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Monthly Archives: August 2015

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Tender-loving anal care

Written on August 28, 2015 at 9:30 pm, by

Tender-loving anal care

Tender-loving anal care

You know how it used to engulf to go down to the school nurse? 1st of all, they not at all appeared to be to know what they were doing. They’d just take your temperature and send you back to class. Second, the school nurses were all bigger in size than run of the mill, square vixens who looked adore they’d not at any time had any penis in their lives.

Obviously, things have changed. Elle Denay, a 50-year-old from Austin, Texas, is the nurse in this school, and from the looks of her, we’re guessing plenty of male students are making believe they’re sick. When this scene opens, there is a young ladies man sitting in a chair, looking adore he is been on the not right end of a fight. Elle says to someone on the phone, “I’m going to take care of him.”

Well, the more Elle takes care of him, the more turned-on she gets, and the more valuable this lady-killer feels. In advance of lengthy, this chab is grabbing her ass and mouthing on her milk sacks, and then this babe receives down on her knees and sucks his big strapon.

The climax of this scene comes when Elle is bouncing up and down on his 10-Pounder while fingering her gazoo.

“Do u wish me to put it in your ass?” the pupil asks. “Do you want me to copulate your booty?”

Observe the episode and investigate if Elle is a good nurse or a very bad nurse.

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Let her eat ramrod

Written on August 27, 2015 at 9:30 pm, by

Let her eat dong

Let her eat cock

In her second scene at, 52-year-old golden-haired Lena Lewis serves Tony a cake for his birthday. But that dude is sad. He’s all alone on his greater than typical day. His girlfriend did not expose up.

“You’re not alone,” Lena says. “I’m here.”

“The cake looks beautiful,” Tony says. “I’m not sure I am in the mood for it, though.”

But this chab resolves to try the cake, which is agreeable, and she sings “Happy Birthday” to him in German. This babe licks the cock juice off his lips. And away they go! This is plan to be a fine birthday afterall.

We asked Lena how this babe ended up in our studio, and that babe said, “I saw your advert on Backpage .com and thought, ‘I can do that.’ I’ve done tons of wild things in my life, and I’ve an open attitude about sex, so I figured, ‘Why not?’ And I do not have a husband or children to worry about, so I’m not worried about people finding out. Although I do lead a type of double life. I’ve to be very secretive about some of the things I do. Sexually.”

Doing this is now part of her double life, although, surprisingly, this babe is not a swinger.

“I’ve at not time had the opportunity. But I’m very sexually aggressive. I detest to await. Life is likewise short, and some boys are just too demure to approach a female-dom, especially when they’re younger and the lady is older. If I had one piece of advice for boyz, it would be, ‘Go for it!'”

Here, Tony goes for it. Glad birthday to him.

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Johnny Depth Is Back

Written on August 27, 2015 at 1:00 am, by

Johnny Depth Is Back Johnny Depth Is Back
Johnny Depth Is Back @
My piece of shit car broke down anew & I’ve no idea what I am intend to do! It is sexy outside and I am grumpy. Luckily my gent Johnny Depth came by to aid me out. This Lothario wanted me to help him with his site, but I have got my own site to worry about, so I talked him into shooting this scene with me …and then shoot my face hole full of his huge darksome weenie load 🙂 Yum!
Johnny Depth Is Back Johnny Depth Is Back
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Karyn Martin enjoys her 1st video bonk

Written on August 26, 2015 at 9:30 pm, by

Karyn Martin enjoys her first video copulate

Karyn Martin enjoys her first clip fuck

First-timer Karyn Martin is groping for her guy’s knob. He’s groping for her cum-hole, which is much easier to identify cuz she’s wearing crotchless panties. Honey bunnys are precious that way, aren’t they? They wear dresses and short skirts so their wet cracks are easier to must. If we guys were thinking more clearly, we’d make our dongs more obtainable. What’s not right with us? Why did not we think of this in advance of?

In any case, the Lothario finds Karyn’s slit and fingers it. Then he spends a worthwhile amount of time eating her cum-hole, which, afterwards, Karyn told surprised her.

“I did not think I’d acquire my slit eaten for so lengthy in a porn scene,” she said. “I figured I would give him a oral joy and then we’d bonk.”

That happens sometimes, likewise, Karyn, but the truth is, we love to watch a woman getting her wet crack eaten.

Certainly, the cock-sucking comes next. Then the screwing. And then Karyn gets a porno load of cum all over her beautiful face.

Karyn is a 44-year-old divorcee and Mother. She’s a nurse. This babe was born in New Jersey and lives in a suburb of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This babe loves blowjob. That is obvious from this scene. She says she’s conservative. Her horny thongs and her cock-sucking skills say otherwise.

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Tony takes the cake, Lena takes the wang

Written on August 25, 2015 at 9:30 pm, by

Tony takes the cake, Lena takes the weenie

Tony takes the cake, Lena takes the cock

“I like younger dudes, and I’m not even talking about the boys I had sex with in your studio,” told Lena, a 52-year-old who’s from Germany and lives in Manhattan. “I recently had sex with a 19-year-old. This dude was cute but silly. That Lothario wanted to be guided, so I taught him how to please a female-dom and how to be pleased. I got to educate him a lot. This chab had fantastic staying force.”

Lena enjoys reading, dancing and going on nature hikes. She used to be an nutty skier. Her favourite TV displays are Abode Hunters International and Saturday Night Live. Her beloved movies are 2001: A Space Odyssey and Without Africa. She said a stud can attract her attention by “engaging me in an intelligent and interesting conversation whilst looking into my eyes. But if he desires to glance at my chest a time or two, that’s likewise ok.”

She is not a M.I.L.F..

“I’m a one-woman brandish. I adore being observed. I have never been in a situation where someone could view me having sex until I came here. But I like to have sex, and if there’s the possibility that somebody can see me doing it, that is very exciting.”

We adore watching Lena. That babe has handsome pointer sisters and a hawt body. She has a look that says, “I know what I am doing.” And this babe does.

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Josette receives a deep, permeating anal rub-down

Written on August 21, 2015 at 9:30 pm, by

Josette gets a unfathomable, permeating anal rub-down

Josette acquires a deep, penetrating anal massage

Josette Lynn, a 54-year-old divorcee from South Florida, goes for a rubdown and acquires the whole spa treatment: wang in her mouth, snatch and still-tight anal opening.

“Now that is a day of relaxation I could indeed acquire into!” Josette said.

U can watch in this movie that the masseuse, despite how little time this chab indeed spends working on Josette Lynn’s muscles and loosening them up (as opposed to how much time that babe spends on his muscle), acquire to be giving her a charming nice rubdown. How do we know? ‘coz his ramrod has no bother sliding into the tightest orifice in her body: her rectal hole.

“The key to relishing anal dance is complete relaxation,” Josette pointed out. “If you are also tense, the guy’s not gonna even be professional to receive his shlong in, and that is no priceless. I do not need a lad fighting with my arsehole when he is trying to copulate me. I wish him to know his dick is welcome.”

Anal-loving mamas…don’t you like them?

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Special delivery: cock

Written on August 20, 2015 at 9:30 pm, by

Peculiar delivery: penis

Special delivery: cock

Georgina, 59, is in her bath fixing her hair when that babe hears a knock on the door. It is a bike messenger. He has a package for her. That ladies man asks if this woman chaser can come in so this babe can sign for it. That is unusual. Why can’t that babe just sign for it at the door?

Coz this is porn, and if that buck signs for it at the door, we do not have a scene.

He gives Georgina the package and tells her to make sure everything’s inside. This babe widens the package. Lingerie and a sextoy!

“Exactly what I crave,” Georgina says.

Well, not exactly what she wants. What this babe indeed wants is the bike messenger’s rod, which she strokes throughout his pants.

“You can sign the form a little bit later,” that gent says, and that babe takes out his dick and sucks it.

Georgina is divorced. This babe has kids. We could not inspect much about her because this babe doesn’t speak much English. We do know that that babe has long nipples that are nearly always upright. That babe can’t live without romantic dates, such as going to restaurants and going for lengthy walks. She’s been in a petite in number three-ways and enjoyed ’em. She masturbates each day. This babe has sex once or twice a week “because I donot have time to have it more often, but if I did, I’d.”

U know, the Czechia has become a breeding ground for youthful, hot woman porn stars. It’s nice to know that the mature ladies can keep up with them.

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Alura Jenson

Written on August 20, 2015 at 7:19 am, by

Alura Jenson Alura Jenson
Alura Jenson @
Alura Jenson is sexually unsatisfied. Hubby’s a workaholic, and when he’s home, he’s still at work. This leaves Alura to lounge around the pool all day, usually tanning topless. That babe likes sat in the backyard, half-naked, in plain see of the neighbors…or the workmen Partner hires to maintain the property and the pool. Hubby’s at a convention across the country, and Alura knows the pool woman chaser is scheduled today. That babe went out and got her make-up and hair done, bought a fresh bikini, and is in the midst of oiling up her stylish, enhanced DD’s when pool man comes to let her know everything’s in order. Everything, that is, except Alura’s succulent wet crack, which has been aching for action. Did we mention the pool chap is dark? Or that he’s hung like a horse? Or that Alura desires to poke her boundaries and let pool guy in her gazoo?
Alura Jenson Alura Jenson
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Megyn Gets Trumped

Written on August 20, 2015 at 3:12 am, by

Megyn Gets Trumped Megyn Acquires Trumped
Megyn Receives Trumped @
Unless you’ve been living on one more planet since last week’s first GOP debate, then you’ll know all about "The Donald" and the debate’s moderator, "Megyn". Gotta love Donald, shit talkin’ hotty’s adore it is going without style, and when Megyn calls him out on the bad behavior, Donald does his superlatively nice to look priceless on camera. What no one saw is what you’re about to see: post-debate, in the green room, a furious Megyn is awaiting to confront Donald on final time. What that babe doesn’t know is Donald’s about to prove himself right — cuties are topmost being whores on their knees — and he’s bringing out the Kryptonite in the form of 2 darksome bulls, undressed and aroused. You’ll be surprised how fast Donald wins one more debate, and how fast Megyn is stripped with stretched holes. Cum-filled holes. Put one more notch in the win column for "The Donald."
Megyn Gets Trumped Megyn Acquires Trumped
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The international language of shag

Written on August 19, 2015 at 9:30 pm, by

The international language of shag

The international language of fuck

Lilly, a 48-year-old dark-skinned brown and first-timer, is drinking wine with her chap. They don’t say much. Bonk, they’re Czech. We would not understand ’em in any case. The skirt chaser slides a hand up Lilly’s leg. This babe opens. We understand that language! We also understand when she swallows his knob down to the balls. This is known as the International Language of Meat-thermometer Mouthing. We do not speak it, but we understand it. This chab fucks her throat subrigid. This babe takes each inch. That’s called taking the jock like a adept.

That man pokes his ding-dong back into her mouth and bonks her cheek. She takes a break by touching with tongue and sucking his testicles, then this stud comes to a conclusion to fuck her throat some more. Lilly has absolutely no gag reflex. That’s ‘cuz she’s a divorcee. She’s used to sucking large cocks. The woman chaser, by the way, is 25 years old.

Lilly bends over a chair so that babe can receive drilled doggystyle. Whilst this babe does, her saggy boobies flop back and forth. This chab drills her wet crack even deeper. She sits on top of his cock. Then they acquire on the floor so they can bonk love animals do. This is very good. But it is not elegant. Lilly told us this babe likes to be elegant. Not here. She receives on all fours and acquires hammered doggie-style. It turns out that, like her mouth, Lilly’s pussy can take a pounding, also. It’s worthy watching Lilly during the time that this babe is fucking. That babe has a old body. It is a velvety, fuckable body. This babe has nothing to hide.

Finally, Lilly widens her throat for her date’s cum. He squirts all over her face. Some, but not all, of his load gets in her throat. This babe sticks her tongue out for more. When this scene ends, not a word has been spoken. But Lilly’s actions are worth a thousand words. Or at least two: Czech slut.


Because aged broads can be sex stars, likewise

Written on August 18, 2015 at 9:30 pm, by

‘cuz mature broads can be pornstars, also

Because old broads can be porno stars, too

Banging the bike messenger might not be your fantasy, but it is definitely Georgina‘s. Now 59 years aged, this divorcee and Mother has that itch for strapon that divorcees often get, and that babe satisfies it here by having sex with a total stranger.

Georgina is from the Czech Republic, one of the porn capitals of the world. This babe said us, “A lot of my allies have daughters who are pornstars. I thought, ‘Why can’t I become a pornstar, likewise?'”

No reason at all. In the Czech Republic, cuties are brought up to think that engulfing and rogering jock on-camera is a respectable profession, and it’s. In the United States, a hotty might expect tables or work at summer camp to make money for school. In the Czech Republic, that babe bonks.

In any case, back to Georgina… This babe is a M.I.L.F. but not a GILF. This babe is a swinger and a nudist. We asked her what she’d like to do that she’s not at all done, and she told, “I would love to fly in a helicopter and sail on a sailboat.” She enjoys gardening. That babe says that babe has to wear a bra coz “my teats are so big.” That babe can’t live without romantic dates such as gonna restaurants and going for long walks. She’s been in a dunky in number three-ways and enjoyed them. This babe loves cum. And she’s into babes, likewise.

Georgina said us that babe latterly banged a 19-year-old skirt chaser “and this chab orgasmed in 15 seconds.” Then we asked her where this chab came, and this babe told, “In the front seat of my car.” Okay, so there was a bit of a language barrier. In her 1st hardcore scene at 50PlusMILFs, the lad cums in her muff. Here, that woman chaser cums on her wobblers.

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The gardener ploughs DeAnna’s arse

Written on August 14, 2015 at 9:30 pm, by

The gardener plows DeAnna’s a-hole

The gardener ploughs DeAnna's ass

Here’s a scenario that long-time porn watchers have viewed many times: female gets excited watching the gardener work and invites him in for a gulp. They end up banging. But here’s what make this scene special: It is DeAnna’s first clip copulate, and this babe takes it up the wazoo!

You know, one of the great things about this web resource is we do not rely on pornstars to acquire us off. Oh, sure, there’re a scarcely any cuties on this web resource who have been around the porn block (and they’re peculiar ladies, to be sure), but majority of the vixens you watch here are the housewife or divorcee-next-door. They’re women who do not going to make a living with out screwing on digital camera. Oh, sure, they’re picking up some extra specie for shopping or maybe to take a travel. But most of them are doing it for one reason: They’re fulfilling a ages dream.

“I’m almost 60, and I thought it was time to cross this one off of my to-do list,” DeAnna said. “I’ve viewed the Grand Canyon. I’ve been to lots of famous places. I have been to swingers lap dancing clubs. But I have by no means done this until now. And I’m glad I did.”

Will this babe do it afresh? Who knows? But we do know this: 4’11” DeAnna Bentley can actually take a rod up her arse. And that makes her specific.

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