day and three times on Sunday,” Crystal told, smiling. “I do it constantly in the car. I even do it on airplanes. I keep a pocket rocket in each purse. I’ve sex at least twice a day, and I always try for 3 or four times a day.”

More on Crystal: This babe is 5’6″ and has a weight of 138 pounds. This babe measures 34C-29-34. This babe ran track in high-school and can’t live with out football. That babe is into boating, playing Texas Hold Them, horseback riding, cooking and exercise. This babe doesn’t have any children but this babe does have a step-daughter. And we didn’t detect her. This babe detected us.

“I love ramrod. I love cookie. I like watching porn,” this babe told. “I think about sex all the time.”

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Madison Paige – Anal on demand

Written on March 30, 2016 at 9:30 pm, by

Anal on demand

Anal on demand

When we asked 46-year-old first-timer Madison Paige what that babe wants to do that she’s at not time done, she told, “Climb a waterfall.” We’re not exactly sure how that’s done, but we’re sure Madison will detect a way. Will she acquire damp doing it? Of course. Madison is always moist.

When we asked Madison what that babe wanted to do when she visited our studio, she said, “Get ass-fucked by one of your males.”

We definitely found a way to make that happen. As it turned out, Madison did anal the one and the other days she was in our studio. The second day, that babe took a large, dark-skinned 10-Pounder up her tight booty, but that is a story for one more day.

Madison is divorced. This babe was born in Rhode Island and lives in Florida. She has big boobs and 3 piercings on her vagina. Two decorate her bawdy cleft lips. The other decorates her clitoris, so if u go down on Madison, there’ll be no doubt about where you’re supposed to stick your tongue.

Certainly, you could tongue her backdoor if you’d adore. She’d be wonderful with that.

Madison enjoys billiards, boating, riding motorcycles, pottering about in the garden in the nude, shopping and getting banged in her a-hole. Not in that instruct.

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Tahnee Taylor – The Huge titted Blonde And The Big-Cocked Buck

Written on March 29, 2016 at 9:30 pm, by

The Huge-titted Blonde And The Big-Cocked Lothario

The Monster titted Golden-haired And The Big-Cocked Stud

A monster titted blond with a big-cocked porn guy. That’s what this scene is all about as 47-year-old Tahnee Taylor tugs and sucks Johnny’s big, thick shlong (has him tit-fuck her, likewise, ‘cuz not doing so would be a waste of her natural talents). Then she takes his sloppy load in her throat.

“I usually wait for the chap to make the 1st move,” Tahnee said us. “I don’t adore to be rejected.”

Rejected? What is she talking about? Has Tahnee looked in the mirror latterly? It is hard to imagine any man-especially one who loves fetching, aged blondes with longs legs and large, natural tits-rejecting Tahnee. But we’re sure that babe knows that. It’s just that she’s coyness (or so she says). And modest. Even though her chest isn’t modest. At no time.

Tahnee 1st came to our attention in 2007 when a freelance photographer submitted a photo set of her for 40 something magazine. This babe had been with out our lives (but not our thoughts) for several years when, early this year, this babe contacted our studio and asked if we were interested in shooting her. Yep, we were!

I’ve had people say to me me, ‘Could u please tell your bosoms to stop staring at my eyeballs.’ And I go, ‘What? Would u say that one time more?’ I don’t mind. It’s humorous. It’s flattering. I like that people look.”

Tahnee is divorced. She lives in San Diego, California.

“I like being blindfolded during the time that having sex,” this babe said. “I get turned on when I am having oral whilst being blindfolded, giving or getting. There’s smth about losing one sensory perception that heightens the other.”

We’re guessing no dude ever urges to be blindfolded when Tahnee’s around.

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Annellise Croft – No business, all joy

Written on March 29, 2016 at 9:30 pm, by

No business, all joy

No business, all pleasure

Doesn’t Annellise look captivating in that white business costume she is wearing? She looks so spruce, so executive-like. It is not how we’re used to seeing her. We’re used to seeing her with her large milk cans popping without her below garment and her areolas sharp and rigid and her 51-year-old cum-hole either widen and willing for jock or filled with pecker.

Ah, don’t worry. That’ll come later. Tarzan will manhandle her large pantoons. That stud will suck on her areolas. This chab will receive his cock sucked and copulate that wet crack. This chab will come on Annellise’s beautiful face. Coz that’s how we roll around here.

But it was fine to see Annellise in regular-woman wear, wasn’t it? After all, she is a Mamma and grandmother. It’s not like she walks around screwing all day. Although this babe would if this babe could.

Annellise measures 36DDD-26-36. Outstanding. Her accent is an interesting mix of Southern United States and British. This babe works in brute shelters and owns a hardly any rescue dogs. That babe is been to a hardly any swinging couples lap dancing clubs but has not at all indeed partaken in the action. She is affable. This babe is worthy. And that babe is hawt. That’s a great combination.

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Jessica Sexton – “Wanna shag my daughter? Got to copulate me first!”

Written on March 28, 2016 at 9:30 pm, by

“Wanna bonk my daughter? Got to copulate me 1st!”

When almost any mothers say they want to make sure their daughter’s boyfriends are “good enough for her,” they usually mean they wish to make sure that charmer has a worthy job, is ambitious and treats her right. U know…be a good boyfriend, a admirable father. All that.

But when 53-year-old Jessica Sexton says, “I crave to make sure that they’re worthwhile enough for her, so I give them a tryout,” she means that that babe wishes to make sure that their schlongs are wonderful sufficient for her daughter’s bawdy cleft. She desires to make sure that her daughter’s new boyfriends know how to eat cookie and fuck. That might sound weird, and we agree that it’s. What’s even more weird about this is that Jessica makes sure that these studs know how to fuck a woman’s asshole, also. Or maybe she’s doing that just for herself and doesn’t pass it along. Who knows with mothers and daughters these days?

We do know that Jessica came to our studio with her 19-year-old daughter. The daughter, Monica, screwed for And here’s the Mother banging, so we had Mommy and daughter fucking in our studio on the same day.

“I love to try out my daughter’s boyfriends,” Jessica revealed.

But here’s what we’re wondering: How many of her daughter’s boyfriends have decided that they’d rather have Mother? We’re betting quite numerous.

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Savannah Steele – The hottest Mommy

Written on March 28, 2016 at 9:30 pm, by

The hottest Mamma

The hottest mom

Watch the outfit 44-year-old Savannah is wearing here? It is not just for the digi camera. This babe dresses adore this in real life, likewise.

“If u check out my Twitter account, u can see all the hawt outfits I like to wear,” that babe told.

Savannah definitely doesn’t suit like a frumpy Mamma. Skimpy lingerie, low-cut tops, snug dresses and mini skirts all make up her wardrobe.

“They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but in my case, that isn’t true. I adore to suit adore a bitch and it’s cuz I like to action like a bimbo likewise. I don’t think there is anything incorrect with that.”

Her kids might think otherwise. She has two teenage children. Their friends call her a HORNY HOUSEWIFE. That babe is a SEXY HOUSEWIFE.

“Forget about wrinkles or grey hair. The real thing that ages you is dressing like a school marm. I’d see some of the mamas when I drop my kids off at school, and they looked like they hadn’t gotten ding-dong in a million years. I wear my sexuality on my sleeve, and I think that is what keeps me juvenile. Maybe some people think that is supposed to mean I try likewise rigid, but I am just doing what feels worthy and comes natural to me. And I think I look glamorous admirable, so can you blame me?”

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Lexi Lowe

Written on March 28, 2016 at 12:06 am, by

Lexi Lowe Lexi Lowe
Lexi Lowe @
Dogfart is everywhere! Just ask Rico Powerful. Rico and his pals are at the adult store, where they like to inspect the latest Dogfart DVDs! "I’m sorry, there is nothing by Dogfart here!" says the glamourous blond behind the counter. Her name is Lexi Lowe, and Rico knows more excellent than Lexi. He’s so confident, in fact, this fellow makes a bet with Lexi — he’ll detect a Dogfart DVD, and if that guy does, she’s engulfing a whole bunch of knob. Certainly, she loses. In an attempt to stave the staff off, Lexi counters with her own bet. "Nothing in porn is real," she tells our crew. "I wager it is a big myth that all dark guys have large knobs. In fact, if any of you’ve bigger than run of the mill schlongs, then I’ll suck!" Certainly, she loses. Think our crew is proud just getting head? Or with her constricted, damp pussy? Nope. Our employees takes all 3 of Lexi’s holes, and they stretch all of them out so much, Lexi’s hubby is gonna know something’s, um…loose…next time they gangbang!
Lexi Lowe Lexi Lowe
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