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Monthly Archives: November 2011

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Tatianna Kush

Written on November 30, 2011 at 6:42 am, by

Tatianna Kush Tatianna Kush
Tatianna Kush @
I am still having dreams of being surrounded by dark 10-Pounder no matter where I turn. It got this way from the time I lent my oral-service services to the local chapter of angry darksome boys. Word was dripping through the streets of every single week meetings where white gals live out their dark ramrod fantasies. I knew I could engulf a golfball throughout a garden tights especially if that tights is black. In order to improve race relations I gave up my afternoon with my husband so I could acquire a heavy dose of multiple black cumshots. In high-school I was known as the "Darksome Cum Dumpster" and I’m about to flaunt those militant darksome chaps how I got that name. I’ve at not time been with so many darksome cocks but I am not known to back off from a defiance. I went up and down the line getting these darksome cocks worthwhile and hard so I got take them all down my gullet. My gag reflexes went into overtime as my mouth expanded wider than ever. It was solely a matter of time before I was given my reward of being in the line of a dark-skinned spunk bombing.
Tatianna Kush Tatianna Kush
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Gloryhole Gone Wild

Written on November 29, 2011 at 7:35 pm, by

Gloryhole Gone Wild Gloryhole Gone Wild
Gloryhole Gone Wild @
Why is it that you pervs adore to see dirty gross stuff love what goes on this week? I mean, truly…I know I’m kinda confused and not quite even ashamed of myself after what I did. I mean indeed…I was not raised this way. Oh. Greetings Bois and Girrrrls! Welcome to My World! And what a world it’s. My cameraman drags me out to some kooky booty neighborhood so I can suck weenies I do not even know…then, he asks me to let the batty niggahs come on over and do the indecent with me. I mean I got pounded right on that indecent floor! And with cream all over my face. The other boy sprayed all over my BA-gina and made me so ribald and impure I went directly home and laid in the bathtub. In fact, as you read this, I’m still there. I haven’t left. It’s an all-time record even for me. And I still think the filth’s still there. Oh well…that’s what a ribald cutie receives, right? Hee hee. I’m so homo. XOXOXOXOXO Luv ya! Spring
Gloryhole Gone Wild Gloryhole Gone Wild
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Callie Dee

Written on November 29, 2011 at 1:08 pm, by

Callie Dee Callie Dee
Callie Dee @
My dad has no idea I sneak out night and come back home smelling like darksome sperm. During that whole time I’m getting my miniature throat and bawdy cleft railed by darksome knobs that are no less than 12 inches long. I would bang white lads but they rarely acquire above THREE inches much less rigid sufficient to ride. Dad finally broke up my good times when this chab caught me and J.D in the midst of an interracial screw fest. We exchanged some words and I almost got taken with out his will but this ladies man did not desire to lose a daughter. I had him look at me and showed him exactly how I savour. Daddy nearly shit a brick as J.D’s bigger than typical darksome penis appeared to be longer than my legs and it soon found a home in my throat.I wanted to make him cum with my face hole but waited so this chab could experience some white bawdy cleft as my father watched in castigation. Normally I’d never screw anyone in front of my daddy but that smooth operator had to be taught a lesson in tolerance which was going down as my palpitating pussy took a dark-skinned jock beating. My moans of enjoyment drowned out daddy’s bitching and it was a warm welcome as my face took a blast of dark man juice while dad need to have been thinking about suicide.
Callie Dee Callie Dee
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Spunk Me With IR Cum!

Written on November 28, 2011 at 3:18 pm, by

Cream Me With IR Cum! Cream Me With IR Cum!
Spunk Me With IR Cum! @
Hello to all you cuckold’s, interracial creampie lovers and general perverts out there! This week’s update one time more contains, of course, my continued endeavour to get pregnant with a dark-skinned man’s baby! My dad taught me the "N" word and to loathe dark guys and stay away from ’em all. Now it is time to teach dad smth back! Doesn’t everybody know by now that whatever u teach your children NOT to do, they are GUARANTEED to go out and do it. I’m living proof! hee hee. And this scene is living proof! Hell, ALL of my scenes are living evidence! If your watching Daddy, "Howdy"! Julias and D-Wize too say "hello"! 2 more HUMONGOUS, THICK, INTERRACIAL CREAMPIES!
Cream Me With IR Cum! Cream Me With IR Cum!

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Melanie Monroe

Written on November 27, 2011 at 3:35 pm, by

Melanie Monroe Melanie Monroe
Melanie Monroe @
I got up additional early this morning to get ready. I did my makeup in lustful way. I got my hair all nice and willing and made sure my outfit would receive any black meat-thermometer precious and ready for me. The not correct part of town became the right one for me once my eyes focused on the group of darksome lads who I was gonna feast on. My heart was racing as my smile got wider and wider at the mere thought of making sure my fresh black friends were glad with my job. Interracial sex is something I adore to take part in since I can have multiple orgasms. I at no time knew that about myself until I started in a relationship with merely darksome dudes and I’ve been white ramrod free since then. I wasn’t planning on banging any of those dark weenies since I did not think I could take 9 feet of dark knob up my fuckhole. After sucking these black rods to the brink of exploding I was bent over a trash can (like a good dark rod bimbo) and was on the assembly line of a black dick arsenal. My clit was palpitating and my wet crack turned beet red as all these dark thugs pounded me until I almost blacked out. It was now time for me to be drowned in as much darksome cum as I could handle. I still play with myself when I think back on the day not quite a dozen darksome boyz had their way with me.
Melanie Monroe Melanie Monroe
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Cindi Loo

Written on November 27, 2011 at 2:35 pm, by

Cindi Loo Cindi Loo
Cindi Loo @
Dad has been working mad hours so he spent his free time taking me to the beach. That chap kept blabbering on and on about who knows what but I was much more focused on some darksome lady-killer making his way towards us. I knew at 1st sight that I was intend to do whatsoever it took to milk his pecker any by any means necessary. Daddy was bonkers that I ignored him and strolled away with my fresh dark hubby and we finally made it back home. Daddy was yelling the whole way and appeared to be charming pissed off that I was making out with someone this chab would not approve of. Yes, dad doesn’t indeed care for the darksome stud but hopefully he’ll lose that mindset once that ladies man sees how happy they make me. He sitting in horror as Derek used my little mouth as a garage for the large black snake this guy was packing in his pants. Much adore a car’s piston this charmer face rogered me until I almost tossed my pussies. I wanted to watch what it would feel love having that large black wang pulverize the place I go pee. It was simply mind blowing and I lost count of how many times I came all over that thick dark pole. Daddy always wanted grand kids so Derek discharged at least 6 enormous pumps of dark man-juice unfathomable inside me. Yep, this chab wanted to be a grandfather but to white kids. The dark hole will take what he gets.
Cindi Loo Cindi Loo
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Lola Foxx

Written on November 27, 2011 at 1:46 pm, by

Lola Foxx Lola Foxx
Lola Foxx @
Lola Foxx is in a deep slumber and that babe is dreaming of beefy, dark hands feeling her up. Lola awakens to identify a large, dark-skinned schlong staring right at her face and the shock is nearly too great to overcome. There she was, in couch, and dreaming of interracial sex and this babe is now got her fashionable lips wrapped around a darksome fire hydrant. Lola Foxx gets her first black jock, plus it’s on digital camera for all to watch her inward freak. Lola Foxx receives wetter and wetter with every slurp of that giant black 10-Pounder and her pulsating clit isn’t neglected for likewise lengthy. The voyeuristic dark Lothario disrobes Lola totally as her face hole suffocates on the colossal dark slab of meat clogging up her windpipe. Lola finally rides that dark-skinned bull until her uterus not quite falls out from the nonstop pounding. These magnificent bouncy bosoms of hers get cuddled as that babe lowers herself onto that king-size darksome sword. The 1st five minutes of this scene have her being coy, and she’s a complete dark knob doxy by minute fifteen. The difference? It is all in that massive black salami that invaded her slight bawdy cleft to the point where she’s now ruined for everything other than dark-skinned dick. Lola Foxx usually has a warm glass of milk before ottoman. However, this babe is going back to sleep with a warm coat of dark gunk that is running down her esophagus. Lola Foxx can now be considered a black meat-thermometer slut as well as no stranger to adult video.
Lola Foxx Lola Foxx
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12 Inch Monster Rod

Written on November 27, 2011 at 12:55 pm, by

12 Inch Monster Cock 12 Inch Monster Cock
12 Inch Monster Jock @
So…. I’m interviewing new bruthas for my web resource. I film all my interviews just in case something precious happens. And in this case it did! This gang banger Ice Cold comes in. He looks cute, and he’s dark-skinned so that is 2 points for him. But in the interview that ladies man says white wet crack is ok. Well, obviously he hasn’t had this white vagina. So to be on the website, u have to pack 8 inches. So I asked him what he is packing. That petticoat chaser told me to take a look, I did, and was pleasantly surprised. Ice Cold has got at least 12" below his shorts. And I just begin mouthing it right then and there. One thing leads to another and in advance of I know it, a whole new scene is formed.
12 Inch Monster Cock 12 Inch Monster Cock
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I Swallow It All

Written on November 26, 2011 at 4:57 pm, by

I Swallow It All I Swallow It All
I Drink It All @
Wow! Me and all the boys here are working so unyielding to acquire u some great updates, and I guess you’ll adore this week’s update as much as I did! Oh! What am I thinking? HELLO BOYZ AND ANGELS! Welcome to My World! Hey, guess what? I got a recent laptop! That is right! A stupid small-dicked white boi fan got me one, so now I can read all my e-mails anywhere I go! That includes gonna work! Hee hee! ANYways, today I do some shout-outs, and read some e-mails (one as well as the other fan mail and loathe mail) and then Broc Adams, a fresh negro in city, slams his 9 inch dark-skinned dick in my mouth, and in my pussy, and that charmer does that a lot before this chab pops a stupendous load into my eye and into my throat. And I swallow. I’m not very admirable at swallowing, but somehow I acquire a feeling I’ll be doing more and more of it in the future. Bad for me, nice for all you pervy pervs out there who adore to observe me gag. ; – )…. XOXOXOXOXOX Spring
I Drink It All I Drink It All
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Jenna Moretti

Written on November 25, 2011 at 3:24 pm, by

Jenna Moretti Jenna Moretti
Jenna Moretti @
I’ve grown up but dad hasn’t. This lady-killer is gotten himself into some legal shit and now I must fix it. I am barely 18 and already having to take care of my father and his legal problems. Thankfully I was experienced to receive Rico Powerful and use his services so that daddy doesn’t spend the holidays behind bars. The solely "catch" was that Rico’s big dark meat-thermometer would need to hit my bawdy cleft harder than daddy has been hitting the weights in the big house. Getting on my knees for that corpulent darksome knob was natural since my erotic history is void of white jock. Dad’s ordeal would not be over until my narrow birth canal was obliterated by a knob that nearly cut me in 2. I wasted no time in milking that large black shlong so I could have my dessert as my aged charmer wore the same expression on his face that this chab had on when the judge identified him guilty. The merely thing I am guilty of is being a dark 10-Pounder worshipper.
Jenna Moretti Jenna Moretti
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My 1st Interacial Jism pie

Written on November 25, 2011 at 12:55 pm, by

My 1st Interacial Creampie My First Interacial Creampie
My 1st Interacial Goo pie @
Welcome to MY WORLD. I am Barb Cummings. U boyz out there know me from CNN and every other news channel in the world for <b> allegedly mouthing off a Tennessee cop’s ding-dong</b> after this chab pulled me over. What CNN doesn’t mention is that I normally only have sex with darksome dudes because <b>I’m trying to get pregnant with a darksome baby ON FILM</b>. This scene is MY VERY FIRST TRY! As u already know, <b>EVERY spunk flow I’ve ever taken from a dark dude is an interior creampie</b>. I NOT AT ALL waste the seed of a black gent. In my inaugural scene here on you’ll see my slit get filled by none other than the king-size schlongs of Mr. 10-Pounder James and Justin. Those two black guys shoot more cum in my vagina in this one scene than every white chap I’ve been with in my life put together! Unfortunately, I need to have not timed it right and <b>wasn’t ovulating</b> the day those 2 fertile dark guys emptied their ballsack’s inside of me as you’ll watch by <b>my negative gestation test</b> I take 15 days later. BOO HOO for me! Fortunately FOR YOU <b>I have included footage of the gestation test</b> at the end of the episode for your viewing pleasure. Oh well, this gives me an excuse for more larger than run of the mill black fellows to come over and cum in my muff! Yeaaah! XOXOXOXO
My First Interacial Creampie My 1st Interacial Creampie

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Amai Liu

Written on November 25, 2011 at 12:19 am, by

Amai Liu Amai Liu
Amai Liu @
Us dark-skinned bucks have been wronged anew. We can tell you story after story of how the white lady-killer has kept us down and the racist shit that chap continues to do. It’s never plan to avoid but we can make things go in our favor. Amai Liu came to the union of the Interracial Blowbang offering her wazoo up to sacrifice. We thought this babe could not take all of our ribald dark-skinned rods since they receive to weigh more than that babe does. She was determined to ease our suffering during the time that draining our bulky nuts. One after one that babe went down the line of blackness whilst stuffing bigger in size than average dark dongs down her slight face hole. Nothing says " reparations" adore some interracial oral enjoyment act and Amai was up for the taking. Once my brothers and I got done with her mouth it was now off to stretch that twat with more dark than she could handle. Her loud moans and screams nearly brought the 5-0 to our pad but the bitch was loving each minute of it. We took out years of bigotry out on this generous twat and it was not too long in advance of this babe was being overspread with dark-skinned seed.
Amai Liu Amai Liu
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