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Monthly Archives: October 2011

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Double Pumped With Black Jock

Written on October 31, 2011 at 11:40 pm, by

Double Pumped With Darksome Cock Double Pumped With Black Cock
Double Pumped With Dark Knob @
A member was given the applaud of being in my presence. This member with a slight member was emailing me day in and day out in hopes of witnessing me screw black shlong live. He tells me that his ramrod is about 3 inches lengthy (large shock), and this dude worships the ground I walk on. Since I was in a giving mood I allowed him to clean me up afterwards but not in advance of I got to play with darksome bucks, Brian Pumper and Jason Brown. I took 2 feet of darksome pecker which ia Twenty two inches more than honky Lothario has. I took a wave of man juice from my black studs and my miniscule member hoovered the dark-skinned ball cream right off my ample tits.
Double Pumped With Black Cock Double Pumped With Dark Cock
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Cum Inside My Pink Cookie

Written on October 31, 2011 at 7:19 pm, by

Cum Inside My Pink Pussy Cum Inside My Pink Pussy
Cum Inside My Pink Cunt @
Greetings one time again fellows! I’m wanton for this weeks interracial cock juice pie breeding session with Lucky Starr and Dick James. We are talkin’ Twenty two inches of LARGE DARKSOME JOCK and 4 huge darksome ballsacks full of black baby makin’ goo. But in advance of we jump into all that, I was DYING to tell my fans about my night out on the town final night. My cameraman took me out to a darksome bar so I could suck and shag some random darksome chaps OFF DIGI CAMERA. This weeks update gives you the FULL DETAILS of this adventure! Ok, back to describing this weeks act! Favourable Starr starts anything off by showing me how precious of a white love tunnel eater he’s. And I will bear witness to the fact that he does actually eat love tunnel with some serious skill! I came right in his black throat! That got the one and the other of my dark-skinned bucks hard as rocks. Seeing 2 mountainous unyielding darksome weenies is my cue to bend over and offer up my breeding aperture for the dark stud. 1st ebony guy to hit it’s Cock James. That man pounds me doggy position during the time that I engulf on Lucky’s 11 inch dark-skinned penis. When Meat-thermometer James is willing to cum, we move into spoons position (My PREFERED SPUNK PIE POSITION! YEAAH!). DJ not fast pumps his dark schlong in and out until his whole balls drain without the tip of his penis and unfathomable into my Fallopian tubes. I immediately jump on my back for interracial ball batter pie #2 of the day. Luck Starr knows what to do and stuffs his nice-looking dark pecker to the back of my slit, burying the head against my uterus. This charmer gives me a few pumps and then sprays the inside of my cunt with warm, gooey, jism that I feel from the inside out! Tasty!! One time afresh my muff oozes out so much cum that it makes it is way all the way down my haunches, down to my feet! This is the almost any valuable interracial creampie sex web resource in the world! Right studs??? XOXOXOXOXOXOOXX Watch you next week!
Cum Inside My Pink Pussy Cum Inside My Pink Pussy

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Chastity Lynn

Written on October 31, 2011 at 11:24 am, by

Chastity Lynn Chastity Lynn
Chastity Lynn @
It nearly looked adore resident Cuckold, Chip, was about to hit the jackpot and lastly acquire his small wang soaked. Chip was shooting the breeze with Shane Diesel when Chastity Lynn inquired about a room to rent. U can not quite see the thought bubbles over their heads as they brought her back to their pad with bad intentions in mind. Chip manages to feel Chastity up but her attention is totally on Shane and his big dark knob.The make-out session takes an interesting turn when Chastity’s face is greeted with Shane’s dick and Chip’s minuscule rod.Which one do u think this babe sucked? The less-than-average white lad was allowed to play with his own meat as Shane’s ramrod slithered its way up her slit and into her abdomen. The interracial sex going on before Chip was sufficient to get his small tool semi-stiff as this chab beat his meat to the subsequent white angel drilling. The thrusting of Shane’s large dark cock brings Chastity’s love tunnel to the brink of almost collapsing as the cuckold’s jaw almost drops. Chastity’s screams were enough to rattle the eardrums of anyone in a one mile radius;it didn’t matter as lengthy as her white cum-hole was getting devastated. The ten little toes on her dunky feet were the target of Shane’s black venom and Chip was assigned clean-up duty. Lenience was shown when Chastity demanded that Chip jerk himself off so that that babe could acquire a priceless laugh out of his misery. Needless to say, Chip was on the street and Chastity was now a permanent resident in Shane’s apartment.
Chastity Lynn Chastity Lynn
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Carrie Ann

Written on October 31, 2011 at 5:03 am, by

Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
Carrie Ann @
A quiet afternoon was put to an end when the apple of my eye came in with some bad news. Apparently my little gal got into some hot water with some hoodlum and did the unthinkable: That man literally bet my arse in order to cover his gambling debts. The final thing I wanted to do was find my boy’s body at the local morgue and in addition I’ve always fantasized about large,black shlong. I decided to kill 2 birds with one stone and had junior view as mom broke her black ramrod cherry. I leaned over and digested every inch of strong dark-skinned shlong that came with out this baggy pants and my boy looked on in disgust. The creamy liquid running from my pussy made it easier for me to accept 11 inches of rigid, dark-skinned 10-Pounder. The tip of his dark cock was hitting parts of my body that my boyfriend could not at any time reach but that’s par for the course when you’re white. The nonstop assault on my cunt only ended when Wesley Pipes made my backdoor gape from his dark-skinned salami. He went balls deep on my constricted white a-hole and I made sure my solely son watched this lesson in tough like. His torture and my pleasure ended when Wesley shoot loads of white rope all over my face. Mr. Ann is intend to realize something’s up when this buck comes back home and sees me sat in a tub of ice.
Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
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Natasha Nice

Written on October 31, 2011 at 4:13 am, by

Natasha Nice Natasha Nice
Natasha Precious @
Natasha Valuable and her father were one of my stupendous success stories. They the one and the other came into my office willing to kill one some other. Mr. Worthy has a problem with his daughter socializing with darksome fellows and of course doesn’t approve of her having intimate relations with ’em. We could have spent years and wasted thousands of dollars on sessions but the solely immediate solution was to have Natasha have intercourse as her father viewed. Yep, my techniques are strange but the smile on Natasha’s face as this babe was having interracial sex told that I did right. Mr. Nice’s painful facial expressions merely meant the inevitably him and his daughter would soon reconcile but not until her white bawdy cleft was blitzkrieged by darksome ramrod. The icing on the cake was when almost a foot of darksome sperm rained all over her face as her dad’s soul left his body. They didn’t immediately mend their broken fences but Natasha not long ago wrote me a letter thanking me for my help. For some atypical reason the paper smelled love watermelon and grape soda.
Natasha Nice Natasha Nice
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Jason And Ruby

Written on October 30, 2011 at 6:46 pm, by

Jason And Ruby Jason And Ruby
Jason And Ruby @
Ruby Flame is one Darksome Knob Floozy. This babe admits it here on film. You can sort of tell likewise. This babe has a little bit of that dark weenie loving attitude. No matter how large of a BCS Ruby is, this babe can’t hold a candle to Katie. They’re so much into darksome knob, that our director offers ’em some extra specie to blow him for his personal collection, and they refuse. The director tells ’em his 6" jock is ready to go, and they laugh and ask if this skirt chaser is korean, chineese, japanesse… well all the "eeses". So once they refuse, in comes Jason Brown. His 10" darksome weenie is sure to please this little harlots. And after some rough engulfing and rock hard fucking it does the trick! Have joy this one!
Jason And Ruby Jason And Ruby
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Taylor Wayne

Written on October 30, 2011 at 6:46 pm, by

Taylor Wayne Taylor Wayne
Taylor Wayne @
Latterly the 9-5 gig is draining every ounce of energy I’ve got. I go home nightly and rub my warm bawdy cleft until it gets all creamy during the time that pictures of greater than average black ramrod dance around my head. One afternoon I lastly snapped and laid on some enormous flirting to Shane Diesel at his desk. I caught him catching quick peeks at my belts and my milk cans which not quite busted from my top. Business in a short time turned to enjoyment as this English slut got on her knees for dark-skinned weenie which rivaled the girth of Big Ben. Slamming it my face hole was getting me wetter and wetter by the moment as his meat stick made its way past my tonsils and into my abdomen. I endevoured not to make so much noise so we wouldn’t get caught but try taking on a dark penis that size out of screaming….you can not! I have not ever known joy adore this since it’s been also lengthy since my fur pie was treated to a dark wang lunch. Every time this chab slid it in me brought me closer to the next large O and I was the luckiest English cutie in the world when his flood of dark semen coated my face. Next time I’ll pay attention to the office’s carnal harrassment policy movie.
Taylor Wayne Taylor Wayne
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Lick My Cummy Belly

Written on October 30, 2011 at 6:39 pm, by

Lick My Cummy Belly Lick My Cummy Belly
Take up with the tongue My Cummy Stomach @
This evening I phoned in my dinner dictate. I had a nice foot long dark sausage delivered to me courtesy of Jason Brown. I had my loser white buck take a shower and wash his limp wang. Jason’s pants unzipped and my throat was mouthing the meat he was packing. I almost broke my jaw wrapping my lips around it but that would have been pleasurable pain. Previous to u could say " limp white meat-thermometer" I was taking Jason’s meat deep inside my slit. It reached organs that no white boy could ever have to but that’s telling u what u already know. Tonight’s interracial sex romp would have been more magnificant had not the creepy cracker been jacking off inches away. This chap did serve a useful purpose as that buck cleaned my belly of Jason’s D.N.A and he was happy to do it.
Lick My Cummy Belly Lick My Cummy Belly
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Tiffany Star

Written on October 30, 2011 at 9:16 am, by

Tiffany Star Tiffany Star
Tiffany Star @
It’s not solely Hollywood stars that acquire recognized in public. Messy, indecent black ramrod doxies acquire called out as well by "strokers" and Johnny is one of them. He is pulled his pud to Tiffany getting banged by dark-skinned pecker on and that man is more than willing to be a cuckold for his queen. There is no shame in this aged man’s game as his willingness to be obedient is as evident as his gray hair. Johnny’s ring side seat to this white twat massacre is as close to her love tunnel as he’s going to get.He’s living vicariously throughout Shane’s darksome penis as it’s excavating down Tiffany Star’s esophagus. Johnny’s privilege to view all this comes at a higher cost of him wearing a chastity thong over his puny jock. Despite his embarrassment this stud watches Shane take his greater than standard darksome meat-thermometer and jam each inch unfathomable inside Tiffany’s sore love tunnel. The constant friction only serves to make Tiffany’s screaming reach the point of ear-shattering levels. In fact, the complete ordeal leaves her clenching the bed sheets as Shane’s dark jock ruins her for studs of a Caucasian persuasion. Tiffany’s titanic cheerleader becomes President of her fan disrobe club the exact pont of time that charmer sucks out Shane’s creamy goodness for the depths of Tiffany’s womb.
Tiffany Star Tiffany Star
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Sindee Jennings

Written on October 30, 2011 at 7:04 am, by

Sindee Jennings Sindee Jennings
Sindee Jennings @
My ride was in the shop which meant the white sluts would be coming to me. Sindee Jennings got the impression that I was an agent for mainstream nude modeling which was a downright fib. I was solely casting for my intimate collection of interracial porn. Initially Sindee was reluctant which I identified a matter of joke ‘coz she is fucked on digital camera in advance of. She is one of these white girls who wish to go on to other things. Sindee went on and on about wanting to glamour model bikinis or something like that. I was not also sure ‘cuz my mind was also busy thinking of how I could acquire her banging on digital camera at least again. I spilled some game to her and it wasn’t too lengthy before she was showing me that bomb arse body. I told her this movie scene interview would be for my own collection but, as you can watch, that wouldn’t be the case. Anyways, Sindee Jennings showed me her goods and wasted no time in gobbling my bigger in size than average darksome cock until my balls smacked her chin. I could tell right away that she hadn’t lost her wanton ways when this babe sucked and jerked my big darksome pecker while her handsome eyes locked in on me. Sindee’s mouth felt great which meant her twat have to be off the chain! My newest addition to my collection bent over and slid my whole dark-skinned baloney unfathomable inside that luscious love tunnel. Sindee rode down my dark shaft as if it were a fire pole and her screaming nearly caused me to lose my hearing. The slut managed to squirt seconds after my knob was in her and I just had to keep pounding that honey bunny pot. That babe got face down and a-hole up when I screwed her doggy style. The image of her captivating gazoo stretching as her pussy was getting banged will be burned in my head forever. We ended our interracial fuck time when my country gravy made the travel from my balls, through my 12 inches and unfathomable inside Sindee’s birth canal. I more awesome change my cell number……….just in case.
Sindee Jennings Sindee Jennings
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Double Trouble

Written on October 29, 2011 at 11:21 pm, by

Double Trouble Double Trouble
Double Bother @
Well fellows, you are in store for one more insane update this week. I can’t assist but bring Shane back for some more enjoyment. I mean honestly, how can anyone ever grow overtired of a thick 11 inch shlong. I mean I can barely receive my throat around his colossal head! And OMG, how that bigger than average darksome 10-Pounder fills me up. If bringing Shane back wasn’t enough, say HOWDY afresh to Priceless! I think I’m intend to call her "The Queen of Man juice" — LOL. Did you remember the 1st scene I did with her? When her puss creamed got sooooo damp she creamed my hands? Well, this week that babe creams Shane’s penis in a huge way! And what’s a nice darksome strapon bitch to do but take up with the tongue it clean? 🙂 Shane ends up dropping a precious load in my face hole, and Admirable and I end up doing a little cum swap for my nice members! Like I told, C-R-A-Z-Y! So savour! And until next week, have a blast!!
Double Trouble Double Trouble
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Lilly LaBeau

Written on October 29, 2011 at 6:30 pm, by

Lilly LaBeau Lilly LaBeau
Lilly LaBeau @
I remember when I was in school and we’d study about African’s being enslaved to white folks. Deep down I was sad and vowed to do my part to make it right. Fast forward a scarcely any years and I am intend to suggest my knob sucking talent for a gang of darksome bucks. My parents think I went to my friend’s house for a slumber party but I’m really in "The Hood". I was experienced to sneak out my sexiest outfit in command to guarantee that no dark-skinned dick would be squishy. I went down the row of hawt dark bulls before they disrobed me; after that it was time to get it on! I slurped on all the large dark ramrods shoved into my face. I was gagging, spitting,jerking and choking as if they were the last dark jocks I would ever get to play with. When I was not sucking one I would be jerking him off while my juggs and a-hole were being played with. My mascara was beginning to run as well as my lipstick (which was now painted on every and each darksome wang in the room). I begged and pleaded with them to not hold back when they took turns shooting their gunk on my face. It felt like I was in a shower that was merely spitting out black man juice and soon they all had empty dark balls. I can solely hope to come back and alleviate even more of their ache.
Lilly LaBeau Lilly LaBeau
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