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Monthly Archives: May 2012

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Fiona Cheeks

Written on May 28, 2012 at 11:46 am, by

Fiona Cheeks Fiona Cheeks
Fiona Cheeks @
Fiona Cheeks and I were just lounging around during the time that my lame arse white boyfriend was watching my darksome baby. That smooth operator is such a tool! Anyways, Fiona hasn’t dabbled with darksome schlong so we called up John E. Depth to watch if we could change that. Her straps got soaking wet once she heard his voice on the phone and that dude couldn’t acquire over to our place any quicker. One time he got there we took turns gagging and spitting on his insanely gigantic black ding-dong. She wanted a dark-skinned baby love mine and before you know it he blasted a thick cum deep inside her. We’re waiting for the results.
Fiona Cheeks Fiona Cheeks

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Written on May 27, 2012 at 2:27 pm, by

Mirika Mirika
Mirika @

Mirika Mirika
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Julias Ceazher

Written on May 26, 2012 at 7:42 am, by

Julias Ceazher Julias Ceazher
Julias Ceazher @
That genius, Billy, took me to play some pool hoping to receive a peek at my briefs as I bent over to play. Billy not quite ruined my night until I got a glimpse of Julias Ceazher and the bulge in his pants. The penis Julias was packing was as big as the pool cue I had in my hands moments earlier. I quickly widen open my soaking wet pussy for dark-skinned cock (is there anything more admirable?) and almost drowned in Julius’ load. Cuckold lad held my head in place so I would not miss a single drop of appealing dark man juice.
Julias Ceazher Julias Ceazher

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Cam Shower

Written on May 20, 2012 at 11:21 am, by

Cam Shower Cam Shower
Cam Shower @
THIS COMMUNIQUE HAS BEEN APPROVED BY THE ONE AND THE OTHER THE ATTORNEY FOR MS. SPRING THOMAS AS WELL AS THE ATTORNEYS FOR THE MANAGEMENT TEAM OF SPRINGTHOMAS.COM: One as well as the other parties regretfully announce that effective just now, Ms. Thomas has compliant from her contract with A renegotiation is doubtful. Attorneys for Ms. Thomas state that, on 4 December 2005, her privacy was compromised as two cameras – a petite surveillance digital camera, as well as a higher grade camcorder – recorded her engaging in sexual activites with an unnamed Africa-American male less than an 60 minutes in advance of a scheduled scene for In addition, her attorneys contend that the model release this babe signed – before entering the shower – solely covers the time that babe steps on set until the completion of the scene; the shower wasn’t an official set. Attorneys for Management state that any erotic rencounter recorded on the same date as a signed adult model release is valid for publication on – whether or not Ms. Thomas was aware the raunchy act in question was, in fact, being recorded. One as well as the other parties are uncertain as to her return, but the one and the other sides are hoping for an amiable resolution. The management for guarantees never-before-seen scenes throughout 15 January, 2006; they will also make an announcement on by that date of her return – or her permanent departure. Until then, thank you for your patience.
Cam Shower Cam Shower
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Jenna Presley

Written on May 19, 2012 at 11:54 pm, by

Jenna Presley Jenna Presley
Jenna Presley @
We pulled out the larger than standard guns for this weeks update. In one corner we’ve Jenna Presley. In the other corner is Lexington Steele and his debut here on the DogFart Network. Jenna and Lex are having some lighthearted banter which inevitably turns into smth much more interesting. Lexington Steele feels up Jenna’s monumental bra-busters right in advance of this babe kneels down previous to him and worships that legendary larger than standard black weenie. Jenna Presley’s mammoth milk jugs rubs against Lex’s legs during the time that her throat inflates courtesy of that monster of a dark-skinned jock. Jenna’s throat receives a much needed break when she lowers herself onto Mr. Steele’s oversized dark ramrod. Jenna’s massive zeppelins nearly cause her whiplash as this babe rides onto Lex’s dark dick until her white cum-hole starts the progression to a state of useless for any white lads. Lexington Steele’s first appearance for us would not be entire unless he slammed his darksome pipe into Jenna’s uterus until this babe squirts all over his shlong and an "Out of order" sign is almost needed to hang above it. Jenna Presley got all the interracial sex this babe could handle and her face and titties got slimed by Lex’s dark yogurt slinger.
Jenna Presley Jenna Presley
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Written on May 19, 2012 at 5:46 pm, by

Introducing SHORTY MAC! Holy Shit! This is definitely the king-size darksome ding-dong I’ve ever sucked, drilled or even seen! It may be the immense jock in the world. It is so big, my makeup goddess Gia Poloma couldn’t resist stepping in the scene just to suck on this huge black jock. No white lady in the world could resist this god-like penis. This is the 1st jock that really scared me. The complete time I was mouthing Shorty Mac’s darksome 10-Pounder I was thinking about how in the hell I was plan to be experienced to fit that into my fur pie. If this was not an interracial cream pie web page, I’d have just sucked him off and swallowed his goo. But as you know, I NEED each jism flow unfathomable inside my fur pie. I definitely earned my interracial creampie on this one! OUCH! It HURT SO FUCKEN’ WONDERFUL. The merely position I could take Shorty Mac in (at least for now!) was doggy style, so that’s the way this spunk pie ends! With me bent over for my dark guy, talking as ribald as I can until Shorty can no longer hold back, busting a huge, thick, gooey nut right into my white cookie. Not ONCE, but TWICE! That’s right, Shorty Mac gives me 2 INTERRACIAL CREAMPIES in a row! One fellow, two semen pies. This black skirt chaser is astounding! I hope this will not be the final time I need to engulf and copulate this man’s king-size darksome monster jock! Until next week, BYE FELLOWS!!! XOXOXOXOXOXXO

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Remy LaCroix

Written on May 16, 2012 at 5:22 pm, by

Remy LaCroix Remy LaCroix
Remy LaCroix @

Remy LaCroix Remy LaCroix

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Keani And Shlong

Written on May 16, 2012 at 4:44 pm, by

Keani And Dick Keani And Dick
Keani And Rod @
This is a avid one! I bring my friend Keani over for some dark-skinned penis. She’s done it in advance of, and with Mandingo even. The giant I think I’ve had up to date is Jack Napier, then prolly Ice Cold or Shane… I’ve no idea, there are so many. FURTHERMORE, just before this scene, Keani acquires a lil freaked out coz we learn that the building beneath us is a church. I suppose you could say that we are doing some worship of our own though. Some Dark Meat-thermometer Worship! We both take turns fucking and engulfing the dark-skinned rod of Weenie James. In the end we all turn out to be a mess of dark seed, spit and lube. All in all, we had plenty of fun. XOXO – Katie Thomas
Keani And Dick Keani And Dick
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Tristan Kingsley

Written on May 6, 2012 at 8:02 am, by

Tristan Kingsley Tristan Kingsley
Tristan Kingsley @
Tristan and I are in a bad part of city. There is some graffiti on the wall so that is supposed to mean bigger in size than average black knob is nearby. We quickly made our way to the studio of Hooks in hopes that this chab is paint us with his big black paintbrush. Tristan was initially hesitant but that babe quickly became fascinated once she saw was Hooks was packing. Tristan and I one as well as the other took turns slobbering all over his dong and then he bent us over and went back and forth from her aperture to mine. Hooks is a true artist seeing as how this chab painted her face with his chunky wad. My pathetic white husband thinks I was spending the day in art class. Well, I indeed kind of was.

Tristan Kingsley Tristan Kingsley

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Monica Rise

Written on May 4, 2012 at 8:44 pm, by

Monica Rise Monica Rise
Monica Rise @

Monica Rise Monica Rise
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Captain Nemo

Written on May 4, 2012 at 7:53 am, by

Captain Nemo Captain Nemo
Captain Nemo @
Frenchie the waste of space is back. Last time this fellow gave a worthwhile enough showing that he’s back at his front row seat watching me do what I do paramount to big black ramrod. It was odd having Frenchie pull on his 2 inch wang but it is even weirder that white boys keep thinking I’m interested in ’em in the least. This chab was a foot away from me as I took in about a foot of darksome weenie unfathomable inside. Frenchie’s throat vacuumed up the darksome sex cream that was left behind so I might keep this cuckold around.
Captain Nemo Captain Nemo

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Britney Youthful & Lola Hart

Written on May 1, 2012 at 12:51 pm, by

Britney Juvenile & Lola Hart Britney Youthful & Lola Hart
Britney Youthful & Lola Hart @
It’s truly a sad day when a white lad lies to a darksome pair in the hoes of getting some action. Britney Youthful and her worthless hubby are swingers looking for some play on the dark side of the city. Unfortunately, the limber loser over exaggerated about the size of his schlong and the black beauty from the other couple is not also cheerful about that. They now have two options: They can call it a night and leave without sowing their wild oats; or they can have the white boy sit out and get humilated for lying. The now "cuckold" acquires verbally cut down to size as Shane Diesel now acquires Lola Haert and Britney Juvenile all to himself. The white cuckold watches as one as well as the other dark-skinned 10-Pounder bimbos take turns stuffing as much of Shane down their face holes as their gag reflexes will allow. The cuckold? Well, he is just a walking, talking ATM machine and Shane and the ladies raid his wallet. Shane takes it slow as that gent slides his darksome chimney inside Britney. Remember, Britney’s only had flaccid white rods rub against her clit; the transition to a knob ( a functioning one, at that) is recent territory for this stacked golden-haired. Lola feels her dark boyfriend’s meat stretching her vagina lips whilst Britney lectures her boyfriend-that’s now wearing a chastity device- about lying and his faults as a fellow. Britney jumps on Shane’s bigger than average dark meat-thermometer as this babe munches on Lola’s creamy darksome cunt. Shane Diesel lays the pipe down on one as well as the other sluts as the cuckold can solely look at, and , assumingly, curse the day this chab was born. The solely thing left for Shane to do is drain his baby sauce on Britney’s stupendous jugs. The cuckold’s duty? Just observe for yourself.

Britney Youthful & Lola Hart Britney Juvenile & Lola Hart

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