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Violet Myers

Violet Myers Violet Myers
Violet Myers @
There’s just not plenty of gentlemen out there those days. They say that chivalry is dead. Rico and Prince might be the last 2 "good guys" left on the planet. Or maybe it is just how Violet is dressed that makes these TWO gentlemen turn around to help a woman in distress. When they notice Violet having car bother, they spring to action. Even though she’s wearing super short shorts and a see-through white top with her damp whoppers drooping out…they still identify it their charitable hearts to help this girl with a ride. How nice of ’em. That babe wanted to repay ’em with some specie…but they just couldn’t except. She has smth better to offer…how about they film her, during the time that they shag her?! Fair deal!! Violet eagerly takes those 2 bigger than standard jocks during the time that Rico and Prince pass a digital camera back and forth. For the very 1st time, she controls the one and the other dicks in and out of her mouth and vagina for a smoking hawt trio captured forever on her intimate camera. Starting to wonder if that babe actually had car a predicament or this was just all an elaborate intend to receive 2 bigger than run of the mill cocks to shag her?!

Violet Myers Violet Myers

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Amanda Ryder: ass-fucked by youthful cock

Amanda Ryder: ass-fucked by youthful penis

Amanda Ryder: ass-fucked by young cock

“My family and allies know that I’m a horndog and love to please,” said Amanda Ryder, a 55-year-old wife and Mommy from San Francisco.

Yes, but does her daughter know that Amanda is screwing her hubby…her 24-year-old husband, who spies on Mrs. Ryder while she’s trying on lingerie, receives caught with his wang in his hand and ends up with his dong in her face hole, wet crack and a-hole and his sex cream all over her face?

Well, what Amanda’s daughter doesn’t know cant hurt her, but it certainly can assist us…help us stroke, that is.

And it can certainly aid Amanda, who is one of the horniest hotty’s we have ever met. That’s why she’s here, having sex with a woman chaser who’s young enough to be her son. That’s why she’s a swinger who says, “My wildest times are when I participate in a team fuck and orgies. I do not care if it’s a schlong or a slit, I am plan to savor it.”

Amanda likewise told, “I am very favourable that not quite all of my erotic dreams have been fulfilled.” Nearly. “I wanna do a train line group action with 10 or more well-hung males and maybe have a personal sex thrall.”

Any volunteers?

What sexually satisfies her best: “A bigger in size than typical, thick meat-thermometer that stretches out my cookie and leaves my butt wide open and gaping.”

Her feelings about anal sex: “I’m totally into it, especially when I am entered slowly until his bigger in size than run of the mill dick is balls deep. The pounding can initiate!”

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Her daughter’s partner shags her mature arse!

Her daughter’s husband shags her aged gazoo!

Her daughter's partner screws her aged ass!

Amanda Ryder, a 55-year-old wife and Mother from San Francisco, is in her bedroom, trying on some lingerie. Her hubby hasn’t been getting it up these days, and Amanda craves ramrod, so that babe figures the foremost way to receive a rise with out him is to dress her hawt body (bigger than run of the mill juggs and all) in the sexiest lingerie that babe could identify. So that babe tries on one piece of lingerie after one more, but what this babe doesn’t know is that she’s putting on a unveil for her daughter’s 24-year-old partner.

His name is Connor, and this chab is standing in the doorway to her bedroom, jacking off. The lad HAS HIS DICK IN HIS HANDS and his girlfriend’s Mom is standing just a hardly any feet away, trying on a constricted, sheer, hot number that truly flaunts off those boobs.

And then…Mrs. Ryder looks up.

“Connor, what are u doing here?” this babe says.

Well, Amanda, this chab is jacking off, obviously.

“Get in here! Why are you here? And your dick’s hanging out!”

Well, her snatch is out, too, but it is her house.

“Yeah. I’m sorry,” Connor stammers. “Freak you out?”

“No,” Amanda says, edging closer. “My daughter’s not home, though. She’s at work. She is going to be gone for a hardly any hours, and I do not mind.”

Amanda displays how much this babe doesn’t mind by sat in a chair and sucking Connor’s weenie.

“I hope that babe doesn’t find out,” he says.

“I won’t tell her,” Amanda says.

Unless, certainly, this babe sees this movie, in which case Amanda’s daughter will watch her Mom sucking her boyfriend’s penis, getting her cum-hole and anal opening eaten, getting rogered in her muff and booty and getting her face glazed with a big load of cum.

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Won’t you be our neighbor, Rebecca Jane?

Won’t u be our neighbour, Rebecca Jane?

Won't you be our neighbor, Rebecca Jane?

Rebecca Jane Smyth uses the ol’ SEXY HOUSEWIFE in distress trick to receive her young neighbor over to her place. This babe tells him her TV needs fixing, but that’s not exactly true. Seems Rebecca Jane has fucked her way through almost any of the male occupants of the building.

“He’s new,” this babe says. “The only one I haven’t had.”

That situation is about to be rectified. Rebecca Jane sucks and bonks his dick, that guy eats her SEXY HOUSEWIFE cunt and then they screw. And being the valuable neighbour that she’s, Rebecca Jane offers him her arsehole, too. Certainly, he takes it. Wouldn’t you?

Rebecca Jane is a 46-year-old HORNY HOUSEWIFE from London, England who has by no means had a job that did not involve sex.

“I have done beautiful much anything,” she told. “Fucking out side is precious. It’s a bit risky when you think u can get caught. I do like doing that. I have shagged in a cinema before because the film was shit, so I had to amuse myself in other ways. The one thing I haven’t done is a a gang bang film. That’s smth I would adore to do. Lots and plenty of boys. As many as possible.”

About that shagging in the cinema thing…Rebecca Jane truly enjoys going to the vids, not just banging while they’re playing in the background.

“I like watching films. When I am not working, I just love relaxing. Watching films. Listening to music. I really like horror films, mainly vampire and werewolf movie scenes, ‘cuz I suppose vampires are so sexy. They’re so arrogant!”

Rebecca Jane can’t live with out “quiet, intimate dates.” That babe is not a swinger, but, that babe told, “I do have plenty of sex.” How much sex? “Three, four, five times a day.”

Yeah, that’s a lot!

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Laid back anal

Free and easy anal

Casual anal

So a lad is standing on his balcony on a sunny day, smokin’ a cigarette, when this woman chaser spots a sexy blond one balcony over. She has lengthy hair and is wearing a midriff-baring top, and when this babe sees him, this babe motions him to come over to her place. He’s there!

But what does she have in mind? Coffee? Polite conversation? Maybe that babe needs him to change a light bulb? Nah, that solely happens in porn films. Rebecca Jane, who’s 46 and almost mature sufficient to be this guy’s Mommy, needs her TV fixed. Sure she does. That babe too wishes to sit on his face, engulf his rod and receive her snatch and a-hole screwed. That is much more realistic!

“All the rod I acquire keeps me looking young,” said Rebecca Jane, who looks adore that babe could be in her Thirty’s. “All the protein!”

In this scene, the protein doesn’t go all over her face. The lucky charmer shoots his sex cream all over her cookie and abdomen after drilling her rectal hole every which way.

Although Rebecca Jane is from London, Great Britain, this scene was discharged in Prague, Czech Republic, a place she’d at not time been to. The Czechia is a very sexually liberal country, and Rebecca Jane is a sexually liberated female-dominant.

“Everybody here is very amicable,” she told. “I’ve had lots of fun.”

“I adore Europe a lot,” Rebecca Jane told. “I like England. I like driving around Britain. It is quite a handsome place. Scotland is pleasing, also. Edinburgh is great. Ireland is great. But also I love hawt countries where you can just lay stripped.”

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Getting to know Amanda Ryder

Getting to know Amanda Ryder

Getting to know Amanda Ryder

It’s time to must know Amanda Ryder, a 55-year-old wife and Mama from San Francisco. Later this week, Amanda is intend to suck and fuck a 24-year-old’s 10-Pounder. This day, we’ve an interview followed by a hawt solo scene in which Amanda displays off her big bosoms and gorgeous slit and fills her anus with a ass plug.

Amanda is a very interesting woman. A very sexual woman. For sample, that babe watches sports but merely so this babe can see the athletes in their constricted uniforms. Her prefered TV display is Gilligan’s Island ‘coz “I would do Ginger and Mary Ann jointly or separately.” Her beloved Hollywood star is Denzel Washington ‘cuz “he is one rogering hot charmer!”

This babe enjoys hiking and sewing. But…

“I too have joy my wicked hobbies, which are blow jobs and getting my wet crack stretched. When I’m not working, I’m practicing and experimenting on improving my deep-throating skills, positioning and trying to be the mountainous prick tanalise ever.”

Basically, almost all of Amanda’s life revolves around sex.

“I always dress sexy either at home or when I leave the house,” that babe said. “I wear provocative hawt clothes and have big pantoons that I love to tanalise with.”

In today’s video, Amanda is wearing a tight costume that shows off her greater than typical tits, stockings and a garter strap. Under, a corset. The domme aims to please. Her aim is dead-on.

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Pleased wanking with Rebecca Jane Smyth

Glad wanking off with Rebecca Jane Smyth

Happy wanking off with Rebecca Jane Smyth

Rebecca Jane Smyth, a 46-year-old vixen from London, United Realm, gives her wet crack a workout in her first clip at This babe stretches out her cookie by stuffing 2 fingers inside and too displays off her delightful arse, the same butt that is gonna acquire rogered the next day and Thursday.

“I’m a nymphomanic,” Rebecca Jane says in the post-wank interview. “I acquire screwed all day but I still jerk off at night.”

Rebecca Jane has been a pornstar for almost any of her adult life. This babe says that babe is not a swinger “but I do love lots of sex. I’ve done glamorous much anything. Screwing outdoors is good. It is a bit risky when you think you can get caught. I do love doing that. I’ve shagged in a cinema in advance of ‘cuz the film was shit, so I had to amuse myself in other ways. I have not at all done a a team fuck film. That’s something I would love to do. Lots and lots of fellows. As many as possible.”

When this clip spreads, Rebecca Jane is lying on a bed, wearing a constricted suit. She runs her hands over her body and unveils off her stockinged legs and fuck-me pumps. Then this babe does a slow undress, showing us her valuable, firm pantoons before working her way down to her cum-hole. This babe dips 2 fingers inside, and one of the finest parts of this scene is when Rebecca Jane squats over her fingers and screws them love they’re a ramrod.

Rebecca Jane’s message to you: “Happy wanking off over me! Bring it on!”

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First look: busty wife Amanda Ryder

First look: big breasted wife Amanda Ryder

First look: breasty wife Amanda Ryder

“I like watching football and basketball, but I do not actually observe it for the sporting part,” said Amanda Ryder, a 55-year-old Mommy from San Francisco, California. “I like the constricted uniforms that hug the players’ bodies. I am all up for participating in a recent sport called ‘Indoor and/or Outdoor Rogering!'”

Amanda describes herself as “happily married.” Maybe that is ‘coz that babe and her pleased boyfriend have been swinging for 10 years.

“My wildest times are when I participated in bang or fuckfests,” that babe told. “I don’t care if it’s a jock or cunt. I am intend to savor it.”

Later this week, Amanda is intend to savor a 24-year-old’s large meat-thermometer. She is going to suck it and copulate it for all the world to see. But this day is “getting to know you” day with Amanda. She is wearing a red dress that showcases her large wobblers (they’re DD-cups). This babe has on nylons and a garter thong, and under, sexy lingerie. She exposes off her bigger in size than run of the mill fun bags and shaven snatch, then she bonks her butthole with a a-hole plug.

Amanda said us about her beloved swinging experience.

“For my anniversary, my partner set up this play date, and my request was that I wanted a bigger in size than typical, dark buck with a truly large penis because I can take it all. And that’s what I got. We met at a bar, kissed honor, and I looked at my partner and said, ‘Let’s go!’ We went back up to the room and had a great time. I kept on my underware. I was wearing a bodystocking. Nice and crotchless. My milk sacks were drooping out.

“I dropped to my knees right away. I was on my knees engulfing his big ramrod. I needed something in my mouth immediately. Then we moved to the daybed, I got on all fours and had some wonderful doggie. It is one of my much loved poses, getting it priceless and unfathomable in the wet crack, and we played for a pair of hours. We had a great time, and we did it anew the next night.”

We asked Amanda if the people this babe knows would be surprised to watch her here.

“No, not really,” that babe told. “My family and allies know that I’m a horn dog and like to tanalise.”

This week, Amanda does a lot more than tanalize.

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Rebecca Jane Smyth comes to 40 something

Rebecca Jane Smyth comes to Fourty something

Rebecca Jane Smyth comes to 40Something

“I adore having all my fans out there wanking stupid over me and seeing me being ribald and immodest with my smutty banging face hole talking about my muff and my butt getting filled with 10-Pounder.”

So says Rebecca Jane Smyth, a 46-year-old divorcee from London, United Realm and a beginner to Rebecca Jane is a curvy, hot HORNY HOUSEWIFE with blond hair and a bangin’ body that’s gonna acquire team-fucked each which way later this week. Yeah, she’s gonna receive her fur pie and wazoo filled with dick, which is just the way she can’t live with out it.

“All the strapon I receive keeps me looking juvenile,” Rebecca Jane told. “All the protein!”

This day, though, we have Rebecca Jane all to ourselves. She’s wearing a short, constricted costume that displays plenty of deep cleavage. Fuck-me pumps, too. Underneath, nylons and a garter thong and crotchless briefs. She takes it all off and double-stuffs her cum-hole with her petite fingers.

“I’m a nymphomanic,” she said. “I receive screwed all day but I still toss off at night.”

Rebecca Jane is a tall glass of water at 5’9″ with long, shapely legs. She’s a porno star. That babe says the people who know her would not be surprised to watch her here ‘cuz she’s been a model for a lengthy time. In fact, when we asked her what else she’s done for a living, that babe said, “Nothing else.”

When a female-dom love Rebecca Jane finds her calling, there is no reason to do everything else.

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Christina Shine

Christina Shine Christina Shine
Christina Shine @
Christina is a true Queen of Spades! This babe and Louie Smalls have a long distance relationship and Christina has come out from Budapest to visit Louie in his fetching LA home. After their date, that Lothario brings her to his bedroom and pretty soon enough, Christinas tender face is buried deep in his ass, long touching with tongue his parts. Its a striking contrast not merely betwixt skin tones but also in size. Louie comes in at 68 and tiny Christina is a solid 50. Thats a Twenty inch size difference! Somehow, that babe manages to gulp all 12 inches of him in her teeny wet crack!
Christina Shine Christina Shine
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The nerd has a BBC for Cashmere

The nerd has a BBC for Cashmere

The nerd has a BBC for Cashmere

“I urge people to savour what they see, and I hope they savour me,” 60-year-old divorcee and Mama Cashmere said. “There is a little part of me that is nervous about this being out there for anyone to see, but it is thrilling, also, not knowing who’s intend to watch me.”

We’re all going to see u, Cashmere! We’re plan to watch u engulfing and screwing Jack’s big, youthful, dark 10-Pounder, and then we’re intend to see him glazing your marvelous face with his cum. We’re plan to enjoy it, and one of the reasons we’re going to have enjoyment it’s that you obviously have fun it so much.

“I do savour sex,” Cashmere told. “I was married to the same gent for Twenty three years, then we got divorced and anything changed. The 1st time some other Lothario kissed me, I was shocked cuz this woman chaser brought out this passion in me that I didn’t know was there anymore, and when you are older, u have a little fear. I just felt this excitement inside of me and I wanted to take it further, so I started having sex with different people, and I indeed enjoyed it. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve done more things now sexually than I had in the previous 25 years. It’s a liberating experience. It is an empowering experience.”

Cashmere 1st came to us when that babe was 58 years old. That babe was born in Ohio and lives in Arizona. She is slender and measures a hawt 36-28-36 with wonderful, firm tits. She used to be an internal designer. This babe enjoys mature vids, her dream car is a Tesla and she likes to view NBA games (favourite team: Cleveland Cavaliers). We asked her if the people this babe knows would be surprised to watch her here, and this babe told, “Yes! I solely desire a select scarcely any to know about this. My family would not understand.”

Works for us, Cashmere. It’ll be our sexy little secret.

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Who’s screwing Nina Bell? You!

Who’s fucking Nina Bell? U!

Who's screwing Nina Bell? You!

Nina Bell, a 48-year-old divorcee and Mama, walks into her bedroom and finds a boy lying in her sofa, wanking. And who’s the lad who’s jacking off in her sofa?

You! Yep, you, member. You’re the one with your jock out, stroking it adore insane below the sheets…Nina’s sheets.

“What are we intend to do about this juvenile woman chaser?” Nina says. “You’ve got stains on my couch!”

Uh…sorry about that?

“It’s not appropriate,” she says. “You’re wanking off in my ottoman.”

But here’s the thing: Nina doesn’t run away. She doesn’t throw a shit fit. This babe doesn’t even tell you to put your penis back into your trousers. Instead, she says, “I can help u, but I think you can aid me, too.”

This scene was discharged nearly entirely from your point of view, so you are the one who’s playing with Nina’s big love melons and it’s your rod this babe is mouthing and banging and you’re the one shooting your load all over her nice-looking face. As point-of-view scenes go, this is a heckuva good one.

That is because Nina is a heckuva great HORNY HOUSEWIFE, even though this babe had not at any time rogered on-camera before she came to us. That babe is a cam adult model from Malibu, California who’s 5’1″ and weighs approximately 133 pounds with DDD-cup love melons this babe loves to unveil off. When this scene opens, this babe is wearing a halter top that shows plenty of breast valley.

“I like to let the girls breathe,” this babe said. “If I am going out, I also like a very low-cut, hawt suit, a G-string or strap panties–or maybe no panties at all–and a couple of heels.”

Nina desires to voyage to Fiji and Australia, explore Egypt and the Amazon and go zip-lining.

Consummate date: “I love the beach. Anything outdoors or near the water. Sporting events like football, baseball and hockey games. I adore dunky golf and real golf. Or just hanging out at a local pub, having a swallow and relaxing.”

But how can a smooth operator unwind when Nina and her larger than typical, alluring fullsome funbags are right in front of him? That’ll get your heart racing.

“I have so many sexual dreams,” this babe told. “Sex with someone famous, love a movie star or athlete; sex with a young chap and having his wife or girlfriend view; having sex in front of an ex-hubby. Swapping partners. Role play. Domination. The list is endless!”

Banging Nina is our fantasy. It just about comes true in this scene.

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