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Monthly Archives: August 2013

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Ace And Bo

Written on August 30, 2013 at 11:39 am, by

Ace And Bo Ace And Bo
Ace And Bo @
I’m in the giving mood this day so I wrapped up Bo’s needle 10-Pounder with a bow. It’s so funny that the bow dwarfed his little white shlong a few times over. Take a worthy see Bo and u can watch that the lights are on but nobody’s home. His idea of a romantic evening with me is dinner and bingo. Thank goodness my cell phone merely has numbers of the various hung dark studs I screw on a every day basis. Ace has a big darksome knob that busted out his pants and into my mouth. My sissy cuckold couldn’t do everything but view as a real stud took care of a white girl’s needs such as:eating,fucking, and destroying my white wet crack. Bo was shocked that I allowed him the satisfaction of cleaning me up from the darksome man-juice spraying that I got.

Ace And Bo Ace And Bo

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Rachel Rose

Written on August 24, 2013 at 11:46 pm, by

Rachel Rose Rachel Rose
Rachel Rose @

Rachel Rose Rachel Rose
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Pumped By Pumper

Written on August 21, 2013 at 2:32 pm, by

Pumped By Pumper Pumped By Pumper
Pumped By Pumper @
I like Brian Pumper. He’s the perviest perv in LA & the nastiest darksome fellow alive! He likes it when I do not shower and this chab can’t live without to smell my feet and backdoor, and he’d adore it if I would fart in his face …but I simply cant do it on instruct! ROTFL Me, I just wish him to fill my holes with that astronomical darksome hunk of meat this chab carries around, then fill my throat with his seed. …which of course that charmer did for me this day. I adore that charmer.
Pumped By Pumper Pumped By Pumper
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Karina Lynne

Written on August 14, 2013 at 1:24 pm, by

Karina Lynne Karina Lynne
Karina Lynne @

Karina Lynne Karina Lynne

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Asphyxia Noir

Written on August 13, 2013 at 2:21 pm, by

Asphyxia Noir Asphyxia Noir
Asphyxia Noir @

Asphyxia Noir Asphyxia Noir
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Alicia Allighatti

Written on August 11, 2013 at 12:21 pm, by

Alicia Allighatti Alicia Allighatti
Alicia Allighatti @
Heya Males! It’s me, Ruth, and you are plan to luv this week’s update. It features a beauty I am calling Four Eyes Brace Face. Her name is usually Alicia Allighatti, but not for my web page. I’m in charge here (duh!) so I have Four Eyes Brace Face over for some dark dicking. I hired Sledgehammer today to stretch our vaginas out. Who more admirable than Sledge? His dark dick is like a 40 ounce can of beer, and it is so thick it is been known to stretch a girl’s wet crack loose. Way loose. He does that here today, likewise…to Four Eyes Brace Face, then me. But not previous to Four Eyes Brace Face licks my anal opening clean and acquires called all sorts of humiliating names. In the end, Sledge dumps a load of cum, and we exchange it back and forth. If you’re a white chap, you are plan to beat your 4 inch dinky to this scene. If you’re a darksome fellow, you’re gonna beat your 9 inch 10-Pounder. Either way, you are going to get to clean up after yourself! MWAH to you!! XOXO – Ruthie.

Alicia Allighatti Alicia Allighatti

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Jamie Jackson

Written on August 9, 2013 at 7:31 pm, by

Jamie Jackson Jamie Jackson
Jamie Jackson @
The ingredients needed for an extreme interracial group action are as follows: Mix one darksome jock whore who lives on the wild side with numerous mountainous dark-skinned dicks…..while blindfolded throughout the complete ordeal. Jamie Jackson wanted us to wrangle some big black weenies for her pleasure but did not wish to know their identity (or be experienced to see ’em). We , much adore Santa, granted her urge and this interracial group sex is gonna go down in history as a juggernaut of a scene. Was it the fact that one of her senses was disabled as she scarfed down on that buffet of black penis? Perhaps. Could it be that whole strangers fucked her R-A-W and this babe was okay with that? Maybe. All that is known for sure is that Jamie Jackson got tore the shag up in entire darkness-no pun intended.
Jamie Jackson Jamie Jackson
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Joey And Julias

Written on August 9, 2013 at 6:08 pm, by

Joey And Julias Joey And Julias
Joey And Julias @
I brought back Joey for another dose of humiliation since that guy did such a great job of being my cuckold final time. This chab kept his throat shut, viewed his Queen receive railed by greater than average dark weenie, and cleaned up all the verification of dark-skinned jism. I’m giving Joey another front row seat to the carnage that Julias is about to inflict on my tight white cookie. Take a precious look at Julias. That petticoat chaser didn’t shave and is soooo out of shape and he must have been envious of the physique that Julias has. I didn’t have also much time to pay attention since my face hole was on that bigger in size than average dark-skinned pecker in no time. I likewise don’t rermember the final time I didn’t have interracial sex since dark-skinned rod adore Julias’ is the solely way I go!. Joey was 2 for TWO as this fellow cleaned the gooey mess off my firm wazoo. Should I bring him back for more humilation? White boys are so naive.
Joey And Julias Joey And Julias

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My BCS Pal Jayma Reed

Written on August 6, 2013 at 4:28 am, by

My BCS Pal Jayma Reed My BCS Pal Jayma Reed
My BCS Pal Jayma Reed @
Double date time! And a new darksome shlong bitch to introduce u to! Her name is Jayma Reed, and this babe is a very naughty gal who dates darksome bucks – but not a lot of people know that. This babe rang me up with her date, and I was hanging out with my white boy, so when she asked to cum over, what do you think I said? 🙂 Jayma showed up with her well-hung chick, so we serviced him properly. And my boyfriend took turns servicing me and Jayma in-between our darksome dicking. My sweetie did such a precious job cleaning up after the Black Bull, and in the end, guess what me and Jayma did? Well, a little cum swapping certainly! Jayma to me to…um…well, I’ll let you guess who got it last! 😉 XOXO – Spring
My BCS Pal Jayma Reed My BCS Pal Jayma Reed
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Tegan Mohr

Written on August 6, 2013 at 12:24 am, by

Tegan Mohr Tegan Mohr
Tegan Mohr @

Tegan Mohr Tegan Mohr
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Jessica Ryan

Written on August 2, 2013 at 4:47 am, by

Jessica Ryan Jessica Ryan
Jessica Ryan @
Spoiller alert: 1st time EVER with darksome dick. We commence this week’s fun with a white whore who’s come to Blacks On Blondes in instruct to break her darksome meat-thermometer virginity. Jessica Ryan is going over a list of dark dudes she’d love to copulate whilst Jack Napier and Wesley Pipes offer feedback. The talk quickly turns into hardcore interracial banging…with Jessica Ryan feeling the brunt of 2 big dark cocks. This fresh update to our network features Jessica going back and forth on the type of weenie that is been foreign to her for too lengthy. Yup, dark weenie now entered Jessica Ryan;s world via her face hole and soaking succulent clutch. Wesley and Jack flaunt no mercy to her gullet as they the one and the other take turns stuffing that throat. Jack and Wesley too take turns beating that cunt and showing Jessica what exactly she’s been missing out on. We’ve both dark swordsmen officially welcome Jessica Ryan to the world of Interracial Porn when the one and the other darksome cannons cover her in ghetto sauce.
Jessica Ryan Jessica Ryan
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