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Ana Foxxx & Alexa Grace

Written on March 14, 2018 at 1:58 pm, by

Ana Foxxx & Alexa Grace Ana Foxxx & Alexa Grace
Ana Foxxx & Alexa Grace @
Ana Foxxx and her Partner run a hustle…and Alexa Grace needs a job. It’s a facile hustle, too: advertise u need a "housekeeper", put the ads online, and wait for the ladies to answer. It all seems legit, but when the potential housekeeper — in this case, Alexa Grace — goes into the bedroom to try on the "required uniform", Ana and Husband know they’ve "caught" one more white beauty! When Alexa reappears, in the skimpy French Maid’s outfit, Ana is merely wearing a under garment and knickers and her attractive naked stockings; Hubby’s only in his undies, and the "tent" this man is "pitching" is as large as anything Alexa’s ever seen! Alexa can’t make almost certainly of this babe can even fit it in her mouth! Alexa likewise cant make no doubt of she’s eating Ana’s cookie whilst Husband lazily slides his engorged rod deep into her little snatch!
Ana Foxxx & Alexa Grace Ana Foxxx & Alexa Grace
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Cali Carter

Written on March 10, 2018 at 1:39 pm, by

Cali Carter Cali Carter
Cali Carter @
Cali Carter. A slavemaster of "dirty talk"…and a Darksome Jock Wench. Today’s scene opens with Cali talking directly to u, seducing you into her world before her Bull appears. And what a Bull! This buck is pure muscle with a mountainous piece of uncut meat that’s plan to test Cali’s pleasant twat. How far can The Bull stretch Cali’s sopping soaked cunt wide-open before she’s compulsory to "tap out"? Or, can Cali take it all? Cali’s golden-haired dish and her magnificent, slender body just trickle sexuality. I do not know about you, but I lost it when Cali dropped to her knees and buried her face deep into the Bull’s a-hole, gazoo banging him adore by no means previous to! The result? A smoking-hot interracial sex session that ends with The Bull’s load shot directly into Cali’s envisaging face hole. Cali swallows whatever ended up in her face hole…and the rest? Cali, a cum fetishist, enjoys the sex cream running down her flawless body to crank out some other thrilling orgasm!
Cali Carter Cali Carter
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Alex Blake

Written on March 1, 2018 at 12:19 am, by

Alex Blake Alex Blake
Alex Blake @
For the final hardly any months, Alex Blake, head of her community high-school cheer squad, as been trying inflexible to pick-up Tutor Yashua after practice to a gang bang him…right in his classroom! Today’s attempt was a success! Tutor knows this 19-year-old dark schlong wench has been coming on to him, and today Coach gives in! "What’s that, Coach?" Alex asks. "It’s the digital camera I use to film the players during practice," this chab replied. It doesn’t take lengthy for Alex to drop to her knees and make a suggestion: "Let’s make a sex tape! Just promise me, Tutor, you will not display anyone!" Certainly Tutor makes that promise, and once he feels Alex’s luscious, warm throat drooling spit all over his thick knob, there is no turning back! Coach uses his deck to copulate the shit out of this little snow bunny, stretching her willing, pink cunt until Alex moans in delight. That babe takes his cum load all over her glamorous face, likewise! "This cant happen again, Alex", Tutor says, pulling up his pants. Smth tells Alex this is just the starting.

Alex Blake Alex Blake

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Me And Sophia Gently

Written on February 26, 2018 at 12:10 am, by

Me And Sophia Gently Me And Sophia Gently
Me And Sophia Gently @
Look at me and my pal Sophia, in my daddy’s office. We’re just dangling out, relishing our little slumber party, when all of a sudden this new kid named Dissolute came by. Did I mention that Sophia’s my almost all precious ally, and I was the one who introduced her to the Vigour of Dark Strapon? It seems love it was just yesterday that we were in that hottub, and that babe was helping me unwind my butt, and then we were mouthing Slender and Bam! You can still watch it on my web page! In any case, today Vicious comes by, shags me and Sophia stupid, and blows a bigger in size than run of the mill wad on Sophia’s tummy. What’s a priceless dark schlong bitch to do but clean her up with my tounge? Hee hee! So that’s exactly what I do…and then me and Sophia seal our friendship with a kiss…a sticky, gooey one! Ewww! LOL. XOXO – Spring
Me And Sophia Gently Me And Sophia Gently
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Aubrey Dark-skinned

Written on February 24, 2018 at 2:04 pm, by

Aubrey Black Aubrey Black
Aubrey Black @
Aubrey Darksome is a super-hot realtor…and a self-proclaimed "super fan" of porn. As this babe is finishing a trip of a glamourous home that is being rented, Aubrey makes that confession to the two younger Bulls who’ve been touring the home. They’re surprised…but not also much. It isn’t the first time the Bulls have been recognized. It begins like this: "I know u from somewhere." Aubrey’s a bit worried, likewise. After the Bulls confess, Aubrey wonders out loud, "Are u dudes intend to rent this place and turn in into a copulate abode? Coz the owners won’t adore that!" The irony here is, of course, Mrs. Darksome is gonna do what those owners do not like: screw the 2 Bulls right on their daybed! She is likewise gonna do something she’s AT NOT TIME done in advance of…but fantasized about many times: rogering two men at one time! Aubrey has always wondered if the Bulls that babe watches in filthy videos can really screw rock hard, and sure enough — they can! One as well as the other youthful Bulls rail the maturer female-dominator adore Mr. Dark cannot. She moans. This babe wails. She gushes cum with out her swollen cunt! Speaking of her swollen muff, one as well as the other Bulls dump immense amounts of semen deep in it…even though that babe warns them: "I’m ovulating!" Not solely do not they care, they’re gonna to rent their recent copulate abode as well! And Mrs. Aubrey Darksome will be seeing them often!
Aubrey Black Aubrey Black
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Summer Search

Written on February 14, 2018 at 2:16 pm, by

Summer Chase Summer Chase
Summer Pursue @
Summer Follow is an booty eater, but more about that in a second. That babe is a cheater, too. But more about that in a second. Summer’s a liar, too. But hold on! Summer Follow is a gym rat who can’t live out of to work out for one reason: there’s a ton of bucks at the gym, and almost all of ’em are darksome. Summer lies her arse off to Steve, her husband…and her latest lie? "Sandy" is her recent rub-down therapist. That is what Steve thinks. In reality, Sandy is indeed an incredibly well-hung Bull her met at the Health Club. So whilst Steve is out with his buddies at the local sports bar watching football, "Sandy" is over giving Summer a "massage". In addition to the uncut, 10-inch slab of meat the Bull carries around between his legs, Summer likes licking with tongue his gazoo. She’ll eat ass all day long, but the Bull wants some of that constricted, white vagina likewise. It doesn’t avoid there. Summer does the foremost she can to fit that piece of meat in her slight backdoor. When the Bull pulls out, Summer will clean her gazoo of his BBC. Then, after this chab is had his way with Steve’s cutie, the Bull will drop his cock juice right in her face hole and look at her drink it all down. The solely thing left? Book a massage for next Sunday!
Summer Chase Summer Chase
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Skylar Snow

Written on February 10, 2018 at 1:55 pm, by

Skylar Snow Skylar Snow
Skylar Snow @
It is that time of the year, afresh — the A.V.N.’s! The awards reveal, is held annually, and it is a truly large deal. There’s even a convention prior to the expose in which fans can meet their much loved adult actors! That is where super-cute P.A.W.G. Skylar Snow is headed. Skylar’s very wanton coz this is her very first reveal…and she’s catching a ride to the convention with the Dogfart Staff! What Skylar doesn’t know is there is a hazing process for any A.V.N. "newbie: group sex! Five of our well-hung Bulls reveal up, and don’t you know it…Skylar’s going to let all of ’em have their way with her!! Ms. Snow gasps, "You guys! This is the very first time I have done an all-interracial gang group-sex!" Skylar’s enjoyable little cookie hasn’t accomplished anything love it, and if her succulent cookie isn’t getting plowed, the Bulls are taking turns skull rogering the nice-looking, fresh starlet. Expect until you watch Skylar’s squirting agonorgasmos!! And u know they’re plan to dump their loads wherever they watch fit: directly into her face hole, all over her face…and unfathomable inside her fertile womb! Hey! If you were one of the favourable fans to meet Skylar Snow on the 1st day of the A.V.N. convention, just know there was Bull seed trickling in and filler her briefs the entire day!
Skylar Snow Skylar Snow
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Moka Mora

Written on February 6, 2018 at 1:48 pm, by

Moka Mora Moka Mora
Moka Mora @
Moka Mora tutors for the local high school…specifically the built program. You know what a handful it is keeping the dongs eligible and on the field! Since majority of the athletes are enrolled in B.A. programs, they need to learn a second language, and that’s where Moka is good. Moka hails from Spain, so yea…she’s the Spanish tutor. Do I have to tell u the studs do not care about learning a second language? All they care about is getting Moka’s hot red dross off so they can run a educate on her. And run that train they do! All five cocks take turns hitting that enjoyable cum-hole, and when they’re not hitting the twat, they’re banging her moist, bonkers mouth! Lastly, they do what all darksome lads like doing most: filling up Moka’s pleasant cum-hole with their sexy, sticky loads. 3 of ’em creampie her right in a row! Her wet crack and legs are so impure, the final 2 rods blow is all over her face and in her face hole. Moka swallows what she can, but honestly…there’s so much! And just when this babe thought they were done, one of the weenies blows another bigger than average load! What’s Moka to do but schedule some other tutoring session next week!
Moka Mora Moka Mora
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Riley Star

Written on January 25, 2018 at 2:09 pm, by

Riley Star Riley Star
Riley Star @
Swipe right! We’re sure you have heard that phrase before. Fetching, blonde Riley Star sure has, especially when her hubby is without city. Riley’s swiping right on social media whenever the profile that babe is looking at is that of a Black Bull, and today that babe is got one heading over! Thank goodness her "man" is across the country on a business trip. Riley has the house to herself! The thought of cheating with a bigger in size than average, dark Bull always makes her want to masturbate…which she’s doing when her Bull arrives. But it’s not one Bull…but 2! "I was sure u were cat fishing me," The Bull says, "so I brought a ally just in case there was any bother!" With 2 bigger in size than standard, strapping Bulls at her front door, and a husband far, far away, Riley drops to her knees and starts stuffing her face hole with their over-sized cocks. Soon, they’re hitting Riley’s downy, soaked twat across the abode! They can not make almost certainly of a goddess so hawt is on social media looking for dark cock! U will not make no doubt of the size of the loads they leave all over her glamorous face, either!
Riley Star Riley Star
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Carolina Sweets

Written on January 17, 2018 at 2:23 pm, by

Carolina Sweets Carolina Sweets
Carolina Sweets @
Carolina Sweets has a pair problems. First is her "man", Timmy. He’s indeed not a lady-killer if his ramrod is small and he’s a "two-pump chump", right? Carolina’s second problem is her obsession with her father’s unsurpassable friend. Carolina can’t prevent thinking about him! He’s a Dark-skinned Bull who’s dominated her fantasies, and he’s on his way over to play golf with her daddy! What Carolina isn’t telling him is Dad’s on a last-minute business trip! This means Carolina’s got a discharged at him! The skinny little snow bunny does her preeminent to entice him, and sure sufficient…once the promises are made, Carolina finds herself on her knees and her avid throat stuffed with dark meat! And check out the way Carolina’s eyes roll into the back of her heads when she’s so "stretched"! It doesn’t matter "Little Timmy" blows her phone up during the time that that babe is fucking her Bull! She’ll even do as the Bull instructs and break up with Timmy right in the midst of their shag session! "Now drink my load!" The Bull orders. "But I do not drink!" Uh huh. Sure u don’t, Amorous! Looks love Carolina’s got a new partner…one who’s older, wiser, dominating…and well hung!
Carolina Sweets Carolina Sweets
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Monica Sage

Written on January 5, 2018 at 1:43 pm, by

Monica Sage Monica Sage
Monica Sage @
Our scene opens with The Bulls taking on a recent job! They’re adding "picker" to their "porn star" job. U know pickers? They scour garage and estate sales, flea markets and trash cans, looking for treasures they can resell on the internet! They’ve found a "honey hole", a house with so many uncommon things, it’ll make their month! What they stumble upon is smth so uncommon and so handsome, The Bulls cant make no doubt of their eyes! A robot cushioned life-like and real it’s nearly surreal!! And once they squeeze a tit, the stunner comes alive! "I’m Monica! I’m Nineteen years aged and I am from Kazakhstan!" Turns out Monica doesn’t do the dishes, your laundry…or cook your food. She’s a "Pleasure Model", which means merely one thing: Monica’s mouth, wet crack and arse are wide open! The Bulls run their train, using (and abusing) all of Monica’s holes until they dump all over her! The merely bad thing about today? The owner isn’t ready to part with his "Pleasure Bot!"
Monica Sage Monica Sage
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Casey Ballerini

Written on December 28, 2017 at 2:05 pm, by

Casey Ballerini Casey Ballerini
Casey Ballerini @
She’s blond. She’s big busted. She’s barely legal. She’s Casey Ballerini, and she’s got a problem. Casey went to the mall and got a bathing dress for the beach, but when this babe got home and tried it on, Casey realized it may be "too much". Or too little, depending on your opinion! Just look! Every time that babe moves her arms, her flexible, all-natural 36C’s pop with out her top! And her miniature white fur pie? It’s is barely overspread! What’s a hotty to do but ask for some advice! "Oh Mandingo! Would you come over and assist me!" Casey’s not at all been with a darksome man before, but she is heard of the legend we all know as "Dingo". Since all she’s ever done are white males, Casey’s not at all had everything close to Dingo’s 12-inch monster, and sure sufficient! That babe can’t even ram the whole thing in her mouth! "How’s it ever gonna fit down there?" Casey wonders out loud! Well, it doesn’t all "fit down there", but Casey’s 18-year-old muff does the job! Did I mention that we could not have discharged this scene solely months ago? Or that Casey now knows the power of dark jock? And that age-old cliche — one time u go black, u at no time go back? "I’m probably done with white boys," Casey said, as Dingo’s mighty load trickled from her cute face.
Casey Ballerini Casey Ballerini
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