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The Juke Joint

The Juke Joint The Juke Joint
The Juke Joint @
Howdy Gang! Hey, I gotta question for ya! Ever look up the word "juke joint" in the dictionary? Well, if you did, here’s what you’d find: juke joint – n : a petite roadside establishment in the southeastern United States where u can eat and drink and dance to music provided by a jukebox. Yeah, you’ve seen this place previous to…I took my ally Violet here to receive a taste of a colored man’s penis. Well, this time it was Saturday afternoon, I was bored, so I went back to my much loved roadside establishment for some food, drink, and some dark dick! I guess they should put that into the definition. In fact, let’s pretend you’re reading the Spring World Dictionary. Here’s how it would go – juke joint n : a diminutive roadside establishment in the southeastern United States where u can eat and gulp and suck and screw niggahs any aged time of the day or night! LMAO! Oh yea, this time I detect two aged pals playing pool, and the next thing u know the balls aren’t slapping the rails…they’re slapping my white ass! Speaking of booty, those inexperienced negroes forgot how *tight* mine is, and no matter how much lube they used, or how many fingers they jammed up my a-hole to "warm it up", there was nearly no way these giant weenies were invading my colon! At least they drain about a gallon of black seed all over my cute little face! You pervy bastards should *love* that!!! Hee hee ; – ) N’Joy! And watch ya next week!! XOXOXOXOXXOOXXOOXXOXO — Spring
The Juke Joint The Juke Joint
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Mena Mason

Mena Mason Mena Mason
Mena Mason @
Meet Mena and Ciccle. They’re "life-stylists". They live the cuckold lifestyle, and they’re a very happy pair. Ciccle, who’s got a schlong that could not at any time, ever satisfy Mena, knows his put in the relationship. That charmer is there to support Mena and the quest to keep her proud sexually. So when Mena asks for Ciccle to accompany her to a business collision, this petticoat chaser knows it goes way beyond a "business meeting". Ciccle knows he is there to aid Mena secure some other Black Bull, and to be there as this guy is ridiculed, coercive into chastity, and then asked to clean her up. Cause, after all, u can’t expect a mistresse to leave a Cuckold Session a sticky, cummy mess!
Mena Mason Mena Mason

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Hope Howell

Hope Howell Hope Howell
Hope Howell @
Warning: this scene is not for the faint of heart. It stars an merciless cuckoldress, Hope Howell, and her pathetic, wimpy, sissy cuckold…whose name isn’t even worth mentioning. Prepare yourself to watch as Hope puts him through the ringer. If Hope isn’t whipping his butt, she is whipping his disgusting, little pee-pee. If she is not sissifying the Cuckold, Hope’s degrading him. And, at random intervals, Hope’s 11-inch Bull walks in to have his way. Hope’s as unrepining to her Bull as the cuckold is to Hope. My beloved part of this scene? Observe as Hope challenges her Cuckold to a cock-sucking defiance, one in which Cuckold will lose, of course. Cuckold will pay for that, also!

Hope Howell Hope Howell

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Janet Mason And Misty Stone

Janet Mason And Misty Stone Janet Mason And Misty Stone
Janet Mason And Misty Stone @
If you’re hip today’s lingo, you’ll probably know "to catfish" means to lie about yourself during an online, "getting to know you" chat session. One of the massive reasons to catfish? Jock Size, of course. That is what today’s cuckold — Ciccle — is guilty of…catfishing Janet Mason and her dude on one of those online, swinger websites. U know the "swinger" lifestyle — swinging couples looking to "hook up" and have some adult playtime. Ciccle and Misty are brand recent to the game, whilst Janet Mason and Rob Piper are seasoned vets. After a not many hours of "getting to know you" time, it is back to the apartment for swinger time. That’s when the handsome clothing come off, and Ciccle’s "8 inch thick rod" is naked for what it really is — a 5 inch winkie. That’s when Janet Mason takes control, teaching Ciccle a lesson for liars and teaching Misty what to do with a worthless, dunky wiener.

Janet Mason And Misty Stone Janet Mason And Misty Stone

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My Sis Hooks Me Up!

My Sis Hooks Me Up! My Sis Hooks Me Up!
My Sis Hooks Me Up! @
I was really bored this weekend. I hadn’t had any dark-skinned pecker for a while & I was getting incredibly slutty. I went down to the bus stop but there weren’t any dark men hanging around. What’s up with that??? So I called my sister Spring & she gave me the hookup! She sent Fortunate over to my apartment to give me a wonderful reaming with his larger than standard dark-skinned 11 inch adore muscle. I could not at all ask for a nicer sister. She’s so generous!
My Sis Hooks Me Up! My Sis Hooks Me Up!
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Aaliyah Adore

Aaliyah Love Aaliyah Love
Aaliyah Adore @
Prince Yahshua are out and about as they openly vent about the lack of professionals in this zany industry. If it’s not one road block it is another. Aaliyah Love’s 10+years in the business and Prince’s 5+ can only mean that finding one some other can bring out an gorgeous scene for your viewing pleasure. We get back inside where some heavy duty lovemaking where one as well as the other bodies rub against every other in pure interracial bliss. Aaliyah’s taste buds go wild the very second her tongue feels the black meat of Prince’s jock. The expert blond rides the bucking bronco that’s Prince Yahshua. This man bends her over and gives her the same experience he’s given so many white honeys all over Prince ploughs into that snatch until his nuts drain directly into her welcoming white gap. Two true pros going at it…and we got it here for you.
Aaliyah Love Aaliyah Love
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Jacky Joy

Jacky Joy Jacky Joy
Jacky Fun @
Well, news is out I am preggy with the black man’s baby! All of the weekly updates over the next numerous months you’ll have to watch my progress as I receive greater & greater! And since we do not know whose baby it is, we’ll go ahead and call this update "Black Baby Talk". My first guest today is Ace! Ace is a everyday black male. He’s got quite a package on him, and that Lothario loves to unload directly into the white woman. My second guest is a total slut named Jacky Joy. U might have watched Jacky on sites adore Blacks on Blondes. In other words, that babe knows the Power of Darksome Penis. After me and Ace talk about the chances of my baby being his, we bring out Jacky, and she receives utterly destroyed. Pounded by black penis. And that babe loved every minute of it!! After a complete lot of engulfing and screwing, Ace does what he does superlatively admirable. Specific Delivery! Sexy dark spunk into the white woman’s pink aperture! HA-HA-HA – XOXO – Ruthie

Jacky Joy Jacky Joy

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Holly Heart

Holly Heart Holly Heart
Holly Heart @
Who would not wish to be Holly Heart’s cuckold? Just take a lengthy view her! These attractive, long legs. Her captivating arse. These firm, round marangos. And her pure golden-haired hair! What’s it take to land Holly as your wife? Well, a lot of money, to start. If you had the chance to be Holly’s skirt chaser, you’ll get to allow her to go out on weekends to be serviced by large, dark-skinned bulls. If she urges to go to an adult bookstore to watch what kind of trouble she can get over here to, u more breathtaking go with. You know that babe is going to discover bother, and you’ll want to watch. When it’s all told and done, you’ll clean her up, also…because you can’t allow your alluring wife to walk without that adult bookstore sticky with some other man’s cum.

Holly Heart Holly Heart

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Hollie Mack

Hollie Mack Hollie Mack
Hollie Mack @
With the exception of a model’s very first interracial sex film, it is tough to count on everything in Porn Valley — from the cast showing up on time, to a glamour model even showing up at all. That is why Isiah is so urinated. His scene’s just been cancelled, and this lady-killer needed to make rent this month. What’s this buck going to do? That ladies man has no idea, but his problem’s about to be solved: a porn fan, Hollie Mack, just spotted Isiah in his Dogfart t-shirt, and that babe stops to meet him. Hollie Mack’s a giant fan of IR porn. That babe can’t live with out the way skinny little white gals take humongous BBC, and she tells Isiah so. Which is when Isiah resolves to make Hollie Mack’s dream happen. At 1st, she’s reluctant, but in a short time she’s taking Isiah’s stupendous rod in her very first experience with a dark smooth operator — on or off digi camera. Until Isiah fills her pussy with a humongous wad of cock juice. And guess who’s not on the pill!?!
Hollie Mack Hollie Mack
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The Lost Update

The Lost Update The Lost Update
The Lost Update @
Howdy Lads & Cuties! I have got a humorous story for u! My minions were working very rock hard final week, figuring out which hawt scene to unveil you for this week’s update, when one of them stumbled upon a scene that was shot a long, ages agone! How fun!! We forgot it even existed! I was still barely-legal, and my braces had *just* come off. It is solely the second time I was with Boz, and as u can watch from the scene, I had a *very* rigid time taking all 13 inches of that large darksome schlong. Jada also dropped by for some enjoyment, likewise! It is joy to watch this scene cause at that time I wasn’t actually handling humongous shlong like I can now! And check out my blonde hair!! Wow! This scene brings back plenty of memories…hot ones! I hope u boys like it as much as I do!! XOXO – Spring
The Lost Update The Lost Update
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Nadia Ali

Nadia Ali Nadia Ali
Nadia Ali @
Ever wonder how a college keeps its football players maintaining an appropriate grade point commonplace to keep them eligible for the team? Welcome to Ms. Nadia Ali’s class, "Introduction to Diversity: Dialogues in Today’s World". Yeap. It’s one of those kind of courses. And today’s rowdy bunch are a tough group to handle. Ms. Ali tries to keep their attention, but in the end, things acquire our of control…and, yep, raunchy. The boyz can not make no doubt of how gracious Ms. Ali is as layer after layer of clothes are removed, and the lads have been hawt for teacher since the first day of class. Look at as each boy takes his turn with Ms. Ali, and, in the end, her gracious face is luscious in cum. Now that’s what Team Dogfart calls a dialogue!
Nadia Ali Nadia Ali
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Fascinating Young Candi Summers

Sweet Youthful Candi Summers Sweet Young Candi Summers
Lovely Young Candi Summers @
Me and my dude Hooks were walking around the hood today when we noticed this hot little golden-haired envisaging for the bus. Her name was Candi …straight outta the midwest! Total farmer’s daughter sort …perfect prey 😉 She recognized me from my site & was more than ready to come back to my apartment and sample some of the dark jock that I’ve laying around the abode. hehe Hooks fucked us one as well as the other & mixed his chocolate shlong in our vanilla wet cracks to make a palatable chocolate sundae! Thank god for afro-cock! He dumped his darksome goo into Candi’s throat, then she spit it into mine. I like a beauty that shares!
Sweet Juvenile Candi Summers Sweet Juvenile Candi Summers
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