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Monthly Archives: April 2012

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Knock Me Up

Written on April 28, 2012 at 9:25 pm, by

Knock Me Up Knock Me Up
Knock Me Up @
What’s a Georgia Peach to do on a hawt summer night when the moon is full and this babe is barefoot and free? Well, make out for one! Make out with a negro is 2! And when it is all hawt and heavy, who’s to avoid all the action and say "please put on a cock rubber!" or something adore that? I mean when the temperature in the room is hotter than outdoors, and everything’s all sexy and sticky, well…you just let things happen. Right? That is what me and Bam did, besides! I hadn’t watched my Boo for a while, so we just jumped in to ardent giving a kiss, lotsa sex, and an ending you won’t forget for a very long-time! Savour!! I know I did! Hee hee…XOXOXOXOXOX – Spring
Knock Me Up Knock Me Up
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Tiffany Doll

Written on April 27, 2012 at 6:13 am, by

Tiffany Doll Tiffany Doll
Tiffany Doll @

Tiffany Doll Tiffany Doll
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Ices 12 Inch Darksome Shlong

Written on April 23, 2012 at 1:02 pm, by

Ices 12 Inch Darksome Cock Ices 12 Inch Black Cock
Ices 12 Inch Dark Shlong @
OMG you men! Looks who came back. It’s ICE COLD. Ice prolly has the mammoth wang I have ever taken. I mean, most lads I screw are large, atleast 9 inches. But I suppose Ice is over 12". There is merely one other person I know of that’s as bigger than average, and his name is Mandingo. I haven’t gotten to do a scene with him yet, but Ice Cold is better I suppose. It’s so atypical watching myself on digital camera sometimes, especially with Ice. Why? Well, I acquire into it much more than I do with almost all of the other lads. I’m REALLY into Ice’s 12" ramrod. U can tell when I’m sucking it, u can tell when I slip it deep into my muff and you can absolutely tell when I’m catching his dark seed all over my face. Relish Boyz! XOXO – Katie
Ices 12 Inch Dark Cock Ices 12 Inch Dark Cock
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Jaylynn Sinz

Written on April 17, 2012 at 8:36 am, by

Jaylynn Sinz Jaylynn Sinz
Jaylynn Sinz @
Jaylynn and I are just a couple of harlots looking for a valuable time. We came across Shorty Mac whilst on a stroll and we just now noticed the bulge in his jeans. Curiosity got the more priceless of us and things would surely receive interesting. We had no idea the monster pecker this chab was packing. This might just be the fattest pecker I have ever taken and Jaylynn was along for the ride. That thing was as larger than typical as my forearm and we were both reluctant to take it inside us. However, the thought of fucking that big darksome rod got us all priceless and succulent so sliding Shorty in was not as unbending as we thought. Jaylynn went up and down his shaft taking in all inches. Not to be outdone I had him copulate me so fast that I could feel his balls slapping my arse. This is with out a doubt one of the mammoth black rods I’ve ever sucked and banged and that is saying a lot. Jaylynn and I swapped some cum to make this experience much more specific.

Jaylynn Sinz Jaylynn Sinz

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Pressley Carter

Written on April 15, 2012 at 9:24 pm, by

Pressley Carter Pressley Carter
Pressley Carter @
That babe tweeted about wanting to do an interracial gangbang. She emailed us about getting as many bigger in size than run of the mill darksome weenies obtainable. This babe begged. That babe pleaded. Pressley Carter nearly knocked down our door and screamed about getting an overdose of dark dong injections. We obliged and Pressley Carter was off to the races….the darksome races. Pressley Carter started off the party by being in the midst of a black weenie sandwich. Pressley worked each darksome strapon like a circus seal and jerked any black meat not lucky sufficient to be in her mouth at the time. Pressley Carter was in black strapon doxy heaven, but the priceless times were just beginning to roll. The local dark thugs took turns blowing her white wet crack up with their biggest darksome Compton knobs. Pressley would have screamed her lungs out had her esophagus not been stuffed by one of severaly surrounding dark cocks. The lewd white whore feels over seven feet of black jock drilling into her cervix until her eyes spin adore a basketball. Pressley Carter would have continued banging every large darksome schlong, but we were afraid we’d watch a uterus fall out on digital camera. The merely logical thing to do was give her ussty a rest (except for the load Wesley Pipes discharged inside her), and have her face become a target for a pair of drive-by blastings.
Pressley Carter Pressley Carter
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Pumper And Cucky Mike

Written on April 13, 2012 at 5:23 pm, by

Pumper And Cucky Mike Pumper And Cucky Mike
Pumper And Cucky Mike @
You might be asking yourself,"How does Candy Monroe keep her affairs in order since she’s fucking greater than run of the mill black 10-Pounder 24/7?" Well, when you are the cuckold queen you get pansies like Mike to clean your floor at will and anything else that needs attention. Mike is just another pathetic limp white stud who I allow the fun of watching me suck and bonk a big black cock. This day I receive Brian Pumper inside me taut white cunt and this chab unleashes a plump load all over my milk sacks. It’s feeding time for my cucky lad and let him lick the goo off my pantoons for the vast price of $1.00 His dignity isn’t even worth that much….stupid shag
Pumper And Cucky Mike Pumper And Cucky Mike

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Lia Lor

Written on April 12, 2012 at 2:35 am, by

Lia Lor Lia Lor
Lia Lor @

Lia Lor Lia Lor
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Creampie Tag-Team

Written on April 9, 2012 at 2:44 pm, by

Creampie Tag-Team Creampie Tag-Team
Cream pie Tag-Team @
Last night I let one of my girlfriends, who happens to be a big time wrestling fan, take me along to see one of those wrasslin’ matches she keeps yakkin’ on about. Although I can see the appeal of a pair of mega males beating the crap with out every other, I was more impressed by the tag-out technique used by the duet in the tag-team match. I decided to try this out in my quest for mulatto motherhood, so I am getting the dark-skinned tag-team known as "THE INSEMINATORS" to perform their various tricks inside my ring, which is surrounded, not by ropes, but succulent pink flaps! The 1st round is all cocksucking, as I poke those dark-skinned fucksticks down my mouth, one at a time, and make sure they are stiff and ready to shoot! Then every one takes his turn climbing into my pink ring, and pounds on my bawdy cleft to soften it up for the delivery of their ball cream bombs. They proceed to take turns throwing their hardest punches, and tagging out until they give a decision it’s time to watch if one of their studs can pin one of my eggs for a 3 count, and kick off some serious reproduction. So vagina your ringside seats, and place your bets on which of these black man cream jockeys can deliver the knock-out discharged! I’m hoping we won’t need a rematch! Till next time, ring that bell, and XOXOXOXOXOXXO
Creampie Tag-Team Creampie Tag-Team

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Leya Falcon

Written on April 8, 2012 at 11:55 am, by

Leya Falcon Leya Falcon
Leya Falcon @

Leya Falcon Leya Falcon

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The Frenchman

Written on April 7, 2012 at 6:48 am, by

The Frenchman The Frenchman
The Frenchman @
Bon Jour my allies! It is Monday, and it’s time to reveal off what a nasty beauty I’ve been recently. Everybody say applaud to my Frenchman, Jean Claude. It is funny, cause until I met him, I had no idea any colored fellahs existed in France. I know there’s a lot in Africa, and there is not quite as many here…but France? Puh-lease. Anyway, Jean Claude truly tears into me this week. I mean one minute we’re in a ardent kiss, and the next he’s got me bent over a chair, and his foot is smooshing my head! And this woman chaser *loved* to make me gag on his 9 1/2 inch darksome oui oui :~)….I’m so silly. Oui Oui! Oh, after this chab dumped about a gallon of darksome seed all over my face, he bent me over and started at it once more! This time off digital camera, of course. Leave it to a strong darksome man to unload his nut, keep unbending, and then do it again! Savour! I know I did! XOXO – Spring
The Frenchman The Frenchman
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T Reel

Written on April 5, 2012 at 1:37 am, by

T Reel T Reel
T Reel @
Meet T Reel. He’s a batty brother. I met him at some exotic dancing club, truly late at night. I was with my sister, and T Reel wanted to shag my sister, but I stole him away from her. That’s okay, cause u will hear him say I am more amazing looking in any case. I hope that’s true. There are plenty of things I’m better at than my sister. I suck black cock dick more worthwhile, I fuck darksome knobs more astounding, I take dark cum to my face better… I can go on and on. So I felt adore I had something to prove to T Reel. I think I did a nice job with it also. I am a little black cock floozy aren’t I? I hope you savour this set! XOXO – Katie Thomas 🙂
T Reel T Reel
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