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Monthly Archives: January 2012

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Byron Lengthy Pile Driv

Written on January 31, 2012 at 7:12 am, by

Byron Long Pile Driv Byron Lengthy Pile Driv
Byron Lengthy Pile Driv @
You all know Byron Lengthy by now. If you’re adore me, u don’t even must see a picture of his face to tell it is him. Just observe his gigantic, consummate, darksome monster pecker and can say, "Hey that is Byron!". Well, I can do that. I love Byron so much, that I ask him to come over and screw me anew (it happens a lot). And of course that Lothario comes over. He can’t live without me also. This woman chaser says this man can’t live out of my white vagina. That ladies man is humorous like that. FURTHERMORE, this chab starts out by touching with tongue my downy succulent fur pie for a little during the time that. Then he makes me try and fit all of his 11" ding-dong down my mouth. That is sorta rock hard, I can’t do it all the way. But then this chab puts me in my beloved position. I’ve to flip my legs over my head so I’m resting my the back of my shoulder. And that stud drives his 11" dark pecker inside of me. It is called the PILE DRIVER! What a pleasure name! Byron loves this one likewise, cause this chab blasts me with dark cum after a bit of pile driving me. Byron turns me into a sticky mess! ewwww Hope u love it! XOXO- Katie
Byron Long Pile Driv Byron Long Pile Driv
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Alexa Lynn

Written on January 22, 2012 at 8:10 pm, by

Alexa Lynn Alexa Lynn
Alexa Lynn @
I was worried about having Alexa Lynn come over for dark weenie engulfing and banging. I thought her little body wouldn’t be accustomed to take all that dark-skinned meat but she proved me incorrect. Screw, that titanic dark meat stick need to have been about 1/5 the size of her body and that babe took it all adore a champ. You’d think she was born to milk a dark-skinned pecker for all it is worth and it’s true. Her tight little body is the flawless home for dark-skinned ball cream should she someday urge a darksome baby love I have. Her pink puffy lips widen easily for that black schlong and we one as well as the other took that king-size shaft all the way to its base. Alexa Lynn has recently been on a darksome 10-Pounder marathon and is now bow legged as that babe walks. Take my word for it, it is well worth it.

Alexa Lynn Alexa Lynn

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Tone And David

Written on January 20, 2012 at 12:00 pm, by

Tone And David Tone And David
Tone And David @
My pink boots were made for walking all over white lads as they bend down previous to me. This masked cuckold is just one more victim of the Candy Monroe path of rage. I am sick and fatigued of miniature dicked white males hitting on me when they know they aren’t packing much. My cuckold is wearing a mask coz the mere sight of him makes me wanna vomit. I took a good dose of Tone Capone’s plump dick to make myself feel more nice. Tone is a gangster in every sense of the word and he took out plenty of frustration out on my white cum-hole. The masked cuckold hasn’t been seen since but his cleanup skills of darksome sex cream are legendary.

Tone And David Tone And David

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Devon Lee & Pressley Carter

Written on January 20, 2012 at 5:34 am, by

Devon Lee & Pressley Carter Devon Lee & Pressley Carter
Devon Lee & Pressley Carter @

Devon Lee & Pressley Carter Devon Lee & Pressley Carter
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Joslyn James

Written on January 19, 2012 at 4:07 pm, by

Joslyn James Joslyn James
Joslyn James @

Joslyn James Joslyn James
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One more Double Schlong Jism pie

Written on January 17, 2012 at 1:46 am, by

Another Double Weenie Creampie Another Double Pecker Creampie
Another Double Dong Spunk pie @
This week’s double interracial creampie is handled by Charlie Mac and a recent spunk donor named Ray Dark-skinned. I acquire right down to business this week and commence engulfing their massive dark cocks and balls right away. I leave on my cute little yellow sundress ‘cuz yellow is Charlie Mac’s favorite color. It doesn’t take lengthy for the both of these Nubian baby makin chaps to peel off my red polka-dotted knickers and commence pumping my wet crack. After bouncing off my uterus for a half an sixty minutes, Ray Black lastly unloads his man cream load whilst the tip of his jock is crammed rock hard against the back of my vaginal walls. I felt every single sperm crawl with out his pee gap and swim towards my ovarian paradise. ONE DOWN ONE TO GO! Next up to drown my eggs is Charlie.. This chab doesn’t disappoint! I lay on my back in missionary position and widen my legs as wide as they can go. Charlie lays besides me and jacks off his 10 inch darksome pole while staring at my shaved baby-makin’ gap. At the final second, Charlie puts the tip of his penis right against my pink flaps and covers my complete aperture for the world to see. Then right before any of that priceless ball batter had a chance to escape, this dude uses the tip of his shlong to vigour his entire load down where it belongs. In my womb!! Pheew! Gotta run, bye! XOXOXOXOXOXO
Another Double Rod Creampie Another Double Knob Creampie

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Tessa Lane

Written on January 15, 2012 at 9:02 pm, by

Tessa Lane Tessa Lane
Tessa Lane @
Tessa Lane is part of the growing movement of American’s nutty at Corporate giants. Tessa is on the run from the law from her involvement at an "occupy L.A". Rico Beefy comes by and fins out that she was actually there to get some stranger shlong. Rico, not one to be shocked, can’t believe what this woman chaser is heard and tries calling Tessa out on her bluff. The truth sets Tessa Lane free and we identify the one and the other of them inside where rico’s darksome schlong is about to occupy Tessa Lane’s throat. Tessa gets down on her knees and worships Rico’s darksome mamba in advance of it glides in and without her mouth. The shaven twat of Tessa Lane receives wetter and moister each time Rico’s big, darksome 10-Pounder punches the back of her face hole. Tessa’s merely political concern is if Rico’s humungous dark penis can fit inside her small box. Tessa slowly works him inside her so she doesn’t break adore the American economy. Rico fucks his recent white wench in a diversity of ways, but enjoys himself as that guy is pumping her doggystyle. Tessa Lane’s screams are not quite as loud as the combined effort of the occupiers just a scarcely any blocks away. However, unlike these protesters, Tessa is doing something to benefit herself (Just view her grinding on Rico’s monsterosity.) Tessa drops to her knees and gets a few spurts of darksome cream courtesy of Rico’s swollen darksome sack. Tessa solely protests afterward ‘cuz this babe is sill hungry for more darksome pecker.
Tessa Lane Tessa Lane
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Meet Holly

Written on January 15, 2012 at 1:22 am, by

Meet Holly Meet Holly
Meet Holly @
A larger than average hellOOHHhhh from Wisconsin! I am here with one of my majority fantastic pals in the entire wide world, Holly! She’s even got her own site –! And while I’ll admit this babe is remarkable, I’d adore to think things got *really* extreme when we called up and got 2 colored fellahs to come up to our room and shag us inexperienced. Holly’s at no time had the smack of negro on her tounge, so I had to reveal her the way. We had a shit load of dark ramrod, and after some serious pounding, 3 loads of dark seed were delievered: 2 on my back and one all over Holly’s taut pink ChaCha. (That is right, I called it a ChaCha! ; – ) This babe got to eat two of the three, and I slurped down the 3rd. Yum! All in all, I’d sure say this was one of the funest updates I’ve ever done, and I am sure u dudes are gonna like to, too. And are u worried I might met *your* girl and brandish her the Vigour of Dark? 🙂 Hee hee…until next week Fellows! XOXO – Spring
Meet Holly Meet Holly
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Shane Diesel

Written on January 12, 2012 at 7:11 pm, by

Shane Diesel Shane Diesel
Shane Diesel @
OMG you males. Look who it is! SHANE DIESEL! Now my sister Spring likes Shane. U can tell when u see her scenes. And what’s not to adore? This woman chaser is tall, darksome and has one of the huge rods in the world. I think some study was done, and Shane was in then top 5 in the world. Not solely is his ramrod long, it’s thick. Which makes it even more amazing than almost any of the big dicks. When he acquires inside of me, this smooth operator fills every nook and cranny with dark-skinned wang goodness. That buck just knows how to bonk me the way I love. And I guess when u view this scene, that you can watch how much I truly enjoy each minute of this. Shane Diesel is my savior! All praise Shane!!
Shane Diesel Shane Diesel
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Sasha Swift

Written on January 12, 2012 at 2:07 am, by

Sasha Swift Sasha Swift
Sasha Swift @

Sasha Swift Sasha Swift
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Kaylee Hilton

Written on January 12, 2012 at 1:04 am, by

Kaylee Hilton Kaylee Hilton
Kaylee Hilton @

Kaylee Hilton Kaylee Hilton

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Doctor Spring

Written on January 11, 2012 at 11:25 pm, by

Doctor Spring Doctor Spring
Doctor Spring @
Howdy Boyz and Angels! Lad, do I feel priceless about myself today…why, you ask? Well, I watch lots of TV, and I love the displays where a doctor helps couples overcome their problems. Ladies man, I like these reveals! So today I am Dr. Spring! And certainly I see a pair that are having sex problems. Their sex life is boring. Do I even must tell you lads my reccomendations? HA-HA-HA…well, if you really need to know specifics, I bring in a dark dong that’s nearly nine inches lengthy, and it is about that wide, also. Talk about girth! I turn whiteboy into lubeboy (yep…even though our vaginas were soaking moist, a meat-thermometer that thick can’t go in without a little lube) and I reveal my newest girlfriend the Force of Dark Dick. Need I say more? Oh! I know…they’re cured! 🙂 hee hee…I think it’s time for my own TV expose 🙂 Until next week! XOXO – Spring
Doctor Spring Doctor Spring
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