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Monthly Archives: June 2019

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Evelyn Claire

Written on June 14, 2019 at 11:08 pm, by

Evelyn Claire Evelyn Claire
Evelyn Claire @
Evelyn Claire has the looks of a super adult model and the sex drive of super whore! She can’t live without her males "tall, black and handsome", so today, she’s making her Dogfart Network Initial appearance with none other than super smooth operator Jax Slayher! What begins as a passionate, love-making session turns to an all-out screw session! View as Jax puts the glamourous Evelyn right up against the wall to a team fuck her brains out! This babe returns the favour, riding his over-sized dong until she orgasms, over and over. Speaking of orgasms, Jax has a big one of his own, shooting his large man juice load right down Evelyn’s face hole! Bon apetite, Lascivious! Oh…and make sure you get each drop!
Evelyn Claire Evelyn Claire
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Cashmere’s anal afternoon

Written on June 13, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

Cashmere’s anal afternoon

Cashmere's anal afternoon

Cashmere is looking out her bedroom window when that babe spots Logan wandering around her back yard, seemingly aimlessly.

“Come here. I wanna see you,” Cashmere calls out to him. “How are you?”

“I’m wonderful. How are u?” he says.

“I’m home alone,” that babe says. “And my husband just left. Wanna come in?”

“Do u want me to just crawl right through your window or do you urge to open the door for me?” this lady-killer asks.

Either way will work, but Cashmere widens the door for him. She doesn’t desire him to exert any additional energy that could be used satisfying her.

And he does that. Logan, who’s half her age, bonks Cashmere’s 60-year-old snatch and darksome hole and makes them gape and cums all over her arsehole. She rubs it in, contented by this afternoon delight.

60PLUSMILFS: U know, Cashmere, u might acquire some fans from being here.
CASHMERE: That would be great. I desire people to savour what they watch, and I hope they have joy me. There’s a little part of me that’s nervous about this being out there for anyone to watch, but it’s gripping, also, not knowing who’s going to see me.

60PLUSMILFS: When you have been swinging, have you ever run into people you know from your regular life?
CASHMERE: No, but there is this couple that throws some larger parties, and they happened to be truly close neighbors in the neighborhood that I lived in for Twenty something years, and I was adore, “That was my neighborhood. That was where I lived.” That was a little freaky. And I met a pair that lives a street away from me now, and I keep thinking I’m going to run into them at the grocery store. You don’t know who these people are. They could be your next-door neighbors.

60PLUSMILFS: Have u ever had a three-some?
CASHMERE: Yes. I’ve done DPs with two boyz, and that’s truly gripping. I have only done that a handful of times. I have done a little bi stuff with honeys, but I am mainly into chaps. I kind of have a fetish for being restrained and feeling powerless. Then again, it all has to be in the right context. It has to be consensual.

60PLUSMILFS: Is there anything you’d like to tell the people out there?
CASHMERE: Just expand your horizons, and if you are married, swinging or doing something like this could make u feel alive. Go for it!

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Cock-addicted Cora does a BBC

Written on June 13, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

Cock-addicted Cora does a BBC

Cock-addicted Cora does a BBC

When this scene widens, 46-year-old Cora Comfort is wearing a very short, white, fishnet dress. That babe is very lascivious. She craves meat-thermometer. This babe walks down the stairs, talking about how attractive she thinks Seyvan’s dick is plan to be.

“I cant await,” she says. “More rod and alluring, dark skin all over my body. It makes me so aroused. I just crave more and more and more.”

He’s already there, so that babe has him come up the stairs. They don’t await until they need to the bedroom. Cora receives down on her knees and sucks his schlong right there on the staircase. When she is done mouthing his knob, they go down to the living room, where they shag on the couch, him sucking her larger than standard bouncy bosoms whilst this dude deep-drills her curly pussy. Check it out: Cora’s teats are rock-hard. They’re pointing toward the ceiling!

“I’m addicted to ramrod,” told Cora, who calls herself a cougar and thinks she is going to be addicted to shlong forever.

She came to the right place, but then another time, Cora is well aware of what she’s worthy at. For sample, there’s her daytime job.

“I teach sexuality,” she told. “I assist people overcome hang-ups, erectile issues, premature cumshot. I feel blessed to view them transform previous to my eyes. I love my job. It involves carnal energy, meditation, yoga and using body, mind and spirit together. It is ancient; this knowledge is over Twenty,000 years old. It is smth that we all know. It’s not love learning. It is love remembering and doing what feels right and what feels natural. When you receive it, you’re love, oh, that’s not learning. That is just remembering what I know inside.”

We have gotten to know Cora inside and out ever since this babe came to for her first-ever hardcore scenes. This is her third. Is it her superlatively worthy? You tell us.

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Young Lothario copulates Cashmere’s booty

Written on June 11, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

Young chap screws Cashmere’s booty

Young fellow shags Cashmere's ass

“I was married for Twenty three years,” 60-year-old divorcee Cashmere told. “It lasted, we had kids, then it was time to move on. The first time another gent kissed me, I was shocked ‘cuz this chab brought out this excitement in me that I did not know was there anymore, and when you are old, you’ve a little fear. I just felt this excitement inside of me and I wanted to take it farther, so I started having sex with different people, and I actually enjoyed it. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve done more things now sexually than I had in the previous 25 years. It is a liberating experience. It’s an empowering experience.”

In this scene, her second since becoming a 60Plus MILF, Cashmere feels empowered through her snatch and her butthole. Logan, who’s half her age, screws the one and the other, and although we adore watching a aged female getting ass-fucked, we’d be remiss if we didn’t call attention to Cashmere’s bigger than average, powerful pink flaps. Very wonderful.

What’s also very fine is when Logan can not hold back a second more and shoots his load all over Cashmere’s just-fucked butthole.

Regarding anal sex, Cashmere said us, “That’s something I’ve been doing with some boyfriends. It is just another experience in my life. Right now, I am having fun, and I do not think it is indecent or sleazy.

“When I was married, I at not time had anal-copulation. I had had it in my earlier years, but I did not savour it. Then, after my divorce, I met anybody who groomed me for that. It started with anal toys to ease into it and stretch it out.

“Anal sex is not a regular thing for me, but it’s very carnal and it makes me cum and I think people who haven’t endevoured it might be surprised by how enchanting it can be.”

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This time, Cora gets a bigger in size than average, dark ramrod!

Written on June 11, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

This time, Cora receives a large, dark ramrod!

This time, Cora receives a big, dark dick!

“I kept thinking that my sex drive was plan to take a little dip, but I am mad hornier than I’ve ever been,” 46-year-old Cora Comfort told. “I’m obsessed on this idea of having a bang. I think hotties are just infinite with their sexuality. Some honeys have a dip at menopause, but that won’t happen for me until my late ’60s. That’s when it happens for all the women in my family. So I guess I’ll just be in heat till then.”

Cora, who was born in Detroit and lives in Las Vegas, is definitely in heat in this fuckathon. She’s dressed in a sheer suit that brandishes off her sexy body, and her spouse is Seyvan, who has a larger than typical, darksome rod with which to bonk her. He bonks her mouth–meaning that babe acquires her head back and he uses her mouth love it’s a pussy–and then this man screws her succulent, nicely hairy snatch. When this chab can’t hold back any longer, this guy cums in her mouth and it drops down her chin and onto her bigger than standard pantoons.

40SOMETHING: How did u come to detect us?
CORA: I belong to this swinger married couples web page and some random person was talking to me and was adore, u have to go talk to somebody at this company coz you are a shoo-in. At the time you wanted the submission pics a certain way and I had so much going on. I was love, I do not know if I can make time for this.

40SOMETHING: Would people be surprised to see u here?
CORA: Yeah, I suppose plenty of people were blown away when I told ’em. I kind of bragged about it ‘coz I am at that point in my life where there is no shame in my game. That is the yummiest. When u have that blameless curiosity to explore and your mind isn’t jaded by turning bad or getting hurt. You’re like a child who hasn’t been hurt by the world yet. There is wonderment and passion. That’s unfolding for me the aged I get. It is working in reverse.

40SOMETHING: How often do u have sex?
CORA: As often as I can. I don’t know. There is no prescription or formula for it. Sometimes it happens more regularly. Sometimes it doesn’t. U kind of must listen to your circumstances and be aware of what u can receive.

Cora can receive anything this babe urges. That babe is proven that here at

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Chanel Grey

Written on June 10, 2019 at 10:44 pm, by

Chanel Grey Chanel Grey
Chanel Grey @
Barley-legal, blond, and a total hottie, Chanel Grey can’t live out of to hike. This babe likes the wilderness. And acquire this…it makes her excited. So much so, she’s discovered her "spot" on a secluded trail, where Chanel gets undressed and masturbates without a care in the world! Even if it means getting caught by other hikers! Certainly this is why Chanel brought her two "fuck buddies" on the trail, and certainly her "jerk off spot" is now her "blowjob spot" and yeap, that babe doesn’t care if they’re caught! Chanel’s fuck buddies, on the other hand, aren’t as confident, so they’ll expect til they receive back to Chanel’s before laying the pipe down! And lay the pipe they do! Her fresh, barely-legal fur pie is just starting to stretch enough to accommodate their mammoth dicks, and she’s already beginning to squirt! Speaking of man-juice flow, Chanel’s two screw buddies pantyhose her glamourous blond face down with 2 colossal pop shots! Chanel Grey is, actually, exactly what this babe calls herself — a cumwhore!
Chanel Grey Chanel Grey
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Khloe Kapri

Written on June 6, 2019 at 10:45 pm, by

Khloe Kapri Khloe Kapri
Khloe Kapri @
Khloe Kapri is a totally hawt piece of a-hole who’s married to a dude much maturer than she; in addition, Khloe’s a cheater. Husband can not sling ramrod like the youthful males can. Moreover, Khloe’s a Size Queen. If it ain’t 9 inches or above, Khloe doesn’t have much of an interest. Being married to an mature nam means one thing for Khloe — indeed priceless ram! Designer clothing and handbags, expensive cars and vacations, and a fresh, bigger in size house! That is why the appraisers are in the backyard! Khloe has demanded a newer, greater house! That’s also why Khloe’s tanning topless! Spouse told Khloe when to be home for their appointment, and Khloe’s super lustful! Khloe’s plan? Tempt the appraisers, engulf and bonk and be cleaned up for dinner with the Hubs! Mission accustomed!! What she did not expect? That the appraisers would give her such intense orgasms that she’d end up squirting all over her kitchen!!
Khloe Kapri Khloe Kapri
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A johnson for Mrs. Johnson

Written on June 6, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

A johnson for Mrs. Johnson

A johnson for Mrs. Johnson

Tyler is taking a shower when Mrs. Johnson, back home from work, walks in on him and peeks into the shower. This babe is wearing a short, constricted, backless dress (she has a very hawt back to go along with her large zeppelins), and it is obvious what this babe is looking for.

“Oh, my god, Mrs. Johnson, what are u doing?” Tyler says, covering his johnson with a towel. After all, he is her son’s friend!

“What do u think I’m doing?” Melissa says. “I’ve observed u looking at my mambos. Do not tell me you haven’t been looking at my fullsome funbags, juvenile man.”

This dude can not deny that. And nobody else is home, but does that actually matter? By this time, Melissa has her hand wrapped firmly around Tyler’s knob, and no dude is gonna be expert to resist that. Melissa gives him a unfathomable, juicy, sloppy oral-job and pays peculiar attention to his nuts. She talks smutty (betcha Tyler did not know his almost all wonderful friend’s Mommy fuck-talked) to work him up even more, then that babe copulates his wang with her wet crack and her wazoo. Yes, Tyler is going to acquire to copulate his ultimate friend’s mom’s butthole!

This is Shag Movie scene No. 1 for Melissa, a 58-year-old wife and Mother from Honolulu.

Favorite sports: volleyball, basketball and tennis.

Hobbies: Gonna the Fitness Centre, baking and reading.

Tits: Big.

Body: Hawt.

Pussy: Pink.

Asshole: Gaping but constricted.

Need to know everything else?

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The complete shaft and nothing but the shaft

Written on June 6, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

The complete shaft and no thing but the shaft

The complete shaft and nothing but the shaft

When this scene opens, 47-year-old Victoria Lobov walks into a room wearing a halter top that her humongous mammaries are pouring with out and a constricted costume. Dude, this sexy wife looks constricted and right, and Bambino can’t believe his eyes. Within seconds, he’s got his hands all over her, and then this ladies man is feeding her his penis. In our opinion, Victoria’s on-camera irrumation skills acquire better with each scene. This is her third.

Cuz he’s a boob dude, Bambino screws Victoria’s breasts and cums all over ’em. ‘cuz she’s a dominatrix who loves jock, Victoria doesn’t merely grind her muff on Bambino’s erection when she’s riding him reverse-cowgirl. She bounces up and down so this babe receives every inch of his pecker, from cock-head to just-above-the-balls.

We’re really cheerful we discovered her.

40SOMETHING: What made u resolve to shoot with us?
VICTORIA: It is a turn on for my husband and me. I like the idea of men admiring me and getting turned on by seeing me.

40SOMETHING: Would you say you’re a nudist or no?
VICTORIA: Oh, completely. I can not imagine tanning with a top. U have to detect a swimsuit that fits you and it always pops off. My mellons just fall without it. It’s just easier to be naked.

40SOMETHING: Do you have any erotic dreams that you’d love to fulfill?
VICTORIA: Yeah. I would like to try a 3some with one more large-fake-boobed girl. I likewise fantasize about squashy BDSM with me in charge.

40SOMETHING: Do you masturbate?
VICTORIA: Yes. I love playing with my pierced clitoris. I pull the piercing and stick a finger in my slit. One time it is all wet, I switch to the use of a sextoy and go unfathomable in and out until it makes me cum.

40SOMETHING: Very nice! What do u adore the almost all when it comes to sex?
VICTORIA: I adore it when my lady-killer is forceful but not coarse. The highlight is when this fellow discharges his jizz deep inside me. The feeling of such a forceful cumshot makes me scream and cum. I’m passive, so I like when a lad takes the lead and makes my head spin.

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Melissa’s 1st time: deep-throat and anal!

Written on June 5, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

Melissa’s first time: deep-throat and anal!

Melissa's 1st time: deep-throat and anal!

Here’s what 58-year-old wife and Mamma Melissa Johnson is doing in her very 1st hardcore scene:

• Having sex with a chap who’s plenty juvenile sufficient to be her son.

• Deep-throating his big knob and indeed getting sloppy and dirty with it.

• Having joy with the saliva strings and playing with them with her throat and fingers, actually having a grand ol’ time. This is skilled, seasoned sex star kind of stuff, but Melissa can do it because this babe has the kind of carnal experience that merely comes with age.

• Taking that 10-Pounder unfathomable in her pierced, semi-hairy love tunnel.

• And then taking it unfathomable in her skillful anal opening (during the time that widening her vagina so we can receive a admirable observe her ultra-pink bawdy cleft).

• Finally, letting Tyler shoot his man cream all over her just-fucked anal opening.

Yes, Melissa, who was born in Honolulu and lives in Romania, does all these things, making this one of the hottest debuts we’ve ever presented.

We asked Melissa if that babe had ever had sex with a much-younger lad, and this babe said, “Yes. I had sex with a 29-year-old final year. That smooth operator was my friend’s nephew.”


Very obviously, Melissa loves a bit of butt. She likewise loves to unveil off her goodies; that becomes apparent by the way she spreads her bawdy cleft when the knob is in her wazoo.

Savour. And just think: the video comes next.

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Mrs. Johnson shows us her cookie

Written on June 4, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

Mrs. Johnson unveils us her pussy

Mrs. Johnson brandishes us her pussy

In her first episode, 58-year-old wife and Mother Melissa Johnson brandishes us her bigger than average mellons and pierced snatch, tells the story of how that babe got the piercing (and how surprised her boyfriend was to see it), talks impure and gets herself off. And this is just the warmup ‘cuz the next day, a hung Lothario is gonna receive Melissa off, and she’s plan to let him cum by engulfing and fucking his knob in her 1st hardcore scene.

It is quite a week for this mom-next-door, isn’t it?

We have said you that Melissa is from Honolulu and lives in Romania. She is 5’2″ tall and weighs 118 pounds. This babe is a cam glamour model who’s getting her kick off in the world of adult modeling right here. And now that that babe is crossed this off her bucket list, she’d adore to go ziplining in Hawaii.

“And do a bukkake,” she said.

Hopefully not whilst that babe is ziplining.

She was insert touch with us by Rita Daniels.

She’s a nudist. This babe used to be a swinger but not anymore. Lengthy story.

“I love my feet being worshiped,” Melissa said. Would not u love to worship her glamorous feet?

That babe has sex two or three times a week. This babe likes having her adore button fondelled and licked. What female doesn’t? And she can’t live out of schlong unfathomable in her wet crack. Very unfathomable.

She’ll acquire that later this week. But for now, that babe is all yours.

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The busty trophy wife fucks again!

Written on June 4, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

The big busted trophy wife shags anew!

The big boobed trophy wife screws again!

It’s not that the 3rd time’s the charm for 47-year-old Victoria Lobov. The first and the second times were quite delightful in their own way, too. U watch, we at not time contemplated Mrs. Lobov to engulf and bonk penis on-camera even once. Her first scene with JMac was supposed to be tit-fucking and hand job solely. Then, spur-of-the-moment, Victoria decided to go all the way. And that’s how we have come to this, Victoria’s third on-camera screw scene.

It’s with 30-year-old Bambino. He shags Victoria’s mouth and bouncy bosoms and then this lady-killer shags her constricted, shaved vagina previous to cumming all over her large rack. Victoria, we could look at u do this over and over one time more.

40SOMETHING: What do u like the majority about having large bra-busters?
VICTORIA: I adore how I look. I like the looks I get. I like how my bras are filled up with volume. I appreciate the attention, but it’s primarily for me.

40SOMETHING: How did you suit before, and how do u costume now?
VICTORIA: Some things do not fit me anymore, certainly. So I have to be very picky and choosy. Sometimes I have to acquire alterations coz I don’t have a run of the mill size anymore. It has to be smth stretchy. Or I have to alter it to take it in cuz I’m still size supplementary small or a size zero or 2. But in my chest it changes absolutely. It’s tons of work, but that is okay with me.

40SOMETHING: So Twenty years agone, did you suit to show off your body or did you costume any differently than you do now?
VICTORIA: I would wear things that showed my deep cleavage. Nowadays, if I go to pick up supplies, I don’t do that. Otherwise, there’s so much commotion. Fellows start following me down the aisle in the store. So it’s actually the other way around. Now I try to costume more modest when I go out. In advance of, I didn’t must worry about it ‘coz there wasn’t that much on my chest.

40SOMETHING: So males actually pursue you down aisles in the stores?
VICTORIA: Honestly, yeah. Sometimes I love most of all to go with my partner. In a rural area adore ours, people are especially sensitive, and they do not watch much, I suppose. The lads in overalls and the cowboys, they receive indeed randy. They stumble when they try to say smth. They act like they’re looking for smth. I’m adore, I just need to acquire some groceries!

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