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Monthly Archives: February 2013

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Annette Schwartz

Written on February 24, 2013 at 4:25 pm, by

Annette Schwartz Annette Schwartz
Annette Schwartz @
This weeks dark-skinned cock conversion comes from the land of sauerkraut, beer, and apaprently white cuties deprived of darksome pecker. I felt it was my duty to brandish this white bitch what she’s been missing and Sledgehammer was there to aid me. Sledge is one of my favorite copulate buddies since his bulky thug ding-dong stretches my white wet crack out which is why it wasn’t unbending delivering my dark baby. Annette wanted in on my joy wo we took our black Lothario on a voyage to white muff city but Annette’s ass wasn’t to be ignored. This babe is a self lubricator and her Third imput took his fat darksome shlong with relative ease. Her ass juices tastes so worthwhile as I sucked his knob moments after it was up her shitpipe. We dined on a sexy ,sticky blast of his spunk which tasted agreeable! That babe went back to Germany and now converts the cuties there to dark meat-thermometer as well. She’s doing humanitarian work, if u ask me.

Annette Schwartz Annette Schwartz

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Elmer Wears Knickers & Eats Cum

Written on February 22, 2013 at 10:31 am, by

Elmer Wears Knickers & Eats Cum Elmer Wears Belts & Eats Cum
Elmer Wears Knickers & Eats Cum @
This week we welcome back cuckold in training Elmer! Elmer was my cuckold doxy just a small in number short weeks agone and that was his FIRST time being cuckolded! For just his second time, that fellow serves me highly well this week. This smooth operator is already developed some very worthwhile cuckold skills! By the end of this scene I guess he’ll be willing to graduate from cuckoldry! Since Elmer’s dong is no bigger in size than the run of the mill woman’s clitoris, I went out and bought Elmer appropriate clothing- lingerie! That chap is got hotty sized genitalia, so he’s gonna be wearing angel raiment, at least when that dude is around me! Hee Hee! As any priceless cuckold should do, Elmer laps up every single drop of Justin Long’s mammoth load of cum off of my back and tells me how "Yummy" it is! This is the way we roll at !

Elmer Wears Briefs & Eats Cum Elmer Wears Knickers & Eats Cum

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The Kitchen

Written on February 17, 2013 at 2:14 pm, by

The Kitchen The Kitchen
The Kitchen @
It is me, it’s me, it’sme it’sme it’s ME! Hi Everyone! Howdy to all the average-dicked mean white boys who love to send me execrate mail…hi to all the teeny-dicked white bois who send me fan mail, and a LARGE hello to all the wives out there with commonplace to miniature dicked hubbies (and boyfriends) who send me all the support e-mails! I hear ya, girlfriend! 🙂 Hey, does everybody remember that silly shower scene? The one I had my panties all bunched up over? Well, this is the fellow who screwed me in the shower! his name is Jason. I suppose I am going to marry him. Not merely does this chab have a double-digit ding-dong, this chab is smart! WOW! Lad does this woman chaser give me a mighty valuable shag session today. I loved each second! You can always tell I love it when my eyes roll into the back of my head…that’s the secret boyz. Make her eyes roll, and u got it! ; – ) XOXOXOXoxoxoxox Spring
The Kitchen The Kitchen
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Ice Cold

Written on February 12, 2013 at 11:27 pm, by

Ice Cold Ice Cold
Ice Cold @
Look who’s back! Mr MAMMOTH DARK-SKINNED WANG himself, Ice Cold. I gotta let everybody know that I love Ice Cold’s immense ramrod. I mean, there aren’t many people in the complete world who are athletic love him. Maybe adore 3 percent of the world. And I need to have one today! I am such a favourable girl. And love I always have to say, Ice Cold is a black fellow that my sister not ever had! Maybe someday Spring Thomas can be as worthy as me. Just kidding hun, I adore you!! In any case, after I take Ice Cold’s incredibly sexy dark dick I kick off to supplicate for his darksome seed. That buck let us me know that if I am a fine girl, I can have it all over my face and face hole. I acquire to have been a truly nice goddess ‘coz that skirt chaser overspread my face while that man was standing 3 feet away from me. Just some other little sign that I’m a better black penis slut than my sister!
Ice Cold Ice Cold
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Tory Lane

Written on February 12, 2013 at 2:17 pm, by

Tory Lane Tory Lane
Tory Lane @

Tory Lane Tory Lane
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Ashley Stone

Written on February 8, 2013 at 7:23 pm, by

Ashley Stone Ashley Stone
Ashley Stone @

Ashley Stone Ashley Stone
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Summer Storm

Written on February 5, 2013 at 4:17 pm, by

Summer Storm Summer Storm
Summer Storm @
My ally ,Summer Storm, has jungle fever. Different from other diseases it is one u wanna have since the merely remedy for it’s the fattest darksome jocks around. I took her to watch my own doctor and it was no time until this lady-killer shoved his meat thermometer down her mouth followed by mine. That man took advantage of his medical degree by having us take turns trying to extract the gooey medicine in his testicles.However, that would take the work of our moist vaginas to do and this babe Summer Storm’s days of banging with white boyz came to an end the moment the precious doctor went balls unfathomable into her birth canal. I was hoping that charmer would dump his cum unfathomable inside her so in the future my dark baby would have a playfriend. It looked love this babe was having a seizure ‘cuz her body didn’t stop quaking and I was next to take a ride on his baby-making machine. Summer Storm is now addicted to interracial porn, fried chicken, watermelon, and it is all my fault ‘coz I knew the cure for her jungle fever.

Summer Storm Summer Storm

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Claire Robbins

Written on February 5, 2013 at 12:27 am, by

Claire Robbins Claire Robbins
Claire Robbins @

Claire Robbins Claire Robbins
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Ice And Jerome

Written on February 1, 2013 at 4:12 pm, by

Ice And Jerome Ice And Jerome
Ice And Jerome @
Jerome is back for another round of humiliation. I can not quite decide his love for being treated adore the worthless sack of shit he’s. However, this chab is white and the white buck proceeds to confuse me. His shifty eyes were just inches from Ice Cold’s footlong staff pulverizing my muff and mouth. I was afraid Jerome would have a nervous breakdown since this chab couldn’t ever, ever copulate me in the manner the dark woman chaser does. He’s a great cuckold but obviously a lousy lover since he’s white after all. Ice Cold didn’t appear to be to mind that Jerome was there since his larger than average darksome ramrod at no time got soft and he tossed me around the room love a white rag doll. Observe at the gallon of spunk that comes without Ice Cold’s dong and how fast Jerome came to clean me up. One more dark knob session competent.Another cuckold mentally ravaged.
Ice And Jerome Ice And Jerome

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